Tuesday, March 28, 2006

2006's May Mission Statement

Jason wrote:

Jason said...
Add one more, you need to eat crabs and good food. :P

12:33 PM 28th March 2006

Which reminds me of, yeah babeh! In April 2006 I will
go and do some market studies for Crabs and Seafood
around Klang, Teluk Gong and surrounding areas.

4th May should be the date that Jason and his team of
Crab and Seafood buster visit to Selangor and Klang
valley to wipe out all the living sea creatures...

They all are worst then Tsunami, they all are the
mothers of all extinction. They are.....

wait a second, why I am so pessimistic one??

No, should not think that way.

When we eat crabs hor, we are actually helping the
crabs to go to another life, we are rescuing the crabs
from being trapped and cursed to walk sideways !!

We are the army from God, sent to rescue all these
poor souls so that they could be released from the
rotation of Karma.

May we, freedom fighter from sky and earth come and
rescue you all ! you all !! Wait for us ok ?? Wait !

Sorry, a thousand pologies

Yesterday reached my car park evening and feeling really tired.
Can't wait to go back to room and have some rest.

While I was clearing the stuff from inside my car and
saw some documents at the back seat. So i opened the
back door and tried to get the document...

" Poooonnnggg !!! "

My door "ter" hit the quite New Nice Looking Toyota
Vios next to my car. -_-" alamak !

Checked the Vios for damage, no dent or scratch on
the point of impact ( my Wira's door so soft meh? )
on the Vios.

Just a little bit of my Wira paint transferred to the
point of impact. Luckily no dent !!!

I beat beat my chest a few times, luckily !!!

But got a little bit of paint transfer woh, how ??

Easy, put my index finger into my mouth first and
then quickily use the finger to rub rub rub at the
paint transferred on the Vios.

2 seconds later, that spot become like new and no
marks no nothing at all !! Like new !!! Macam baru
cuci and polish like that !

After that, I run away fast fast leaving the Vios
with my body fluid on her, I think it is a her...

hmmm.... Sorry har! Thousand aplogies ok ?

Proven that:

  • My Wira's door is not hard enough.
  • Vios is strong babeh!
  • Saliva is an universal solvant.
  • If your car wax run out, can use saliva too.
  • I need to make my size a little bit smaller.
  • I need to park my wira a little further from Vios.
  • I need some rest.
  • I am still a good guy cause I feel bad for this.
  • I am still a good guy cause I care.
  • I am a responsible guy cause I polished that Vios.
  • I am quite clever muah ha ha ha ha !!
  • I need to see a doctor.
  • Saturday, March 25, 2006

    Demolition Man...Starring Me !!

    The ceiling aircond above my head is been gone haywire
    for the past few days. The result

    It began with kept on tripping at the safety switch and
    the frequency of tripping increased from 3 times a day
    to 1 trip per 5 minutes.

    The maintainance guy came and labelled the air cond as
    unsafe and it has been 2 days without air cond.
    Don't know which part of the power supply or parts is down.

    -_-" yes very warm indeed here !!!

    This morning I could not take it anymore and decided to
    switch on the air cond.

    I pointed at the air cond power supply and shouted

    " Gei dai jiao gei dai ! Explode jiao Explode lah !!"

    And my finger pressed hard on the On button while
    everyone looked at me far far away.....

    1/2 second later........

    The air cond promptly operated and cold air flows
    flawlessly into our office which has 7 person working.

    The cool air cooled down and calmed everyone down and people has began to be happier mode now...

    Everyone looked at me and said:" You are the man!!!"

    I said:" Thank you thank you!"

    They said:" You saved the day ! You are the hero! "

    I said:" Thank you no lah, just try only mar ..."

    Before I could finish my sentence the whole office
    "puuuufffff !" and I distinctly heard someone said

    " Oh shit ".....

    Yeah the whole 1st floor office had experianced a
    eletrical power trip and became dark.....

    I am the man ?

    I saved the day ??

    I am the hero ???

    Me ? I ran away as fast as I could lah !!! I think about all of them were working on their computer typing
    something and, nope, our office doesn't have UPS
    backup ok ??

    20 minutes later when I come back they all looked at
    me and said:" You are the Demolition man !! "

    And:" We hate you Kai Hong !"

    Then I counter proposed:" You all want me to do it again or not ?"

    I added:" If I fry the circuit hard enough the whole office would be out of electrical power for 1/2 day and we all can go home earlier... want me to try ?"

    Everyone was -_-" on the face but deep down there in their heart they wanted me to go on and fry the whole office electrical power supply so that we could go home earlier.

    Hehehhehe.... I hate working on Saturday !!

    Friday, March 24, 2006


    Time = 11:14 pm
    Date = 24 March 2006
    Day = Friday

    Oh no ! I think I am going to get flu or something like

    I can feel it coming ! -_-" I mean my nose could feel
    the flu feeling coming.

    Better drink more water tonight, drink drink drink !!!

    This scenario reminds of me when I was in TAR college
    in 1996 and 1997. I was staying with a few friends of
    mine from Kuala Krai and we were staying in Taman
    Bunga Raya ( TBR ).

    Whenever I cought sick or flu or anything,
    this friend of mine TSF always get like 3 or 5 litres
    of plain water and force me to drink. Every 20 minutes
    or so she will come and force me to drink these plain
    water until I feel like going to vommit and water
    started coming out from my ears and nose.... -_-"

    And let me tell you the feeling of going to toilet to
    pee every 5 minutes was so, hmmm, torturing...

    But amazingly, I always like 90% recovered second day
    morning. Thanks to the plain water and TSF.

    I think tonight I could just sleep in my washroom and
    naked. Just drink and pee. see can get better or not?

    TSF from Jalan Ah Sang Kuala Krai, thank you very much
    ok ? Wish you to have a good time in Germany and later
    back to China !!


    贫 在 闹 市 没 人 识
    富 在 深 山 有 远 亲,

    常 在 有 日 思 无 日
    莫 在 无 时 想 有 时。
    The only good thing left infront of my windows would be the night view towards Bandar Utama centre point. PJ always look nice in the evening.
    And great ! My windows view towards One Utama is gone, also gone Tesco, Ikano Power Centre, Ikea and can't see Kepong liao ! Thanks to these Pelangi Damansara II condos which are being built day and night !
    Feeling my working life is just like sun set. The good days are gone too soon and the night is too long ! Damn this feels lousy, and to the crane which blocked my view to Riana Green and my Sunshine, i hate you !!
    Feeling really really grey recently. Might need to take a few weeks leave from blogging and enjoying life.

    Thursday, March 16, 2006

    Cost saving? Changing life style?

    For the past few days I have been using LDP from Damansara Uptown to Sunway area.

    Out from the house at 8:10 am, or 8:20 am and reach my
    office at about 8:50 am. Traffic is always heavy but
    moving, perhaps I should forget about NKVE because at
    the Subang Exit of NKVE there is always a terrible jam
    from 12 lanes into 2 lanes.... i hate that ! Pay
    already still have to suffer the jam.

    Let's see next week after the school has reopen, how
    does LDP perform, maybe I should wake up like 30 mins
    earlier and go out before 8am ? Should be ok isn't it?

    LDP vs NKVE. Ok let's try to avoid paying some toll
    during these difficult times. Let me use LDP for a
    few more days and see how.

    Thursday, March 09, 2006

    You see in Kelantan the fuel is RM 0.02 more expensive per litre. Here in KL the premium grade fuel is RM 1.92 ( adui sakit ) per litre but back there in Kelantan it is freaking RM 1.94 per litre !!! Kanasai !! By the way, I drove my uncles Merz E260 from KL to Kota Bharu and due to my light footed technique, we manage to use 37.887 litres of fuel for about 480km of journey. Not bad eh?
    Last week went back to Kelantan and saw this nice poem on the wall of a famous restaurant at Jalan Kebun Sultan. I just love it so much!

    Wednesday, March 01, 2006

    Tools and Jobs

    1今 天 吃 午 饭 后 我 问 Amanda....

    "在 这 世 界 上,什 么 工 具 的 工 作 是 最 惨 的?"

    Amanda:" Hmmm?? 什 么?"

    我 说:"比 如 说,笔,笔 的 工 作 是 写 字 嘛!"

    我 说:"车,车 的 工 作 是 载 人 对 吗?"

    Amanda 想 了 一 想 回 答 道:

    "那,车 loh, 车 要 日 晒 雨 淋!"

    我 说:"错 非 常 错!大 错 特 错!"

    Amanda 不 服 气:" Then jawapan 是 什 么?"

    我 说:"在 这 世 界 上,大 便 纸 的 工 作 才 是 最 惨 的!!"

    run away quick quick.....

    Amanda: " You are right !"