Sunday, February 13, 2011

The One About Kopiiiiiiiii !!!!

Was having coffee with my parents this morning after breakfast and we
ordered :

1. Kopi.
2. Kopi Ais x 2.
3. Kopi bungkus.

Drink drink drink and upon settling the bill , the lady :" Thank you, total
would be RM6.20. "

Me, " Huh ? Does that include my take away coffee ? "

Lady, " Yeap, correct, all in the bill. "

Me, " Here you go RM6.20 "

Yeah, you could still have RM6.20 for 4 cups of coffee in Klang Valley
and the coffee was really really nice. Not necessary to go for RM13 or
RM10 per cup of Latte or Expresso or Capucino all the time one !!

My parents, " Darn these coffee are nice and cheap ya ! "

Me, " Absolutely, and you don't see much of Ah Bengs and Ah Lians 
here. Neither does people order 1 cup of coffee and sit here for 4 hours
tapping the Wifi, laughing at the screen with no interaction with the people
at the next tables.... darn zombies !!!  "

My parents, " Nice !! People drink up, eat , pay and go. "

Me, " abuthen ? I always bring you all to nice place only ya !! "

Parents, " Corretlah !! Panlailah !! "