Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The One About McD Kota Bharu

During Chinese New Year holiday I went back to Kota Bharu and went to
this Mc D Kota Bharu for a late night drink ( and Sundae Chocolate ) and
was surfing.

Darn it's good to have a 24 hours Mc D in Kota Bharu and downloading the
work emails is so fast , heheheheh....

While I was sitting there with my family and surfing.....

The guy next table, " Wah Damn good now can get free refill !! "

another guy, " Yeah loh ! Refill refill mari mari !! "

First guy, " You see, now I buy one cup of Coke here in Kota Bharu.
I can drink until Gombak or BU still cannot finish..... "

another guy, " Har ? How woh ?? "

First guy, " You see, I buy this cup of coke here, can refill at Machang,
Gua Musang, Kuala Lipis, Bentong, Raub, Genting stop, Gombak and
even till Bandar Utama, my cup is always full one, buahh hah ah ha ha.
as long as I keep this paper cup with me !!! muah ha ha ah"

The friend, " Wow ! You brilliant lah ! Pandai lah !!! "

Me -_-" and continue checking email..... and slurpp on my Chocolate
Sundae... it was really hot in Kota Bharu, I thought.

But it is really great to have a 24 hour Mc D and with good Wifi speed.

I lap Kota Bharu !!

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