Saturday, September 30, 2006

Today Fat Lady mia second sister invited us to a nice place for High Tea. I arrived there at around 12 :30 pm and this was what welcomed me !! Wonderful !! And here I would like to thank Fat Lady and her 2nd sister for inviting me to this Operation Search and Destroy. Soon, the Operation will begin and the first object to be destroyed was already found and in sight !!! Lock and load babeh !! Lock and load !!! Let's fire at will and Eat First and Die Later !! And by the way, the next few photos and post might not be, hmmm, safe for you if you are a little bit hungry now. Or if you are sitting in office with empty stomach !! Warning given already yeah ! Go ahead !!
My primary target of the day !!
4 scoops of Chocolates Ice Cream with minced chocolates and crispy nuts powder. Sinfully good and omg good !! These 4 scoops and the next 2 scoops + chinese pancakes ended up somewhere at Jalan MPT, where Jalan MPT is somewhere in my 2 litre dual-vvti stomach with twin turbo digesting system.
2 scoops with Chocolates Ice Cream with Chinese Pan Cake ( Woh Tip ) with Red Beans inside.
Pizza, Crab meats etc which ended up in Fat Lady mia stomach.
Some pie which ended up in Fat Lady mia brothers mia stomachs.
Some cakes which ended up in Fat Lady mia sisters mia stomachs.
omg wtf is this ?
Blueberry on top of pancakes, seems very sweet eh ? Wrong !
Pancake with honey, syrup, kaya and Blue Berry ( which was not so sweet ) perfect !
Pasta with diffrent sauce, with cheese powder and a lot of ham. Today was like ham party or ham buffet. -_-"
Hams with cheese with turkey ham at the back. Soaked in pure olive oil and hmmm... everything just melted in my mouth.
Chicken Hams.
Chicken Ham, Salad Bar, Kaki Ayam Jam etc.
Turkey Ham Sandwich, Croissant and fruits. Uwek papaya !! omg !!
Dessert I
Dessert II
Wait ! Mom ! Something is coming !
Oh mum look !! LRT !!
Kuala Lumpur view. Colourful eh !!
Kuala Lumpur view. KL tower at the background, some highrise building in between and the Tiong Nam area. The housing area in the , well almost heart of Kuala Lumpur.
Here, guess these shoes belong to how many person ? 6 person only. 6 person. Scene from a student house at Sunway area. And nowadays the kids are damn rich. When I was a student, i had 1 pair of safety shoe, a pair of sandals and, a pair of sport shoe. Rm69.99 per pair type. Rich students vs poor students.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Sewing, i think i like it !!

This morning before coming to work when I took my shirt out from
the wardrobe I noticed that OMG one of the buton is missing !!!


I have a few more long-sleeves but it is Friday today and I don't
want to wear long-sleeves leh !!

So I made a quick decision to fix the missing button myself !!!

Wah ha ha ha ha !! After don't know how many years since I last
fixed a piece of cloths, I have to do this on a morning when I
was suppose to be driving to work.

Reached the sewing kits provided by hotels ( I have a few packs
that I took from hotels over the years ) and sit down like my
grandmother used to do.

First, I was lucky that the sewing kits has 2 button provided.

And then chosen the white string, put into mouth, stimulate it
to become hard so I could insert the side into the needle.

-_-" This sounds so Ham Sup though.

Done, so I started with Jahitan Kia ( 1992 Kemahiran Hidup )
to create the foundation for the button. Enjoyed the process

No wonder when my grandmother was doing sewing or fixing the
cloths she is always very calm and had a smile in her face.

Then, fixed the button which has 4 holes. Each 2 hole I applied
10 times of string in and out. Fixed them good.

Applied another Jahitan Kia at the end.

Just when I felt damn happy that the button looks so nice and

2nd button's string came off pula ! omgwtfknnbbq !!!

So I had to continue for second button, same process and all
over again.

I was worried that I might feel upset about this incident but
it turned out that I actually enjoyed every moment of fixing
the button myself.

The process was really delicate and required concentration.

And it's an art I tell you !!

And when the cloth is ready to be put on, and you found that
the button's are so firm and secured infront of you.

That's satisfaction and happiness.

Of course I rather do all these in a more relaxed time, like

P/S : I arrived to my office at 8:41 am.
Punched card at 8:42 am.

I feel good today ! Got to do these more !!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tipu Orang Punya !!

Last week I found out that my MyCard chip was having read
problem. Meaning that some machine could read the chip but
someother can't.

Hence I went to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara of PJ State to
renew the MyCard. Arrived there at about 12:00pm or so and
there were only 3 person ( customer ) there.

Got everything done in 10 to 15 minutes time, that was really
fast I thought and the officers there were friendly too.
Perhaps with less customer they were more relaxed.

I was happy, they were friendly and the officer said.

"Ok, boleh mari ambil selepas 2 hingga 4 minggu."

Me:" Oh ok, thank you."

Officer," Boleh check di untuk
status MyCard. Kalau dah siap, you akan nampak ready for

Me -_-" canggih and run away from their office.

And later I checked through the internet and found that
they took only 3 days to produce my MyCard -_-"

I went to their office on 8th Sep 2006.
And the card was ready to be collected on 11th Sep 2006.

That was like, 3 days only. And that was a pleasure surprise
for me cause I thought 2 to 4 weeks is unavoidable.

Bravo and Kudos for the 3 days speed. But I hope in future
it could be immediate renewal and replacement and no Rm10.00
charge for a chip that was not damaged by me lah yeah ?

3 days, not too bad at all.

And when I went to collect the MyCard it took about 30 minutes
because I had to wait for my turn, equally fast and not much
of hassle !!

But when I was waiting for my turn to collect the MyCard there
was this young lady, teenager with her father at the Photo
Taking counter.

The officer," Duduk baik-baik... "
The officer," Kepala kiri sikit..."
The officer," Muka kiri sikit..."
The officer," Ok..... "

the father looked at the photo, not satisfied.

The officer," Satu lagi.... "
The officer," Kepala depan sikit...."
The officer," Duduk tegak siskit...."
The officer," Tutup mulut... " lolrotf !! tutup mulut?

The officer," Kepala jangan senget.. "
The officer," Pandang depan..."
The offier," Mulut tak payah buka....."

knnwtfbbq !! ????

When I was taking my photo the officer didn't
ask me anything, just asked me to look into the
camera lense ( Siemens ) and that's it !!

Luckily the photo came out still ok....

Tutup mulut ? LOL !!!

Define: Hamplang

Today I wrote a memo to May who is sitting beside me and
asked her to book some tickets for Jason.

Jason wants an all in semua masuk mia package to some
place and I told May,

" Please book like this this this thiss... "
" Like that that that ... "

Hamplang Bao

Then May asked me," What is Hamplang and what is bao ??"

Me:" Ham Pa Lang ?? Means semua lah ! Bao is included "

May -_-" and " Ohhh i see semua mahu included lah yeah "

May mumbled," I thought hamplang is some Thailand or what
language like that lek ! "


Kepten Bogel ? Sir Yes Sir !! Sir !!

In 1990 I joined the Fire Fighting Cadet a.k.a Kedet
Bomba in my secondary school.

Marching was one of the most interesting activities then
and I have picked up the commanding skill then and one fine
day I was promoted to the commander.

The commander doesn't had to be high in ranking, but need
for sure to know how to control the marching, to give certain
command and has very very loud voice.

We called the loud voice guy," Crocodie Voice !"

And according to the chief I had crocodie voice, cheh!

And that's how I picked up and trained to become a
commander for marching.

Squad, ke kanan lurus !!

Pandan depan.

Bergerak ke kiri bertiga-tiga, ke kiri, posing !!

Under the hot sun 12 pm, doing that was so much of
fun you know ?

4 years later I was in Prefect and also the commander
and one time we beat the Scout, Sea Scout etc and
got Number 3 in School Day Parade Marching Competition.

That was one of the most happiest moment of mine lol!

The number one went to School Band and second was
Police Cadet. They were good indeed yeah !!

Anyway, the above incident has marked a very-very
deep impact in my brain and I always dreamt of being
a commander for since then. For the past 12 years on
and off when I dream, I was a commander again !!

So happy !!

But last night I was dreaming again about it !!

This time very interesting, I was commanding my people
(update: I was the only one NAKED !!! )

I was NAKED when i was commanding my team, consisting
of all my good friends OMFG !!

Squad ! Ke kanan lurus !! cover cover kkc !

Squad ! Pandang depannn !! cover kkc again !

Squad ! Senang diri !! cover kkc again !!

Squad ! Rehat diri !! kiap the kkc between my legs !!


And the whole process was so darn uneasy and malu to
command a whole team of people NAKED !!
( Update: They were in their smart uniforms. )

And when i woke up this morning i know why liao !!

I was sleeping naked last night, that's why !!

So, from today onwards I am not going to sleep naked
no more !!

Blardy Hell ! The Naked Commander from Kota Bharu !

Monday, September 25, 2006

Shopping Part Duex

Was at One Utama last nigth with Fat Lady.

Finally got a pair of nice shoes ( Cap Unta ) and the
look was nice, feel was good, price was right too !!
Super happy realize that mate !!

The promoter there was really helpful. And she patiently explained to me and helped me to search for my size and etc.

It's always great to have such a friendly and helpful
promoter around right?

During check out time. There was this lady infront of
me who purchased a pair of shoe at RM 19.95. So cheap
lah ! Mine Cap Unta RM 200 plus before discount, after
50% also RM 100 plus plus -_-"

I was like knnwtfbbq ?

Then when it is my turn I asked the cashier lady.

Me," Cik, kenapa itu perempuan mia kasut ada Rm19.95
tetapi lelaki mia kasut Rm 100.00 dan ke atas ?"

Me," Ini tidak adil lah ! Saya mahu jumpa Menteri !"

The Cashier Cik -_-"
" ha ha ha ! Itu kena tanya kasut mia supplier lah
mungkin perempuan beli satu pasang kasut satu bulan &
lelaki beli satu pasang tiap tiap 2 tahun kot ?"

Me," ....... "

Fat Lady LOLROTF !!

Shopping -_-"

Yesterday was at One Utama Shopping mall and was looking
for a pair of shoe for working.

First we went to this shop and saw this shoe labelled

" Kulit Khinzir ! "

Me and Fat Lady -_-"

Fat Lady," Wah! Kulit Khinzir can do shoe one meh?"

Me," Yes Dear, You don't know meh ?"

Fat Lady," See how much ? " and see price.

wtfomgbbqbabi RM330 -_-"

And Fat Lady," Why so expensive ?"

Me," Cause it has dual function !"

Fat Lady," Like ? "

Me," You can wear it to work."

Fat Lady," And then ?"

Me," You can also eat it if you are too hungry!"

Me put shoe in my mouth.

Fat Lady whacked my head and said," Chee Sin ! "

And we both run away from the shop.

25% and 90%

This morning while I was on the way to office the DJ at
a local famous radio was saying that

" 25% of the male who comes out from washroom doesn't wash their hand."

" 90% of the female who comes out from the washroom does wash their hand.

So the DJ asked us to discuss about it.

Why ?

Simple, some of the male ( us ) are elites or called
best of the best.

When we pee we are not lun lun chun chun type and will
not wet our hands and there isn't really a close
contact of anything if you get what I mean.

So there you do, no close contact and no microbes
transfer or anything.

Why waste water and wash hands if there is no process
of close contact and microbes transfer ?

You know water is very much precious nowadays. Don't
lah waste water you all ! you all !!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do ?? Family of nine. It is called Russian Matrioshka Nesting Dolls. You can put the small one into the bigger one, and then to the bigger one and then to the bigger one. lol !!
840 Rubles or USD 31 for this 4 spoon of Caviar. Small little bottle and you could finish it easily. Note that it is only 28.4 grams eh mate ? 28.4 grams for USD 31. And at the back ground is the Russia hat. Red Army anyone ?
The Russian products and some Russian money.


Fat Lady went to Russia for about a week and when she came back she bought all these. She spent about USD 500 buying these and that and a lot of
other things.
Arrival of KLIA at 1;35 am. You will love it here.
A quiet KLIA at 1;43 am.
1.8 inch colour LCD seems small for nowadays daily operation. But as a secondary camera and made 2002, what could I complain ? It's a Sony you know ? LOLROTF !!
The Sony S 85 with full manual control. Lower displays normal picture compositions, playback etc. The upper LCD displays exposure time, apperture value, battery level etc vital information. And notice the huge optical view finder with diopter ? I love this babeh !!!
All the photos below ( 14 ) are taken by this Sony 4.1 Mega Pixels camera of mine ( year 2002 product ). It's Sony S 85 with full manual control. It has M, A, S , Auto, SCeNe and MOVie mode. The Depth of Field is shallow and it is really diffrent from my FZ30. I purchased this camera 2 weeks ago and I just love it ! Maximum apperture is 2.0 !!!! Scary eh?
No name.
No name.
No name.
No name.
Bunga Raya. The Malaysia's National Flower.
No name.
No name.
Friends ! A bunch of friends !!!
Some lonely flower awaiting his/her friend to bloom.
The new couple in town. The green eyes Ang Moh dogs, they are actually still babies and age like 1 years plus and another one is around few months old only.
Why such an expression ? Cause this guy saw me taking his girlfriend taking bath and naked. And he looked a little bit pissed too !
Oi ! Gila stalker, people take bath you go and take photo ! By the way, it's a She and she is quite pissed of cause i take her naked photos, girl girl naked & taking bath.
Now this is the look of Boy boy when I have something to eat in my hand. He will focus, focus very-very much and see how to get the food in my hand. Also known as drooling face. Anyway this boy boy is always drooling whenever he sees me.
Now this is boy boy the super_suka_makan_anything dog and please don't say that my fingers are short. They looked short but they are not short, just, hmmm, fit !! you know ? very fit mia fingers? Like Arnold's fingers ? Van Damme mia finngers?

Friday, September 22, 2006

Me ? Char Siew ? wtfbbqcharsiew

Today at lunch time we were waiting for some food
delivery to our office.

Afer 40 minutes but the delivery guy hasn't arrive at
the office yet. Clock was ticking fast.

And one of the girl was saying," Very hungry lah !"

I jumped up and shown my strong arm," Bite it ! eat it!"

She -_-"

And the Linda from Philipines pointed at me, and said
I put honey at you and you can become Char Siew hor ?


Me ? Char Siew ?? WTF ??

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The so called touts at KLIA.

I was at KLIA 2 nights ago awaiting to pick up some
VIP who was coming back from Russia -_-" canggih eh?

However the flight was delayed and I was waiting there
from 11:30pm to about 1:30 or 2:00 am.

As a person who likes to observe people, i stood there
looking at each of the people coming out from the
arrival place towards the arrival hall.

At the exit of the arrival hall there are these bunch of people wearning white shirts and some in coats.
Also some friends and relative awaiting for the love one, families members and friends.

Everytime when people come out the atmosphere of the
arrival hall changes to Pasar Besar Kota Bharu.

First there would be people shouting," Mr Lee Mr Lee"
with signboard and banner, " Mr Lee, Mr Lee ? "

and there would also be people like," Samantha !
Samantha, What What Hotel . What What Hotel ! "

These are the drivers or pick up agents from some
hotel to pick up some guests ( registered and pre-
booked ).

But with a proper banner and sign board in
their hand they no need to shout already right?

And also i heard," Sri Hatamas ! Sri Hatamas !! " and
i saw the tout approaching a Korean.

Oh, so most of the Korean would go Sri Hatamas isit ?

I don't know about other places and airport but I find
it very interesting that there are people like the
above making the atmosphere warm at KLIA.

Imagine if you are a lonely traveller on a 13 hours
flight from cold country like East Europe, and at the
arrival hall there are all these nice people "offering"
you to somewhere, I don't know but perhaps it is not
that bad afterall, isn't it?

But then, don't lah charge people RM500 for a trip from
KLIA to the hotels in KL right?

RM500 and drive all the way to Bangkok already !!!

Let's hope that they all could keep out the good works
and for those who cause problems to KLIA be removed.

touts are second or third lines of people that tourist
see and i hope the tourist could have a good impression
with them.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Credit Card Points

A few days ago I was with my aunty at TTDI and I told
her by saying
" Wow, my Credit Card points almost 90,000 points !"

She," Really ah ? That's good, that's good, my credit
card points very low only, 300,000 over points niah, very little only lah.. nothing lah, 300K niah !"

Me -_-"

bits of KLIA

Fat Lady's flight was scheduled to land at 23:15 last
night and by the time she came out it was already 02:00
if I was not mistaken.

So I spend about 3 hours at KLIA most of the time I was
standing near to the exit of arrival section where
people comes out from custom and shopping.

Boy it was really an eye opener event.

I am going to write about:

  • The so called tout at KLIA.
  • The Burger King event.
  • Flight Delay of 3 hours.
  • Interesting people that I saw.
  • An empty arrival hall.
  • And not so empty arrival hall which like Pasar.

    But not now, not right now cause I have some work to
    do first.
  • 14 days

    14 days has gone and we are still very much miss

    Crikey !!

    Monday, September 04, 2006

    Goodbye Steve, 1962 - 2006.

    This is for the loving memory of Mr. Steve Irwin.

    1962 - 2006.

    Sunday, September 03, 2006

    Reflection of hollywood !!
    Hollywood hotel was just right at the opposite, and i saw Stallone and Arnold checked in last night and Tom Cruise has checked out this morning, oh and i saw Ed Deline and Danny McCoy too lolrotf !!
    Ipoh Jalan C M Yussof at around 7 am Saturday morning.
    Early last month i was at Ipoh staying at Lucky Hotel ( Which has Wi Fi for free ) and saw this scene in the morning at 7 am plus. I think when I come back to Ipoh next time I am so going to stay here at this hotel.