Thursday, June 21, 2007

The One About Time Goes By Fast !

Last year I watched Top Secret!, a movie starring Val Kilmer
and the rest, a 1986 movie ! lol !! And had a lot of fun with
it and someone told me that was the mother of all comedy

And later someone told me that Airplane! should be the
mother of all funny crazy movie, released in 1980, this
is suppose to be the funniest movie in history.

Finally got my copy of Airplane yesterday and watched
and I told myself ," Damn ! Not funny one !!! "

And for the first time in history that I fall asleep while
watching comedies movie !!! Oh My God !!

Either I was too tired yesterday, or the movie Airplane!
is not funny enough or I am getting too old for this.

By the way, I miss both of my parents very much and I
wish to go home and spend a few weeks with them very
much, Papa and Mama ! I love you both !!!

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