Saturday, February 28, 2009

The One About House Renovation

This morning Fat Lady was asking some questions to learn more
about my hometown Kelantan.

Fat Lady, " Er.. how come your grandmother has 2 houses one?"

Me, " Oh cause they wanted to do some renovation. "

Fat Lady, " What does renovation has to do with 2 houses?"

Me, " See, we buy another house to stay, while waiting to renovate
the first house. Simple only mar.... "

Fat Lady -_-"

Me, " There also, when our mobile phone battery finish, we buy a new
set, or when the phone SMS memory is full, we also buy a new set
of mobile phone........ and sometimes when we are talking on the phone,
we want to SMS other people, we also buy another new phone to do that. "

Fat Lady " Ka Chaaaaa !!!!! 看老娘的...........
佛...山...无...影...脚.... Bedebob !!!

Me ran away fast fast....

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