Thursday, March 26, 2009

The One About solo

The name is Gull, Gull Solo -_-"

The One about Sunrise over auckland beach.

It would be really nice if everyday, we wake up and we see this..

Would cure a lot of Monday or Tuesday blue right?

Well damn syiok lah Fat Lady mia sister has chance to see all these...

She flies around the world and get paid for that... tsk !!!!

The One about Sunrise over australia desert.

Damn it looks so nice up there, 30,000 feet in the sky yeah?

Boing 777 ...

The One about Will Power !!!!!

My boss was giving motivation to me just now as the work these
days are quite hectic and we were all quite exhausted .... so my boss
started telling stories and case studies thing....

Boss, " There was this guy who smokes alot, drinks alot and womanize
like there is no tomorrow like that... and one day he totally changed and
we asked him what happened......

We asked him why he doesn't smoke anymore...

He pointed at his head and said, " Will power my friend ! will power !!"

We asked him why he doesn't drink anymore....

He again pointed at his head and replied, " Will power !! My will power !"

We asked him why he doesn't womanize anymore ...

He replied with tears in eyes, " no power ... " "

Me -_-"

Monday, March 02, 2009

The One About Entertainment

Was in toilet releasing excess body fluid and saw an ant walking
near the men's standing toilet bowl.
Toilet bowl is something very slippery cause the toilet cleaner polish
and mop the bowl daily until shinning shinning dey...
And this ant was too careless.
He slipped and fall from the toilet bowl to the floor ....
I was like -_-"  and ants also could slip one meh ?
I am totally clueless now.
* The ant went home with blue black on his eys and also thinking
about the same question, " I have 6 legs and yet still can slip ?"