Thursday, June 28, 2007

The One About msnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!

MSN Live Messenger is how do we communicate in office nowadays.

Want to ask my telesales girl something ? MSN...

Want to ask if the report is ready ? MSN...

Want to ask if this is done or that is done ? MSN...

Even at my home my conversation with my housemate from
room to room would be via MSN...

One day if MSN Live is no more here, I can't imagine what
would be the world.

Do we have to start walking from table to table ?

Do we have to start making phone calls ?

Do we have to start using burung merparti to send letters ?

Arrrggghghhh !! Takut !! Takut sial !!

1 comment:

PengSiong said...

I could sense ur stressfullness (got this word or not?) in ur recenct post, coz it didn't make me felt funny no more. But today I felt ur post is funny, good sign, good sign!!