Friday, June 29, 2007

The One About 4GB USB Flash Drive !!

Back to year 2001 I purchased a 64MB Trek USB Thumb Drive
at RM 120 or RM 140. It was totally awesome and useful and
darn convenient back then.

It came with a CD with driver and security software, cause back
then Windows 98 were still very common. Windows 98 requires
you to install the USB flash drive software before it recognize it
as a removable drive -_-"

That was the price and situation of back then.

Today I saw a 4,000MB ( 4GB ) Kingston selling at RM 120
only -_-"

And with Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Vista.

Just plug and pirate play !!!

IT prices does indeed go down like no tomorrow my friend !!

This reminds me of something else, a good friend of mine once
told me

" Whatever China is producing , the end user price will drop !


Whatever China is producing, the raw material price will go up !!

What a wonderful country yeah !!

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