Monday, November 28, 2011

The One About Budget Airlines

Was flying back to Kota Bharu last week with my team member on official
matters. Took a budget airliner from Subang airport to Kota Bharu and it
was the ATR 72-500 Kipas Aircraft, i told my team member.

While boarding the plane, my team member Mr. Lee started to ask question...

Lee, " Oi Oi !! Did you see the size of the tyres of this plane ? It is smaller than
my car tayar lah dude !! "

Me, " Shaddap lah ! You driving bulldozer meh ? "

Lee, " But the tyres size really si peh small leh !! "

Me -_-"

While taking off,  Mr. Lee, " What happened if the kipas tercabut ? "

Me, " Well ! This type of aircraft could glide for a longer distance compared
to jet aircraft...jet aircraft drops faster while propeller aircraft could glide 
really far, hence we are quite safe ! no worries...  "

Mr Lee, " Did you know, if we were killed in air crash, we will each get USD2
million insurance coverage ? our family terus become rich folks.. heheheh... "

Me, " Can we please talk about something else ? "

Mr Lee, " Wah ! The air stewardess very beautiful , very young !! "

Me, " Now we are talking.... where ? where ??  "

Sometimes it is fun to travel with folks that ask a lot of question or has high level
of curiosity...


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