Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tumpat Windows XP Wall Paper ??? -_-"
When I went back to Kelantan during Chinese New Year my F-117 became so dirty that the Radar Absorbing Paint just couldn't work anymore and became a dusty air craft. My father cannot tahan and helped me to wash and polish my F-117 while I was having a nap in the afternoon. About 2 hours later, Kelantan which does not rain for the past 2 weeks finally started to rain. -_-" I asked my father :" Oi ! Why you wash my car? Now raining liao loh !" And my father replied :" I don't know leh, but it seems like whenever / everytime when I wash a car, it will rain LOL !" Hmmmm..... now I know why it always rain after I wash my car, I got this gene from my father actually -_-" like father like son.
Taken by Fat Lady too.
Fat Lady took this one at a temple.
Drinks. With a lot of beer hidden in the fridge and a few bottles of wines + a few bottles of Johnie Walker. Crazy bunch of people we were.
Primary food supplies.
The famous Nasi Kerabu of Kelantan. Nasi Kerabu if I am not mistaken should be defined and mixed vegetables + klik klik klak klak + lap lap chap chap sort of ingredients ( Mostly vegetables ) = Kerabu means.
The famous fried chicken as supplementary food for those who didn't really fancy about eel. This famous fried chicken is universal and well accepted by Malaysian, it taste good and I so far don't know anyone who dislikes these wonderful fried chicken. By the way we were having all these nice foods at PCB Resort, PCB Beach Kota Bharu.
Hmmm... and this, ladies and gentlemen is the famous Belut ( local eel : a kind of fish ) cooked in curry. OMG I tell you these 3 Kg of eel was so nice. Spicy and fresh and the meat was absolutely melt in the mouth. Don't let the reddish look scared you. It was simply wonderful and can't stop eating this. I ate like 4 cups of these eel. Enjoy sial !!
2 pieces of cakes. I was too bored in Chinese New Year and had nothing better to do, hence just took my FZ 30 and capture all these foods.
This house is my grandmother's house located in Taman Kuala Krai. Under renovation and should be ready in a few months time. Yeah next time we are going to have so many rooms and places to stay in Taman Kuala Krai already. There would be 5 houses in Taman Kuala Krai belongs to our family LOL !! but all add up not more then RM500,000.00 cause houses are not too expnsive in Kelantan, unlike KL and PJ.

Pain ! Very pain !! Ouch !

A few days ago when I was flying over Cheras area while
trying to detect some enemy activities there. An AAM
almost hit my F-117 at the left wing, luckily you
know my skill of Evasive Maneuvering and the AAM
missed me by like 50 meter and hit some chicken near
Gombak, good !!!!

But as precaution steps I still brought this F-117 to
check for any damage or problems. You know this piece
of air craft cost me some USD 54 million a few years

Sgt. Chong :" Sir your engine has oil leak !"

Me :" Really ? What else ?"

Sgt. Chong :" Hmmmm.... how about....
  • RM 160 Timing belt Replacement.
  • RM 15 Oil Ring.
  • RM 38 Compressor Oil.
  • RM 28 12V Valve Colver Gasket.
  • RM 38 Rear Engine Mounting.
  • RM 55 LH Engine Mounting.
  • RM 40 Front Engine Mounting.
  • RM 15 Air Cond Belt.
  • RM 25 HPK Belt
  • RM 15 Service Charges.
  • ============================
  • RM 429.00
  • ============================

    Sgt Chong:" Well, that's about all of it."

    Sgt Chong:" Sir why are you 2 legs in the sky ??"

    Me -_-" and pointed at my nose and shouted

    " ADUI ! SAKIT !!!!! CIS !!"

    It is always expensive to maintain an F-117 which
    has flown 166,117 km over 3.5 years time.

    Suddenly feeling my pocket and wallet and my tooth
    are so in great pain. Why ??

    Why ??
  • Good Idea !!

    Today is Tuesday, feeling very unhappy cause with
    effective today 28 Feb 2006 the price for Petrol would
    be officially RM 1.92 ( Premium Grade ) per liter.

    That means my F-117 Full Tank (50 liter) would be around
    RM96.00 when it is really empty OMG !!

    How to feel happy like that ? A freaking 18% increase
    and I heard yesterday the last minute petrol purchaser
    has made some almost all of petrol
    station fully jammed and packed up ! To save some $$$
    of course.

    So this morning I woke up with some Tulan gas in my
    stomach, looked at the "Meter Ketulanan" hmmm not to
    high, never mind.....

    Went to work and on the way purchased :

  • The Star News Paper ( Today got In-Tech yahoo! )
  • Sin Chew Daily ( don't know why I buy this )
  • FOC The Sun News paper from the nice paper seller.

    So, since tonight Fat Lady kasi Fong Fei Kei sama me,
    so I guess the best programe tonight would be.

    Read all the news paper ( 3 copies ) and stay in air
    cond room. Perhaps play some piano too.

    Before that, a good dinner ( RM4.00 Indian Rice ) is
    a must. A good bath and hmmmm... just lay on bed and
    read news paper like a boss or like some lazy fellar
    doing on Sunday morning.

    Reading news paper could be a very enjoyable thing to
    do sometimes. If you don't believe it, try it !!

    Hmm.. time is 5:15 pm now and I better get ready to
    go home and enjoy the night. It's going to be wonderful
    reading news paper whole night, isn't it ??
  • Sunday, February 26, 2006

    One fine morning I woke up at about 7 or 8 something in the morning. Looked at outside, and fresh air came into my lungs. I was so glad that I was at Kuala Krai and Chinese New Year holiday. Ok, let's go and visit the Kuala Krai train station I told myself.
    Pakcik bought some nasi lauk and wishes to cross the tracks towards his house which is located at the other side of train station.
    Another train has left the building.
    The train are ready to go on a nice Saturday morning as I arrived at the Kuala Krai train station.
    The Kuala Krai train station. Feb 4th 2006. Time was 9:28 am. And one thing good about Kuala Krai is most of the morning there are fog. Looked kind of romantic and relaxing.
    The tracks towards Menek Urai.
    Kuala Krai sign.
    Pakcik going home happily with a few packs of nasi lauk. For the family !
    Now this is new 2006 land mind manufactured by Malaysian cow. And from this you could say that this cow has balanced diet. But this cow has obviously drink too little of water resulting the poo is a little bit dry. However the freshesness is guranteed cause you see the flies are all over it. And babeh these flies are the healty flies, and 10 minutes later these flies will fly to your kitchen and stop over your dish and your steaks and stuff like that. That's why, sometimes we shouted at people :" You are going to eat shit and die!" Indeed we sometimes are eating cow shit ! And WTF am I writting on a sunday morning like this ? I don't know. Enjoy the cow poo anyway!
    And old store room for the KTM of Kuala Krai, perhaps still functional but... and you could see a train stopper or the terminator. Yes the train stopper or terminator is used to prevent the train from accidentally reversing towards the end of the track and derail happens.
    Old freight train with old store room. The ages of 2 of them if added up could be like 100 over years maybe.
    The wheel system.
    An abandoned freight train. Looks quite lonely here yeah/
    Crime Scene number 1, when you see a black plastic bag covering something, crime scene. And when you see the plastic bag is all over the train tracks, something really bad has happened. LOL ! Neah, the crime scene here is only because some people just throw the plastic bag on the ground and littering the beautiful Kuala Krai town. Of course I wouldn't want to mess with the black plastic bag cause I really not sure of there isn't a torso or limb down there. Gil Grissom run away fast fast!!!
    The Yuk Chai school ! Where I studied 2 years of kindergarden, 5 years of primary before moving on to Kota Bharu. Boy this is where I grew up. When I was in the primary school my father was the "Penolong Kanan" there, so I was sort of "well protected" and has many privellage. But often, after school the teachers are having meetings, i would have to wait with a group of teachers's kids under the tree, and gossip like some 38 aunties !! LOL I love those time.
    The Y ( should be W ) junction for train diversion or storage purpose. Obviosly these tracks are seldom used cause there are grass and plants all over it.
    The land mine left by the Japanese invasion in 1940s. Once you step on it , babeh , I am sorry you are so dead !
    The train track's diversion or splitting system. From here the train could get diverted to original track or second track, for the purpose of , you know, get diverted to allow second train to pass on or an express train which is already late to catch up time. It is also very famous in the older time movie where the tracks might just clip ( read Kiap ) on the heroes feet, while a train is approaching fast while the girlfriends shouts helplessly at a side or something like that. These scene always scared the crap out of our parents.
    Rail track diversion controller. OMG this thing is old, it's been here since I was a kid, perhaps as old as 40 or 50 years. Another proud products of British colony I guess.
    The direction torwards Manek Urai and Gua Musang. And yes you would eventually arrive at Jerantut (Taman Negara) , then Gemas till JB or you could turn around and u-turn to Kuala Lumpur at Gemas station. All begins from Tumpat and passing this little town called Kuala Krai.
    The locals residents are going to somewhere, perhaps going back to KL or going to Kota Bharu after the weekend break.
    This is the rail track diversion system controller machanism. Pretty simple like Joystick, or " Masuk Gear Satu or Gear Dua!" LOL!
    The Kampung house ( facing Jalan Jirat ) with a some coconut trees. Feels like beach area but the nearest beach is about 70 to 80 km away. Where got beach at Kuala Krai one?
    Small little girl walking with father on a nice Saturday morning. Chinese New Year and School holiday. I missed those time so much.
    The houses at Taman Kuala Krai could be seen from Krai train station. Using the 12x zoom + extended zoom till 19x plus. And whos houses were those, I am not sure.

    Thursday, February 23, 2006


    Once upon a time, I was really proud of myself and
    pointed at my nose and shouted

    " Damn I am a good tempered person !"

    My mom -_-" and looked at me.

    I asked :" What do you mean -_-" ??"

    She said:" You don't like Waiting, that's problem!"

    Me -_-" yeah I really can't stand waiting for people!

    I think in my Fat Lady's eyes I am not too bad at
    all in most of aspect.

    But in the waiting capability, I failed really badly!

    She knows and most of my relatives know that I really
    cannot stand "waiting" for people. They all know that
    if I have to "wait", the result would be face black
    black " Bin Orr Orr " shown.

    Yesterday one of my task was to meet a customer and
    collect a payment from him.

    The appointment was at Noon ( 11am to 1pm ) and when
    I called him he deferred to evening around ( 4pm ).

    Ok , called him again then the appointment is being
    deffered to ( 6pm or 7pm ).

    In the evening I arrived at almost 7 pm and waited
    till 10:30 pm. Yeah you heard me right 10:30 pm !!!

    Imagine the time wasted !! That's why I say I really
    hate waiting.

    And oh you know what? Despite have to wait till
    and meet this customer till 12 am. I still failed
    my objective to collect the cheque, yeah babeh !!

    Ok, may I say again that " I Hate Waiting!" ???

    So while waiting I told myself, in future :

  • All sales has to be in T/T in advance.
  • Has to be smart and feel people's sincerity.
  • Put some good books in my car.
  • Find something to do if I really have to wait.

    A few days ago, when I was waiting for Fat Lady at
    her house, her neighbour's came and knocked at the
    door and asked for assist in homework.

    I helped them out to solve it and,

  • The kid finished her homework.
  • I spent waiting time wisely.
  • I felt good cause I could help.
  • Fat Lady felt less pressure from me.
  • I did not become face black black. LOL!

    I think in future I really got to find something to
    do, something which is meaningful and could help
    people. Else I would gone crazy.

    Perhaps I am the type of people who really cannot
    stand seeing time get wasted ? Or is it me ? My
    problem ?? Help !
  • It's been hard day night !!

    My work was getting very busy and requires a lot
    of attention from me lately since Chinese New
    Year holiday.

    Hence sorry for the seldom updates at this Blog.

    I would post some once I am available again.

    Have a nice week ahead.

    Thursday, February 16, 2006

    Swimming Trunk ??

    Today was having some discussion with colleage from
    other branch over IM software.

    We were have to go to Cheras and KL to meet some
    customer later of the day and were doing planning
    for the time and so on.

    At the end of the conversation, my colleage John told
    me:" Remember to bring swimming trunk ok?"

    I was like -_-" .... Swimming trunk ???

    John," Yeah lah, KL , Cheras and PJ always flooded !!"

    Me:" You are absolutely right !!" and put 1 swimming
    trunk into my car just now.

    It is pretty funny about our weather these few weeks.
    According to our meteorology dept. KL and Klang Valley
    should be dry till mid March after Chinese New Year.

    Not even 1 week later KL and PJ Kaaa Boom Bang and
    flooding here and there.

    In East cost like Kelantan and Terrenganu and Pahang,
    it was like Monson Season last week and my Kota Bharu
    almost get flooded.

    Why ? Go and watch "The Day after tomorrow" and you
    will know why.

    My advise? Put swimming trunk in your car now !!!

    Move move move !!!

    Sunday, February 12, 2006

    Tried the panning feature of my cam.
    As usual, 1 day prior to Chinese New Year we went back to the old house and prayed to our ancertor and our dear Gods.
    Coming next. De Tour De Kuala Krai Train Station. Have a nice Sunday you all.
    Some of the vegetarian dishes.
    Ang Ku Kueh, another favourites of mine.
    The over exposed tree ! But i like this one and my sister said :" Wow ! Like day time " despite the time was nearly 12 am when I took this photo.
    I like this photo and this Fart cake. Yes, fart cake cause you will fart a lot after eating this cake. LOL !
    A plane flying over Tumpat sky and prepare to land at Kota Bharu air port. 11:40pm of 27 Jan 2006. Location, Kelantan River Kampung Cina. Exposure 8 secs. And no, that is not my bike, it belongs to some angler who were enjoying the night catch. Sometimes I really hope that I could have spend more time back in Kelantan and enjoy all these beautiful scenary.
    It was windy when I took this photo, a 60 sec exposure shows that the cloud moved and even the stars had moved a little bit due to earth rotation. Too bad that my cam could do only 60 sec, if could do a 5 minutes it would be just nice !!
    On 27th Jan 2006 I was back to Kelantan and looked at the sky above behind my house. OMG stars!! So I went to get my tripod and FZ30 and exposure = 60 secs , F2.8 and this is what I have got.

    My F-117 suspension.


    F-117 suspension.
    2 weeks ago at the Cheras Military Hangar,

    Machanic:" Sgt. Wong, your F-117 suspension is out,
    did you carry very heavy cargo very often ?"

    He paused and looked at me, " Ohh... i see !"

    Me:" What do you mean Ohhh.. i see ??"

    Machanic -_-"

    Me:" The suspension at the back koyak, but me I am
    sitting at the front, not my fault ok?"

    Me:" Don't anything koyak also blame me because I
    am a litter bit heavier ok?"

    Machanic:" Sorry Sir, Sorry Sir !!!"


    After F-117 is fixed the bill = RM308.00.

    I remembered someone told me that:" How a man treat
    his car is how he treat himself."

    This kinda of make me feel proud cause according to
    a friend and few relatives of mine my F-117 was
    well maintained and looked new / fresh.

    Of course !!



    A few days ago Fat Lady and me were attending
    her University friends gathering at some

    We were having some conversation, chats and
    discussion and talked about those who did not
    come and why.

    Friend A :" Yeah loh, ah bingo bingo is MIA leh!"

    Friend A :" She said she will come but MIA pula!"

    Friend B -_-"

    After 10 seconds, Friend B asked :" MIA?"

    "What does MIA means leh ?"

    Then all of us -_-" liao....

    Friend B :" MIA means some Art College or Institute?"

    Then I cannot tahan already and :" MIA Missing In Action"

    Friend B :" Oh ! I see ! I thought what pula !!"

    all of us -_-" and laughed like hell, why ?

    Cause this Friend B was teaching the most popolar
    English Language Centre in Malaysia before and was
    a Mass Comm student from famous local U.

    Malaysia !! Good luck !! hahahaha