Saturday, February 28, 2009

The One About House Renovation

This morning Fat Lady was asking some questions to learn more
about my hometown Kelantan.

Fat Lady, " Er.. how come your grandmother has 2 houses one?"

Me, " Oh cause they wanted to do some renovation. "

Fat Lady, " What does renovation has to do with 2 houses?"

Me, " See, we buy another house to stay, while waiting to renovate
the first house. Simple only mar.... "

Fat Lady -_-"

Me, " There also, when our mobile phone battery finish, we buy a new
set, or when the phone SMS memory is full, we also buy a new set
of mobile phone........ and sometimes when we are talking on the phone,
we want to SMS other people, we also buy another new phone to do that. "

Fat Lady " Ka Chaaaaa !!!!! 看老娘的...........
佛...山...无...影...脚.... Bedebob !!!

Me ran away fast fast....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The One about Ikea's Breakfast.

A few days ago Eng Hau my friend SMS and said wanted to have breakfast
at Ikea Damansara, Saturday, 9:00 am sharp.

I was like -_-" but I kind of liked the Idea.

So I woke up at 8 15 am this morning and started moving to Ikea but was
held back for about 10 beautiful seconds by some cross country students.

Arrived at exactly 9:00 am and the P2 level has only 3 cars -_-"

and I was mumbling " Sure or not ? Is Ikea opened this early meh ? "

And as I was going towards the restaurant I saw more and more people
especially those middle aged uncle and aunty.

I talked to myself. " Maybe they do really open after all " :)

And well, to my wonderful surprise they do really serve breakfast at
very cheap price, such as

Fried Bee Hoon = RM 1.00
Fried Poppia = RM 1.50
Cinnamon roll = RM 2.00 or something...

And the best thing is that, all these came with Free Coffee !! yay !!!

So 8 of us sit there from 9 am till about 11 am, chatting and looking
at our D50, D80 and 450D and lenses hehehehehe

I think I had more then 4 cups of the coffee during that time, that is
why it is 7 pm right now and I don't feel tired at all !!

Darn !! Those good coffee !!

Darn !! Can't have afternoon nap because of the coffee !!! lol !!!

The best thing is that the 2 Makcik beside us brought their own
hard boiled eggs and ate them there. We smiled and the makcik
said, " Good eh ? Can tambah telor sendiri hahahaha ! "

We -_-"

Hau, " We bring pot luck next round or steamboat here !! ok? ! "

We all -_-" tak mahu , boleh tak ???"


Damn, what a happy Saturday !!

No more depressed already yay !!

But when I pee right now, still has strong coffee smell.

apanama FTZ coffee or something.... -_-"

And I think I am still have some coffee hangover or 1/4
high high like that.... hic !!!

A Happy Scene to see hehehehe....

This morning I was rushing to Ikea to meet some friends for breakfast
and when I was on the way I saw a really big group of young kids doing
some jogging and running near my housing area.

Yeap, the name was " Merentas Desa" or cross country running for the
near by school. Well since there are so many kids running and jogging
and some tired one walking at the shoulder of the road, I drove slowly
and carefully passing them group by group.

There was this particular Chinese boy who look really tired and getting
blurred and he was walking with another few friends in a row, making
him to walk near to the center of the road.

I was driving slowly behind him for a few seconds, and I was really
patient this morning ( Saturday morning, before 9 am, well... ) and
was kind of hope that he would walk back to the side to let me pass.

After 6.7 seconds, he was still very near to the middle of the road.

The Free Coffee At Ikea is from 9 am to 9 30 am only !!

And when I was about to start worry if I might be late, a nice Indian
boy who was running a few meters at his back ( beside my car )
sprinted to him, pat his shoulder and informed him that he is blocking
a handsome driver who is on his way to Ikea for breakfast ... and for
the free coffee ... with unlimited refill .... and with FTZ certification...
somemore ....

The chinese boy had a surprise and moved back to the shoulder.

I looked at the Indian boy's gesture and I smiled from the heart !!

I am so happy today, and maybe it is the FTZ coffee things...

Hic !!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The 1,868 ways to sabotage your colleague

I am working in an office which is really fun most of the time,
the closer to the end of the day and end of the week, the more
fun there are !

And also there are thousands of way to "yum" or sabotage your
colleague bright future in the company, let us discuss some here.

All cases mentioned here are based on true story and the real
identities of the victims are being protected to avoid any legal

Case 1 : Searching for job in office, during office hour.

A few days ago I was concentrating on some marketing reports
and sales figure and my boss was standing not too far away from

My good colleague came and saw my screen,
" Excel : marketing figures "

And then she shouted.

" Wah ! Kai Hong , searching for new job ah ?? "

My boss not far away , " Huh ? "

Me 2 legs in the sky with innocent face -_-" .....

Case 2 : Go Home at 6 pm:

Office hour officially ends at 5:30 pm and we always go back at
around 7 30 pm or 8 00 pm or 8 30 pm...

Today at 6 pm I finished my report and packed and ready to go.

My colleague asked, "
Wah ! Kai Hong ! Today you work 1/2 day only ah?
go home so early one ????

Me -_-"

Another colleague added some salt and vinegar
" No lah, not that, you all don't always blame
Kai Hong, Kai Hong has to
go home because his car's
light are very weak, cannot see the road if he
goes home
late, hence have to leave before dark.

Looked at me and then, " horr ? horr ? right ? right? "

Me another 4 legs in the sky and " Adoi !! "

I totally love my job !!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The One About McD Kota Bharu

During Chinese New Year holiday I went back to Kota Bharu and went to
this Mc D Kota Bharu for a late night drink ( and Sundae Chocolate ) and
was surfing.

Darn it's good to have a 24 hours Mc D in Kota Bharu and downloading the
work emails is so fast , heheheheh....

While I was sitting there with my family and surfing.....

The guy next table, " Wah Damn good now can get free refill !! "

another guy, " Yeah loh ! Refill refill mari mari !! "

First guy, " You see, now I buy one cup of Coke here in Kota Bharu.
I can drink until Gombak or BU still cannot finish..... "

another guy, " Har ? How woh ?? "

First guy, " You see, I buy this cup of coke here, can refill at Machang,
Gua Musang, Kuala Lipis, Bentong, Raub, Genting stop, Gombak and
even till Bandar Utama, my cup is always full one, buahh hah ah ha ha.
as long as I keep this paper cup with me !!! muah ha ha ah"

The friend, " Wow ! You brilliant lah ! Pandai lah !!! "

Me -_-" and continue checking email..... and slurpp on my Chocolate
Sundae... it was really hot in Kota Bharu, I thought.

But it is really great to have a 24 hour Mc D and with good Wifi speed.

I lap Kota Bharu !!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

帮帮他们..... 好吗??

几天前去了一趟银行的自动提款机, 欲提款供屋供车.

忽然隔壁有个友族同胞问我, 是否可以教他怎么提款.

我吓了一跳 !!!

有点紧张害怕, 是不是遇到抢匪, 或迷魂党??? -_-"

看了看, 没事 !! 便决定教他.... 不然心里会很过意不去.

他问我, 如果要提马币四十令吉, 该怎么做.


看着他提了马币四十令吉, 便开开心心的离去, 还跟我
说了声 : " 谢谢你 !!"

我忽然觉得很 心酸, 也很惭愧, 还很难过到今天!!

心酸难过是因为很同情他, 马币四十块 会不会 不够用?

家里太太孩子们, 会很辛苦吗?

惭愧是因为自己太过小心, 一遇到陌生人便会很担心

嗨 !!! 心情还真的很不好过到现在!!!

不然, 以后比较有钱时...... 我们帮帮有需要的人好吗?

真的 !!! haih....