Saturday, February 21, 2009

The One about Ikea's Breakfast.

A few days ago Eng Hau my friend SMS and said wanted to have breakfast
at Ikea Damansara, Saturday, 9:00 am sharp.

I was like -_-" but I kind of liked the Idea.

So I woke up at 8 15 am this morning and started moving to Ikea but was
held back for about 10 beautiful seconds by some cross country students.

Arrived at exactly 9:00 am and the P2 level has only 3 cars -_-"

and I was mumbling " Sure or not ? Is Ikea opened this early meh ? "

And as I was going towards the restaurant I saw more and more people
especially those middle aged uncle and aunty.

I talked to myself. " Maybe they do really open after all " :)

And well, to my wonderful surprise they do really serve breakfast at
very cheap price, such as

Fried Bee Hoon = RM 1.00
Fried Poppia = RM 1.50
Cinnamon roll = RM 2.00 or something...

And the best thing is that, all these came with Free Coffee !! yay !!!

So 8 of us sit there from 9 am till about 11 am, chatting and looking
at our D50, D80 and 450D and lenses hehehehehe

I think I had more then 4 cups of the coffee during that time, that is
why it is 7 pm right now and I don't feel tired at all !!

Darn !! Those good coffee !!

Darn !! Can't have afternoon nap because of the coffee !!! lol !!!

The best thing is that the 2 Makcik beside us brought their own
hard boiled eggs and ate them there. We smiled and the makcik
said, " Good eh ? Can tambah telor sendiri hahahaha ! "

We -_-"

Hau, " We bring pot luck next round or steamboat here !! ok? ! "

We all -_-" tak mahu , boleh tak ???"


Damn, what a happy Saturday !!

No more depressed already yay !!

But when I pee right now, still has strong coffee smell.

apanama FTZ coffee or something.... -_-"

And I think I am still have some coffee hangover or 1/4
high high like that.... hic !!!

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