Monday, February 28, 2005

Penang II Where Philips is a tourist guide.

Today we are going to learn these few words:

Mas Boeing 737
Penang Bridge
Semi Value

To be continued at Part III.....
Pringin Mall
Jalan Penang
Sunway Hotel Georgetown
Tanjong Tokong
Expensive Condo at Gurney Drive

Visited Penang last week 24th Feb 2005 (business trip), however
if you looked at the itinerary and the words to learn. It looks like
more a vacation actually.

Well, arrived at Penang International Airport at about 10:00 am
via MH1138. Oh let me tell you it was really lack of space.
Boeing 737
is really too small for the average person in 2005 cause
it is a product almost 20 years old in service OMG !!

Yeah you know it is small already and imagine somemore with the
people like my size + my boss reading Sin Chew Jet Poh printed
version besides me. Can't move, can't breath, can't even sweat !!

Well the flight was alright but I was a bit sleepy cause lack of
movement. 50 minutes later we landed at PIA ( Penang International Airport ).
The reverse engine ran into full power
indicated that the runway is very much shorter compared to KLIA.

The AirBus I took back to KLIA on second day didn't even turn
the engine reverse, only with a slight air brake at the wings...

Well, finally I've came to Penang via air ( previously driving ) and
immediately the lovely feeling came. Got the Avis rented car and
left PIA heading to Seberang Prai.

On the way, I explained and introduce Bukit Jambul, PISA, Intel
factory, abandonded shopping mall near Intel seaside and many
more places. The drive from PIA to Seberang Prai was smooth and
I was doing about 90Kmph at Penang Bridge. Told my boss that
the length of the bridge is about 11.5Km if I am not mistaken.

He said:" Hmmm quite long eh?" " Bridge is dangerous you know?"

I also told him that the bridge is safe !!! Cause he told me that
he heard the bridge has cracks. ( Damn Semi value ) I told him
no worry we both know how to swim in case the Penang Bridge is
Falling Down .. Falling Down .... Falling Down.

I told him also that we have to pay if we are coming from Seberang
Prai either via bridge or via ferry. And all vehicles heading the mainland
would enjoy a free ride :)

Boss asked me are there a lot of people commiting suicide at Penang
bridge. I told him yes and I think the successful rate is about 80%
and they normally do it at the cable bridge area which is higher and
there you could park your car and motor for free before you jump !!

Then the boss asked, " Mana boleh ?" the sea doesn't look like dangerous
and the current is not too strong. I told him that with the jump from the
taller part + alcohol + medicine taken before the jump one could easily
kill himself.

Well, so we arrived at seberang prai industrial area and met up with our
customer. It was hot hot and hot and hot !!!

Damn the Seberang Prai customer & my boss are very long winded
and talked for hours !! Di Dar Di Dar and Bla Bla Bla....

Conclusion : Landed properties in Seberang Prai is cheaped compared
to Penang Island. V Confirmed !!

Saturday, February 26, 2005


On 24th Feb 2005 Thursday morning, the night was warm and at
5:45 am I was packing my luggage at my room already. Why?

Cause I was going to Penang with my boss William, since my car
was a little bit unstable hence I think I'd better wake up earlier
just in case. Well everything was fine and after checking everything
and warm up the car, I left Kayu Ara and headed for Subang.

Picked up boss and changed car to Mercedes E240 ( Company car )
to KLIA. Our chief security nahar was a co-driver and I was driving
the Mercedes E240. Smooth & "Song..." drive I would say.

Arrived at the airport and checked in for the flight at 7:45 am I think. Then proceed for breakfast, the breakfast = "Lasi Lumak"
( Nasi Lemak ) and OMG 2 person = RM 32.00 woh ! Crazy KLIA
food price GDI !!!

And had a good talk with William in the boarding room and it was
really nice to have time to talk to your boss ( when you see him
only 10 days per year ) and there were to many things to discuss
with him.

And oh the Boing 737 was so spaceless and cramp!! The Air Bus
from Penang back to KLIA was a diffrent story then. Will continue
to write about this later !!

Penang = Lovely & "Song" place to go and retire.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Have a bad day? Try this and you will be laughing all the way home :)

Today is Monday, and I am now sitting infront of my PC and the time
is 7:28 pm. 4 hours ago I was quite up-set about how are things
done in my office and work related issue.

My office people called me & gave me some pressure on customer
issue like quality & payments stuff. Seems like some department are
not aware of what I am doing & they seems prefer to report to boss
before getting the facts right, like ...asking?

Despite my capability to overcome these stupid behavior I was out
of sudden feeling a little bit down & tension about all these BS !!!
I was thinking way to far away till the word "resign" even came out
in the mind. WTF me resign because of these idiots? Nope !!

Hence I started calling my customer & did some explaination to the
people that I need to explain to. And as usual I don't talk to the
person if I don't absolutely have to.

If it was a bout the customer payments who came late, see this:
2 hours later a payment of RM32,000 was in my pocket and I was
leaving Low Yatt Plaza already, and another customer was sick
and I called the day off.

So, the situation above is not funny & Happy at all right? Well I
have 2 solution to overcome these frustration, actually 3 situation:

1. Hentam beberapa biji Vitamin B serta merta.
2. Go and play with Boy Boy ( or Cute-cute ) my new pet dog.
3. Avoid the issue and pretend nothing has happened.

Well I've chosen the solution number 2, I went to play with Cute-
cute or Boy Boy at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. Oh it's a he !!! A puppy
which is about 2 kg and arrgghh !! A puppy who love to bite my
fingers !!!

Stopped by TTDI and BB ( Boy boy ) was sleeping, no care, just
wake him up !!! Use the finger to open his mouth, geli its ear
and so on.... ma kai !! Still want to sleep woh BB !!

Then, finally BB opened it's small eyes and looked at me and start
to chase around my fingers, and give me some bites !! ahahahaha.
And then BB sit on my legs and goyang goyang & OMG it started
to bite my Larry Brand Socks liao !!!

Let it bite, BB then went searching for my fingers again and started
to bite again. Bite bite lick lick ! I think my fingers and palm are
quite salty cause sweat cause I was working for 1 whole day already. Is this how a puppy or dog suppose to get mineral??

Then my aunty served me some fruit cake, I'd share it with BB
and oh look at the hungry face, chasing me for the cake. Finished
about 20 or 50 grams of the cakes !! It's going to grow up to be
a fat dog I guess !!!

Well, I left TTDI 20 minutes later fogoten about the unhappines
that happened to me. My BP dropped and look, my language now
is 10 times better ( tone ) then early of the blog right?

Well in case you are not so fortunate, and don't have a puppy
waiting for you somewhere in TTDI or you don't like animal like
I do. Here, take some Vitamin B complex and you will feel better
in no time. Vitamin B Complex is now available in pills form and
can be found easily, let me know if you need some ok?

And solution 3, pretend nothing has happened? Don't use this
method cause it will not solve your problem and you might get
heart attack or High Blood Pressure (BP) sooner or later.

The moral value of the day, if you are depressed or unhappy or
felt up set and tension. Go play with your pet preferrable dogs
cause they are more playful or kitties.

Don't play with your crocodile or lion or elephant lar ! Aiyo !!
Play with small animal which will not hurt you da !! Bodohlinggem!!

And if you don't have a cute pet or puppies or kitties, and all
you have are crocodiles or lion or elephant, or you don't have
pet at all.

Open your mouth and take 4 Vitamin B Complex.

It's like house fixed line ( animal playing & cute kitties )
It's like mobile phone ( makan 4 Vitamin B Complex )

Get what I mean? Clever :) and you will be laughing all the way
home like I did ok?

Will people get insomnia after eating Burger King?

It was a wonderful Sunday yesterday, woke up early in the morning
at approximately 8:30 am.... stayed in the bed and roll left roll right.
Roll left roll right then ( good excercise ) and ... time to stand up !!

Checked email and no mail from Hong Kong's boss. Ok fine, read some
blogs and check others email..... not too bad :) Typical IT person,

1.Use the computer before brushing the teeth after wake up.
2.Use the computer again before sleep after brushing the teeth.
3.Wake up in mid-night and check for anti-spyware result.
4.CPU is always on and only monitor is off.
5.Cannot sleep and cannot eat and cannot poo if broadband is down.

Well since it's a Sunday, did a major clean up of my room with the
great help from my gf. She used to enjoy sleeping till 12 pm or 11am
on Sunday or public holiday, she said normally she didn't get enough
cause need to wake up early for second day work.

Well, I thought her that even on Sunday and public holiday, one
could wake up early , do home and house work and read news paper
and later could nap a while in the afternoon. The advantages?

1. You will find Sunday = A day with a lot of time to utilize.
2. Sunday is relaxing if you do some housework & clean up room.
3. You will not get headache for sleeping till 12 noon or 1 pm.
4. You could go for a nice breakfast at anywhere you want.
5. After breakfast you still have time to read news paper.
6. After so many things done, you look at your watch, it is only 11
am or 12 pm.... so many time to use... so little things to do :)
7. You can wash your cloths and watch TV at same time.
8. You can have a nice nap + air cond on... hmmmm !! "song!"
9. You can wake up at 4:00 pm and tell your housemate and say
"yo let's go to Giant Hypermarket for shopping!".....

Now the problem started when I've decided to go to Giant.
We had Burger King as dinner there at about 5 pm something.
Yeah you heard me right, 5 something for dinner...a bit crazy eh?

Well I had Whopper and my gf had French Sandwich or French
Chicken or something like that. And my housemates were eating
almost the same stuff.

and well after that, went for some shopping and gone home.
Get my hair cut as well before that. Reached home at about 10 pm
after sent my gf back to her house.

Reached home and proceed for cloth washing + while waiting for it
watched some TV programme ( all rubbish my mate! ) hence
went and read news paper, and after that put those cloth into
the dryer and let them dry.... and while waiting for the dryer I
read Sin Chew Daily + The Star again ....hmmm... this is better then
watching the damn TV....

After everything is settled, it was already 2:30 am. It was quite
warm and hence kasi air cond lah !! Still couldn't sleep well don't
know why..

2:45 am heard some noise, went to check around but did not see
any intruder or any S.W.A.T. member in my house, nil !!

And rupa-rupanya the noise came from my stomach which was
very very hungry that time.... wah aha ha ha.... so I laughing all
the way to sleep with my stomach playing the Drum .... + Rap !!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Did you put yourself in his/her shoe in the first place?

updated:2005-02-18 20:47:25 MYT










After reading this, I became too angry and regret that we are having such
a societly in Malaysia nowadays.

If I were to meet the so called "authorities" or "relavant party" I think I
would probably ask them the question " Did you put yourself in her shoe?"
And even perhaps give them a big "fuck you!"

I feel so disgusted to learn how unprofessional & "cincai" & "tidak apa"
attitude for those who were involved in this case. I really hope that they
will get diciplinary action taken against them or hope they could get fired!

Perhaps you would ask me why am I so angry and excited about this story?
How if the victim is your relative?
How if the victim is your sister?
How if the victim is your mother?
How if the victim is your wife?
How if the victim is your daughther?

Wouldn't you be devastated? And wouldn't you wished that you could
done more for her last appearance and give her some privacy and
protection against the eyes of the world and some dignity??

Oh ! And one more thing, for those who has done this, and have in mind
even a single fraction of second of doing this. I damn you !! And I
promised to the victim(s) that I will do whatever to get you !!!

Do you think you could get away? Yeah probably the so called "authorities"
and "relavant parties" are too weak at the moment. Perhaps you could
wait till the Judgement Day or your next life when you fell on the road of
PLUS highway and get yourself minced.... sure you will get that !!

And the rest of us will be clapping hand while we watch this happen !!
A big fuck you for you at the moment !! Till then, don't forget to kiss your
ass good-bye. You fuckingsonofabitch!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Driving back to Kelantan

Driving experiance for me is always good & enjoying. hence whenever
I go back to Kelantan for long holiday I prefer to drive.

Imagine, wake up at 4:00 am in PJ, stuff all those luggage, chinese
new year food like sea cucumber, cookies, mandarin oranges and
stuff like that into car luggage compartment.... and oh not to forget
my sister who is still semi sleeping too !!

Normally at 5:00 am my Proton Wira will be roaring on Middle Ring
Road 2 and by 5:30 am we would probably passed Genting tunnel.
Speed = about 110 to 120 kmph cause road are winding & a little
bit dark.

By 6:00 am Bentong is in sight !! Slow down a bit cause town area
speed = 60kmph only. But I did about 80kmph anyway.

By 6:30 am or so Raub is in sight !! Slow down again cause it is
another town area. This time there would be a lot of Muslim friend
who has fisnished praying and going home. don't want to give
them pressure cause kampung folks are the best person in the
world, we really should appreciate them.

By 6:30 or 6:45 am it would be the stretch heading to Kuala Lipis
and Fraser Hill and so on. Can't do more then 120kmph now cause
road also quite winding too.

By 8 something near 9am arrived at Gua Musang, stop for a pee
and fresh air, not at the same time of course. Pee in toilet and
fresh air out there :) Muah ha ha ha !! Let engine rest for 3
minutes.... and check tyre pressure... seemed ok.

By 9am leave gua musang Shell Petrol station, found that 10 cars
that I've overtook on the way just now has appeared infront of
me again !! Aiya !! Have to do the Initial-D again !!!

One of the reason that I don't like to stop when I drive is that
sometimes in this kind of Federal Trunk road, when we Sin Sin
Ku Ku overtake those cars, and once we stop, they will become
leading us again !! Those slow cars !! Gotto have a law to prohibit
cars to drive below 60kmph on the road during festive season.

The drive from Gua Musang to Kuala Krai takes about 80 minutes
and the road is straight. But it's like roller coster !! a lot of going
up hills and downhill, gotto be careful on this road. Cause the
road is straight and a lot of newbies tend to drive fast and then
end of the day thell all jatuh long kang or something like that.

Especially those Kancil or Proton who has a 15 inch Spoiler +
skirt + noisy exhaust pipe... we can always see them 4 wheels
facing the sky beside the road... kih kih kih kih kih !!!!

At 10 am something arrived at Kuala Krai and straight went to
the famous Nasi Dagang stall, but the pretty Malay lady Timah
said that Nasi Dagng sudah habis !!! OMG !! OMG !! I rushed
and wake up at 4:00 am and you tell me that Nasi Dagang sudah
habis !! damn tulan !!!

So, just ate some Nasi Putih at Kuala Krai ( near Tasik Krai below
Kuala Krai Hospital ) and not too bad. Hence my mood became
ok already after having the Nasi Putih + Kari Ikan + Ayam goreng.

then dropped all those Chinese new year goods at Grandma house
and heading for Kota Bharu. !!! Fulamak !! Road from Kuala Krai
to Kota Bharu is full of these vehicles :

1. Ah Beng or Ah Lien's car who tailed me at 1 food distance.
2. Pakcik ( over 70s year old ) and driving at 50 kmph
3. Kelantan Taxi ( driver over 60 years old ) and also doing 50 kmph.
4. Motorbikes who don't have licence + no helmet
5. Bus and lorry which are difficult to overtake...... aiyo !!

Alot of my friend asked me, "oi driving to Kelantan take how long?"
I replied " about 6 hours "
They terus 2 legs in the sky.... cause 6 hours is too damn long
and far for them.

When I told them if we take train ( KTM Train ) it takes 12 hours
they again 2 legs in the sky + shoes also fly away !!!

Imagine the train has to :
1 Leave kuala lumpur
2. Go to seremban
3. Go to Johor, Gemas
4. From Gemas go through Pahang
5. Mentakab, Kuala Lipis, Gua Musang, Dabung and mamamia !!

12 hours is provided the train is not having any mechanical problem
or hit elephant or cow ok? Imagine !! 12 hours !!

PCB Belut Shoppe.... Wah ha ha ha

We probably have heard about PCB ( Pantai Cahaya Bulan ) used to
be called Pantai Cinta Berahi...

Now, on the way to the PCB Beach about 400 meter before the end
of the road we will see a sign saying " Turn right to Perdana Resort".
And by actually turning right, you could go not only to Perdana Resort
but it leads you to the below places :

1. Perdana Beach Resort <==== A little bit low yar nowadays.
2. Kota Bharu Beach Resort <== Best 1993 memory.
3. Crocodile Farm & Park <==== Some buaya & monkeys there.
4. Some batik shops <====== Ladies ! Beware :) and enjoy !
5. Some Malay houses <===== Kampung folks, best person !!
6. A small shop selling a lot of Belut ( local eel ) and some seafood.

A friend of mine Ah Jin was getting married on 3rd day of Chinese
New Year. And since we agreed to kasi him a big big ang pau and
agreed not do make him drunk during the wedding dinner ( we did
made him drunk anyway, for the record )

The kind Ah Jin has agreed to buy all of us a Belut dinner at the
small and dark shoppe or more like a hut just located out side of
the fence of PCB Perdana Beach Resort. How to get there?
Follow instruction to get to the main gate of Perdana Beach Resort
and follow the fence of the resort and you will reach the hut or
small house or small shope or whatsoever you call it !!

Ah Pok, Chow How, Ah Chow, Hoon Boon, How Boon, Ah Jin, Yong
Wah, Kim Chuan, a friend of Kim Chuan, Eng Hau, Boon Tiong, and
me .... 12 or 13 person of us sat under a nice hut ....

Waited for about 45 minutes before the below dish are served :

1. Sizzling Dried Curry Eel ( 3kg of it ) + Kacang Panjang !!
2. Lala goreng kicap , XL Sized Lala !!
3. Tom Yam soup.
4. Fried Mixed Vegetable.
5. Sparkling Juice + Very fine wine ( Bawa sendiri punya )

And, while waiting for the food, I had a glance at the kitchen ( they
have open kitchen concept !??? ) and saw the owner catch an eel
from the container and hit it on the wall !! OMG !!

OMFG !!! The owner was killing the much alive eel by capturing it's
tail and hit the head of the eel against the concrete wall structure.
Luckily each eel died within 2 or 3 hits....

Man I tell you I wouldn't want anything to die and become my food.
But I heard that eel are meant to be consumed that way OMG !!

And perhaps Gil Grissom would declare the kitchen to be a crime
scene because it must be blood spattering everywhere !! OMG !!

Anyway, 45 minutes later when the dish are served I've become
non so Buddhist hearted already. All of us who declared we are
full and not hungry 40 minutes ago suddenly became very hungry !!

I've learnt this from the scenario that day :
When we say we are not hungry, we are actually hungry !!
When we say we are hungry, we could eat a cow or horse !!

So all of us whack whack whack and munch munch munch the
eel , lala and vegetables + tom yam.

The Sizzling Curry Eel was not only very hot and spicy, but we
felt that it has something ( some chemical ) that make people
feel numb !! Really !!

After 15 minutes or 20 minutes eating and chatting, like all of our
lips has became numb !! And most of us our lips became swell too!
OMFG we realized something was wrong but we continued anyway.

The conversation and atmosphere was fun and happy. Plus some
wine really made us relax..... imagine a bunch of guys whacking
3 kg of poor eel + lala !!!!!

Result of the dinner.
The food <==== Tasted ok .
Price <====== Not too expensive.
Atmosphere <== Good. Beach windy.
Friends <===== Had a really good time.
Mosquito <==== Not too much.

Oh ! And there was a very friendly dog too ! It came and approached
each of us, giving us a good lick job on our fingers !! Eiaak !!! The
lick job was way too wet !!

And who knows if the dog did lick it's dick before???? OMG !!

Will I go back to that shoppe again? Yeah sure !! But have to get there
early cause I heard someone had to wait from 8:00 pm till 10:00 b4
the dish are served.

A few days later, our gangs went there again, this time they waited
from 8:30 pm till 11:00 pm ( Wah Seh ! ) and they gave up !! Headed
for mamak store instead !! But did anyone missed the lick job this
time? I don't know !!

For this dinner I was laughing all the way back to KB House too !!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Rich peoples vs not so rich peoples

It's a beautiful Monday today, weather is not too hot and traffic is
not too bad to Subang Jaya Industrial Estate in the morning from
Kayu Ara area.

There is something that I would like to write down and remember it
for the rest of my life. Rich peoples vs Not so rich people... and
below are the diffrences that I've noticed IMHO !!!

First of all I need to explain my point of view or defination of rich
people, and not so rich people , the characteristic or ciri ciri orang
kaya, first :=

1. Normally stay around PJ or Damansara or USJ area.
2. Some in Mount Kiara, Bangsar and so on.
3. English Spoken, or try very hard to be one at least ! Quite loud!
4. Named their kids Dominic, Piere and ADÈLE like that.
5. Not so friendly and some very lansi !! Rude too...
6. Drive big cars like BMW , Merc but driving technique = lousy !!
7. House damn big, a lot of car, a lot of dogs and.
8. Bring a long Indonesian maid(s) when go out for dinner or breakfast.

Ok now the not so rich people characteristic :=

1. Normally stay around Cheras, Ampang, Wangsa Maju & so on.
2. Don't pretend to speak English ( but English command = good )
3. Speak Hakka, Hokkien, Manderin, Kantonis and very loud too !!
4. Named their kids as normaly Malaysian would do. Ah Meng,
Mutu or Ali and so on.
5. Quite friendly most of the time, smile alot...
7. Drive Proton Wira or Waja or sub RM 40,000 cars.
8. One car per house. Good at parallel parking and reverse parking.
9. House is not too big.

And what I've noticed their diffrences particullar in these few days.
Since I come back from Kelatan to KL....

1. On the way from KL to Kelantan and Kelantan to KL, most of
those who drives are not so rich people. Rich peoples take plane
to go home, or never balik kampung at all cause they have forgoten
about their parents !

I didn't see any Mercedes S Class, BMW, Audi , not even a new
Toyota Harrier 2.4 on the road. Not to mention about Porche or
anything better then that on the road.
All I could see was a few Proton Wira and Waja overtaking each
other and performing stuff like Initial D stuff ! ( I didn't )

2. Today on the way coming to office. Most of the KL and Cheras
and Ampang people has started to work already. But PJ and Mount
Kiara or TTDI houses are still full of parked car. Most of the
not so rich people work harder and start resuming work earlier
compared to rich people, who are still playing poker & black jack now!!!
I am working today, guess if I am rich ok?

3. Most of the Ampang , Cheras, Kuala Lumpur downtown hawker
has already resumed their business as usual as early as 4th day
of Chinese New Year. But in PJ and those so called High Class
place, the hawkers are still in CNY mode and having a great time
enjoying their 30 days annual leave !!

Road to KL ( Federal Highway ) was quite jammed up this morning.
But road to PJ area was quiet and not much of car. I was driving
to work this morning and I told myself, boy luckily I am poor people.

Being not so rich people has a lot of wonderful advantages, read
on !!

1. No need to worry about abduction / kidnapping.
2. No heavy income tax.
3. No greedy wife and kids.
4. No need to worry about will and your assets when you die.
5. No need to worry if someone bang your BMW or Audi or Harrier.
6. Aparments or link house are easy to clean up compared to
7. No need Indonesian maid(s) to show off.
8. Proton Wira road tax and maintainence is quite cheap.
9. No Nigeria Conman will approach you and set you up.
10. We can always wear short pants and singlet to Mamak store.
11. We can blog as many and as long as we want, how?

hahahaha... laughing all the way home today too !!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

PCB Beach & Food !!

Kelantan my hometown : Part I:

Let's get started with PCB Beach, used to be known as Pantai
Cinta Berahi ( The Passionate Beach ) which is located about
10 clicks away from Kota Bharu town. You could go there by :

1. Jogging.
2. Running.
3. Cyling
4. Swimming ( Via Kota Bharu port along Kelantan river )
5. Take a bus.
6. Take a bike.
7. Take a car and drive there.

And normal people tend to use method 6 and 7 to get there.

About 14 years ago when PAS Malaysia took over
Kelantan as the State Government. They felt that PCB is a little
bit too hot for that peaceful beach, and you know all love love
and pasionate pasionate could make people mellow and later
perhaps do some immoral stuff.... hence they changed the name
to Pantai Cahaya Bulan ( The Moonlight Beach ) and the rest of
us just called it Pantai Cicak Bodoh till today !!

The beach is facing South China Sea at the very North East part
of penisular Malaysia. The water is not clear nor blue because it
is very close to a point where Kelantan river meets South China
Sea. Alot of mud and sand in the sea, hence not a good place for
scuba diving or a good swim.

But that is the nearest beach to Kota Bharu town, hence people
still visit there for a swim, picnic, pak tor , play kite and many
more activities that are done normally close to beach.

About 60 years ago this beach was the landing point for the Japs
to invade Malaya that time, and from here they landed and made
their way all the way to Singapore , some via bicycle.

A drive to PCB beach from Kota Bharu takes about 15 minutes
cause the road are all Kampung road with all those sissy driver.
These kampung folks drive at 40kmph or slower cause and
having a own sweet time on the road. Be patient I told myself
and I would suggest the same word for you too !! When you
drive from Kota Bharu to PCB Beach ! !!!

The end of the road is just about 5 meter away from the beach, I
mean the water yeah !! Don't drive too fast in the night cause
you might end up with your car in the sea !! Not bluffing but
you could try it yourself. Buy insurance first before you try this.

And during 7 something am, try to drive from Kota Bharu to PCB
with your air cond off and your windows wind down. You could
smell the aroma of Fish Curry and Chicken Curry in the air.

On the way there, the kids are on the way to school that time
and don't drive too fast ok? And when comes to the end of the
road we would be at PCB Beach already naturally.

At the beach, the authorities are building up some rock structure
to block the coastal erosion. You can't see much sand at the
PCB beach right now. During the 1970s the beach distance was
about 50 to 80 meters from the end of the road, but now it is
only 5 meters from the end of the road. You would see something
like Gurney Drive with a lot of artificial stuff in PCB now.

Wait a minute, then why visit PCB beach?

Well, if you park your car at the end of the road. And start walking
towards the left side of the beach and you would find youself
arrived at a few KM long of undisturbed and quite quiet beach.

Less people tend to walk to this part of the beach previously
cause you would need to walk for about 20 minutes from your
car to get a clean and nice beach. Let me tell you, for the rest
of my life, I will walk the 20 minutes every time and every morning
whenever I go back to Kelantan.

The air is clean, sand is ok and not much of civilisation effect there. A few malay houses with some malay kids running around
there playing and enjoying themselve just made the atmosphere
almost close to perfect, isn't?

I love to go there for the atmosphere, for the sea, for the beach
and for perhaps some excercise that I need !!! So whenever
you are around Kota Bharu, please wake up early at 6:30 am and
arrive at 7:00 am at PCB Beach, have a walk in the beach and
you will find yourself deeply in love with this beach.

And perhaps on the way home after the walk at the beach, you
could buy youself a pack of hot Nasi Kari Ikan + a pack of hot
Nasi Kari Ayam at RM1.00 or RM1.50 each? Enough for you till
late afternoon and you will forget about KL food for 3 months.

The Kari Ayam, Kari Ikan and Nasi Dagang in Kelantan is very much
diffrent from the major city like Kuala Lumpur. Why?

1. The fish & chicken used are 100% fresh. ( Beach right? )
2. No MSG.
3. No fossil fuel, they cooked with wood or dried coconut !!!
4. The makcik are just friendly and smile whole day to you !!

I am sorry to say, till date 8 years in Kuala Lumpur and PJ . I am
still unable to find any stall or food which could be on par or
even close to Kelantan food standard. This is true and if you
don't believe, come and try it yourself. I bet RM100 for this !!!

God Dang It ! Should not blog about nice food and nice beach at
night cause I could get carried away with the joy :) Good night !!

Dial Up Networking in Kota Bharu

Happy Chinese New Year on this 5th day of Chinese New Year 2005
and happy Golden Rooster Year... kok kok kok kokk.. kok kokokokk..

Spent the past 7 days in Kota Bharu, my hometown where my dreams
and thoughts always remained there. I've spent the most happy
20 years of my life there and I think most likely I wouldn't get this
kind of happiness else where.

The happiness of Growing up in Kota Bharu, got to write a song about it one day !!! Got to !

Well, the only thing in KB ( Kota Bharu ) that I would consider a
little bit of handicap would be life there in my house without a
broadband connection to the Internet.

I am so used to the broadband nowadays that I could get any
information & distribute information 24 hours a day. Suddenly I
was back to the age there we have to do the below steps :

1. Cabut telephone wire from telephone.
2. Switch on external modem.
3. Connect telephone wire to external modem.
4. Windows 98 SE is started up and running.
5. Key in 1515 or 1511...., username and password.
6. Dialing... ( about 20 second ? ).
7. Veryfying user name & password.
8. Logging into network.
9. Two litte monitor blinking besides your windows clock.
10. Connected at xxxxxx bps. Yahoo !!!

That's why I didn't write any blog for the past 7 days. But trust
me that I will publish the remaining experiance very soon.

I will touch about :
1. PCB Beach.
2. PCB Belut shoppe..... *_*"".
3. PCB a walk in the cloud & wind.
4. Chinese New Year food.
5. Chinese New Year traffic.
6. Driving KL => KB and KB => KL.
7. The people around me.
8. A little cute puppy.

Got to go out and have some light and easy dinner soon. Will
resume later. Till then, pls accept my best wishes ( late though )
for Chinese New Year & Happy valentine.... for those who loves !!

Friday, February 04, 2005

Steamboat Part III

Today 4th Feb is a wonderful day for me ( I told the world 3 zillion
time already !!! ) Why??

1. Cause January Salary in deposited and available already.
2. Bonus was included too !!
3. 5 more days to Chinese New Year.
4. Final 2nd year to get Ang Pao. ( GF kasi pressure !! )
5. Final 2nd year to get Ang Pao. ( Parents kasi pressure too !!)
6. Final 2nd year to get Ang Pao . ( Relatives kasi pressure !! )

Why the hell do I have to care who kasi pressure leh? When Lim
Peh happy, Lim Peh will get married, that's it ! Case closed !!

Hmmm.... Back to happy mode !! :)

Does anyone out there knows why the stuff we eat is called
Steamboat ?? Anyone could suggest or explain??

Cause if Mat Salleh or Alien came to earth and when they hear
me saying :" Oh I love to eat steamboat !! "

They will probably think, WTF? Eat Boat woh ! Godzilla meh??
And try to search in , and search for Images
of Steamboat....

You will see all sort of , nope, not food ! all sort of boat powered
by Steam... mostly 1800s to 1920s stuff !!! Why??

Perhaps very long time ago, when I was a kid when we eat
Steamboat ( Makan Kapal Gas Panas ) the wok has a Chimney
at the middle and steam comes out from the Chimney indicating
that the food and soup are boiled and ready to eat :)
Man I am good !!!

Most of the Steamboat Wok nowadays are using electricity or
gas fueled fire as heater element. But I think very long time ago
we used charcoal as fuel, perhaps it tasted better that way.

Anyway, I am deeply in love with Steamboat nowadays. Why?

1. It's not too expensive.
2. Customization available.
3. Quite healthy since we could order more vegetables.
4. Can sweat like hell.
5. Can cry like hell ( when you comsume too much Chili )
6. Can cry like hell ( when you drink the boiling soup accidentaly)
7. Can cry like hell ( when you finished the bill = RM 250.00 ) and
__it was for 2 person only. Wah ha ha ha ha !!!

2 days ago, I went to Klang town near Tesco for a Steamboat,
went there with my good friend Jessie who happened to be
almost sleeping the time we went there. Time = 10:30 pm over..

The shop is called Pulau Ketam Steamboat Something Somthing,
and the Pulau ketam is not the shop name. I guess they place
Pulau Ketam to indicate that their seafood are fresh perhaps.

Anyway, jessie had already taken dinner, 2 bunkus Maggie Mee +
Telur !! So she was quite full, can't blame her cause it was already
10:30pm when I arrived at her place.

She told :" Very kenyang lah !"
I replied : " But I am very hungry woh !"
She said :" Never mind eat a little bit !"
I replied :" Ok good idea !"

I wanted to order for 1 person pax, but the cute pregnant shop
lady felt very hasitated and face a bit uneasy. So, in order not to
give her any Chi Kek or Tar Kek, I said never mind give me 2 pax
and she started to smile . I love to see people smile !1

And hmmm... soup = Full of Ikan Bilis aroma. Original Flavour.
If Tom Yam flavour, Jessie would probably 2 legs in the sky
cause her stomach is a little bit weak for sour food.

And a big plate came :
1. Vegetable + Wong Ngar Pak ( My favorite vege )
2. Whute Tauhu
3. Fried Tauhu
5. Tau Pok
6. Fish Ball
7. Fish Noodle ( I said it looked like Fish Poo Poo , but ... u know!)
8. Fish meat.
9. A little bit of sotong?? Can't remember.
10. Burung Puyuh punya telur.
11. Some stranged meat ball with Kam Choi ( smelly vegetable )
___in between.
12. And a few more stuff that I can't remember.

So I put everything into the wok and waited. And finally the sound
blup blup blup blup was heard..... I told Jessie let's eat...
and the rest..... one word : " Song !"

Sometimes to enjoy food, the taste depends on a few things.

1. The people who are eating with you. In this case, Jessie
2. The people who are around you. Not much customer. So it was
__not too noisy. In face not noisy at all.
3. Food was good.
4. Wind was ok.
5. Waitress was helpful and friendly.
6. No next appointment to be hurried.
7. A lot of conversation and talking ( good sign ! )
8. A lot of refilling for each other ( stomach getting full sign !)
9. And one word again :" Song !"

And at the end of the dinner, only RM 27.00 plus plus !! Including
drinks and everything.... what do you expect? But on the way
home at Federal Highway, the feeling that the Steamboat contents
in your stomach swimming in the soup was a little bit funny though.

Well, you see the reason why I like steamboat?? Got to do this
( steamboat in Chinese New Year next week, anyone want to
join us ? ) wah ah ah aha ha h....

Lauhing all the way home.

Today is 4th Feb 2005 and it's Friday, one of the day that I like
the most. Why?

Tomorrow work 1/2 day and Sunday is free !! Waho !! Waho !!

Last night check check check bank account, wow ! The salary
for January is in !! But wait a tick mate !! It was more then my
normaly salary.... I think the Bonus was included too my God !!

I am so happy last night !! So happy till cannot sleep !! Finally
2 something I finally get to sleep. wah ha ha ha !!

This morning what I've done was 自然醒,当一个人得到充足的睡眠



有时并不是我不想用华文来写 Blog 但我更担心有些朋友们看不明白。


Hence I've better write the blogs in English or Malay which are
universal languages in Malaysia. I hope from time to time I
would still write in Chinese ok? Cause 自然醒 in English for me
is a little bit difficult to describe.... wake up naturally? hmmm..
Cause my English lvl is only UPSR, hence sometimes it's a bit
frustrating to write too much with it.

This morning on the way to office, while I was waiting for the
traffic light to turn green. Ah ! It turned green already, and
I engaged my first gear, released the clutch and eh ! Wait a
tick !! Why the cars at the back were not moving?

I looked back with full curiosity and oh ! OMG !!

There was a very nice looking Malay lady crossing the road.
She is tall and she is fit ! And the Malay attire was shining
in the morning sunshine !! All the cars stopped at one line
to let her walk, and GDI ( God Damn It ) she was doing a cat
walk over the Subang Jaya main road. Philips did 2 legs in the
sky in Proton Wira !!! She walked Slow and Steady and I wonder
why all those driver were having such a patience for it.

That's the diffrence of pretty lady and not so pretty lady !!

It is a realistic community in Kuala Lumpur and PJ afterall,
isn't it?

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A Polite Resident

Today is Tuesday 1st day of Feb 2005. It is also the Wilayah Day
(Public Holiday) for my KL friends and they get to sleep till 11 am
or 12 pm <==== Bad habits! Wasting time !!

Whenever people get Public Holiday and when I don't get one,
the feeling and heart will become inbalance ( bian tai in Hokkien )
hence I am not feeling happy this morning.

Wanted to find an ant and kill it or kick someone in the groin !!!!!
( what an evil thinking eh mate? )

Pressed the Down Button at the lift and waited for it without a
smile. And the lift door opened.

An indonesian maid was in the lift, I walked in and nod my head
as " Hello " in silent language. She looked at me and forwarded to
the control panel and pressed Button G for me.

Whoops ! Looks like she is coming down from higher floor, maybe
14 or 18 to 8th Floor. When I went into the lift I just assumed
that we are all going to Ground floor.

Her kind action has made me feel like no where to stand. Her
small favour by pressing the G button made her really big and
made me really petty and small.

I've just said thank you thank you and thank you.
When her walked out at 8th floor, I said bye bye to her with a
big smile.

And I've decided to carry a big smile today, although Selangor has
to work and KL doesn't have to..... who care? Cause there are
a lot of nice and courtesy people out there.

Just because I am not courtesy enough, doesn't mean that others
are not too. Bear in mind this sentence.... ok?? Have a nice day
and smile :)