Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The One About Operation Desert No Storm !!!

Was using C-130 most of the time recently and on and off I do use the General's
new YF 35 as it is smaller and could move in and out from Operation easier.

The other day was about to take off and checked checked Instrument Panel....

Outside temperature was 40 Degree Celsius leh !!  -_-"

The One about C-130 is huge !!!!

Hercules C-130 has been serving me and family for almost 2 years. Been thru
many mission and done a lot of hours with this Hercules.... primary was for
passenger transportation operation and rarely was there an action operation.

Went back to Kelantan a few weeks ago, can you imagine that we managed to
put all these 15 items + 4 adults and 1 baby into my Hercules C-130 ? On the
way back the co Pilot reported that " smell of fuel leak " detected in the air -_-"

It was already 4 hours from Kota Bharu and it was too far to turn back for
emergency landing, and PJ Hanger was like 2 to 3 hours away. I checked
checked the fuel level was ok, engine temperature was also ok. Was about
to look for a place to stop and do a 100% check.

My mom:" No worries !! Don't panic, the cause of the smell came from the 
frozen Durians, long flight like this, sure got some gas movement eh ? "

Co-Pilot -_-"

Darn ! I love my C-130 and my mom very much !!

The One About Really Old Town

The older part of Johor Bharu town.
This is so like the place where i spent my childhood years : )

Monday, November 28, 2011

The One About Budget Airlines

Was flying back to Kota Bharu last week with my team member on official
matters. Took a budget airliner from Subang airport to Kota Bharu and it
was the ATR 72-500 Kipas Aircraft, i told my team member.

While boarding the plane, my team member Mr. Lee started to ask question...

Lee, " Oi Oi !! Did you see the size of the tyres of this plane ? It is smaller than
my car tayar lah dude !! "

Me, " Shaddap lah ! You driving bulldozer meh ? "

Lee, " But the tyres size really si peh small leh !! "

Me -_-"

While taking off,  Mr. Lee, " What happened if the kipas tercabut ? "

Me, " Well ! This type of aircraft could glide for a longer distance compared
to jet aircraft...jet aircraft drops faster while propeller aircraft could glide 
really far, hence we are quite safe ! no worries...  "

Mr Lee, " Did you know, if we were killed in air crash, we will each get USD2
million insurance coverage ? our family terus become rich folks.. heheheh... "

Me, " Can we please talk about something else ? "

Mr Lee, " Wah ! The air stewardess very beautiful , very young !! "

Me, " Now we are talking.... where ? where ??  "

Sometimes it is fun to travel with folks that ask a lot of question or has high level
of curiosity...

The One About 智慧牙

话说到 有一天,  有个吉隆坡的有钱佬去了外国鬼混.
外国女朋友伊娃鬼叫, 万般舍不得.
有钱佬看了好心疼, 但非回国不可.....
女朋友说:" 你人走了那我怎么办??" 又伊娃鬼叫....

有钱佬说 : "那我给你20万美金, 作纪念好吗? Sayang? "
女朋友破涕而笑 , 赶紧: " 谢谢...sayang...老板 !!"
女朋友还是依依不舍, 想要一些纪念品.
便叫有钱佬留下智慧牙, 以便纪念纪念.

有钱佬面有难色, 女朋友又伊娃大哭了 -_-"....
" 好啦 !!!好啦!!! " 便大力把智慧牙拔下.
哇妈 !!! 这回可痛死有钱佬了.

有钱佬跟着回房 看到女朋友打开抽屉
一看抽屉里面 竟然有 200 多颗别人的智慧牙 -_-"

祝天下有钱佬鬼混快乐!!!! he he he he....

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The One About Really Long Vacation

Looked back at the last post which was done on 4th June 2011.
and it is already 27th Nov 2011, almost didn't update this blog
for 6 months already.

Took a really long vacation from blogging and was busy with many
many other things like working ( really hard ) and spent time learning
doing more house chores.

Well, i am back for the time being and while i am around, let's start to
tell some funny story , again....