Friday, February 20, 2009

The 1,868 ways to sabotage your colleague

I am working in an office which is really fun most of the time,
the closer to the end of the day and end of the week, the more
fun there are !

And also there are thousands of way to "yum" or sabotage your
colleague bright future in the company, let us discuss some here.

All cases mentioned here are based on true story and the real
identities of the victims are being protected to avoid any legal

Case 1 : Searching for job in office, during office hour.

A few days ago I was concentrating on some marketing reports
and sales figure and my boss was standing not too far away from

My good colleague came and saw my screen,
" Excel : marketing figures "

And then she shouted.

" Wah ! Kai Hong , searching for new job ah ?? "

My boss not far away , " Huh ? "

Me 2 legs in the sky with innocent face -_-" .....

Case 2 : Go Home at 6 pm:

Office hour officially ends at 5:30 pm and we always go back at
around 7 30 pm or 8 00 pm or 8 30 pm...

Today at 6 pm I finished my report and packed and ready to go.

My colleague asked, "
Wah ! Kai Hong ! Today you work 1/2 day only ah?
go home so early one ????

Me -_-"

Another colleague added some salt and vinegar
" No lah, not that, you all don't always blame
Kai Hong, Kai Hong has to
go home because his car's
light are very weak, cannot see the road if he
goes home
late, hence have to leave before dark.

Looked at me and then, " horr ? horr ? right ? right? "

Me another 4 legs in the sky and " Adoi !! "

I totally love my job !!!

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