Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Ampang Yong Tau Fu mia Sui Kao.
The double souce. one is VSOP and one is XO LOL !! It's only the sweet sauce and chili sauce.
Fried Har Kou, Fried Tau Fuu Skin and Fried Yao Char Kuai !! ( That's a double fried for Yao Char Kuai ) LOL !!
Hmmm... hot hot and looked nice !!
So, the famouse Ampang Yong Tau Fus. You do the head count, cause I have headache seeing all these food !!
As usual, we finished everything even the gravy and soup and everything. The dish washer is going to love this !! Less job for them mate hehehe !!
I ordered my father to pay the bill. So he had no choice but mumble mumble mumble and took out his wallet !! heheheh !! Thank you nah papa !!!
On a groovy Sunday afternoon, Fat Lady and me felt hungry, so I took she to Taman Bukit Maluri and told her that I will belanja her something nice. She agreed and we proceed. Well here in the picture is the...errr... appetiser I would say. Heheheh... by the way these appetiser taste damn good !!!
Before they served the Wan Tan Mee, they served us the wantan and the Har Kao first. Look this Bowl cost RM5.00 only. Damn worth it !!
The Virgin Kon Lou Min, untouch, hot, and shining and everything, looking at me and telling me :" Eat me babeh!! Lou me babeh !!" come mon and get it done babeh !!!" So I said ok !!! Sure !!!
Ta Tahhh !! Food is served and ready to be consumed !!!. Vrrrommm !! Vroooommm!!
After the Kon Lou action, the mee is ready for consomed.
2 Kon Low Mee, 2 small bowl of Wan Tan and 1 big bowl of Har Kow + Wantan. 1 Coffee and 1 ice barly drink. Total cost = RM15.00. Fair and nice and happy !! Look !! She is doing the famous Kon Lou action, which is a required action before eating Kon Lou Mee !!
The beautiful Har Kow apart from the Wan Tan that we have ordered.
Now see, there are real shrimp in the Har Kow and not minced shrimp. 2 shrimps per Har Kao and where to find ??
The Char-Siew is one of a kind, not too sweet and the meat structure is so tender like Japanese Kobe Beef, will melt in your mouth and never stuck at the teeth !!
100% wiped out !! The dish washer is going to love us cause not much to clean and wash from the plate and bowl hehehe !!!
The beautiful cloud of KL area, taken on the flyover bridge outside Taman Bukit Maluri Kepong on 28 / 8 / 2005.
Fat Lady took this photo, she likes the cloud and we were at Middle Ring Road 2 from Kepong towards Gombak area.
The lobster mia head head and leg leg that I tao bao from Qi Kuai Restaurant of PJ. Had dinner with guest but too much, cannot finish and I naturally became the Victim !! A long with a nice Cheese Baked Oyster.
Baked Cheese Oyster. Background is my Logiteh Black Keyboard.
The naked Cheese Bake Osyer kena buang baju buang seluar and yeah babeh !! Show me your naked body !!
Half pass dead, half of the lobster gone and the cheese layer of the Baked Cheese Oyster gone. Look carefully at the gravy of the lobster, the gravy tasted superb !!! Oyishi Desyoo !!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Single air bag vs SRS air bags.

Yesterday after the pregnant whale jokes thrown at me from the
Japanese customer, the ice was broken :)

We began to have some jokes and funny story among ourself and
these Japanese customer really could joke at the dinner.

After eat eat eat, one of the guest touched my stomach again.

Guest :" Hmmm... Kai Hong Sang, how is your baby(s) now? "
( Cause it could be twins you see?)

I was -_-" :" Hmmm... actually there is no baby inside !!"

Guest :" Then ?"

Me :" This is an air bag !! When driving if got accident it will save
my life !! Malaysian new technology !! "

The Guest almos spit his beer out of his mouth and LOLOTF !!!!!

And the guest pointed at his skinny colleage and said
" Then my friend here if accident sure die des??"

I replied " Yes ! Sure die !! No air bag to save him what ?" LOL !!!

Headache !! Very very headache !!

During the dinner we were keep adding dish and serving each
other more dishes, and finally I shouted !!

" Oiii !! Enough of dish and fish and prawn and everything !!!

The all looked at me and asked :" Why ? Wong sang ?"

Me :" GNN ! Now already one big air bag, if continue like this, later
become SRS air bag how ?? how ??? Use your brain lah !! Oiiii ???"


They all again LOLOTF and kept kiap more vegetable for me.

I think I grew 1.5 kg yesterday night.

Jason wait !! I will join you !! I will join you !!!

SRS Air Bag = Supplemental Restraint Systems

a little bit

Yesterday while I was having dinner with my Japanese guest at restaurant.

Guest :" Hmmm.. Kai Hong Sang, your tummy bigger then last time hor !"

I was -_-" embarrassed." Yeah loh, ate a little bit too much with you all !"

Guest:" Like having a baby inside hor !! "

I was -_-"

My boss :" What like having baby ? It's already 6 month loh !!! "

I was -_-"

Guest :" No !! No !! It could be twins !! LOL !!"

Everyone LOL !!!

Me :" Ooooiiiii !! You all !!! "

Time for a little bit of work out liao !!

Outlook 2005.

Jason was having something which was disturbing his mind.
So I kasi him the below comments, these are what I have gone
through for the past 8 to 10 years
and I wished that I have known these facts 10 years earlier !!

Is the Outlook so important? Yes, Microsoft Outlook is important
for my daily email usage, but one's physical outlook might not be
that important.

Here's what I've wrote to him, hopefully he feels better and
understand what I am trying to tell him. Be strong mate !!!








你知道 Fat Lady 并不在乎我们的外表,她只要我建建康康就好。



要学会笑看风云! End of the day, 无论结果是如何,你还是学到了一些经验。那是最重要和 Priceless 的 !!!"

Who is fat ??

I told and replied Jason :

" A thin body guard earns RM2000 per month. He knows karate, martial-art, tai-chi, Silat....etc.

A fat body guard eanrs RM5000 per month. He can't sing, he can't dance, he can't even run fast.

But why?

Cause the fatter body guard could sekali block 7 bullets for his boss and survive after 4 weeks in hospital.

And the thin body guard could only take 2 bullets max. !! That's why.

Everyone in this world means something for someone.

Be yourself and live for yourself only. Don't mind too much about what other people says...

Ok? I could block 9 bullets sekali by the way!! And my price??

RM9000 per month !! I am rich !! I am damn rich !! "

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Yesterday I was at Genting Highland at around 5pm. With a guest
from foreign country and this is his first time visit to Genting Casino.

He asked if I could show him the Black Jack table.

I replied :" Yeah sure, there it is !!"

And he went to join the Black Jack table.

At the end of the day, I asked him how was his luck...

He replied:" Well, I didn't play the Black Jack game here..."

I was -_-" and asked why?

He replied :" The player here don't know how to play properly.."

I asked again:" Hmmm? I don't get it.."

He replied :" Black Jack in casino is player vs dealer, right?"

I replied:" Yeah, a few (4 to 5 ) players vs 1 house dealer... "

He said:" Here, the players don't know what are they doing."

I asked:" Har? Don't know?"

He said:" Precisely ! They are greedy and want to win alone while
considering everyone else are enemy and competitor."

" In Casino, Black Jack, we (players) should be in one team and
only threat the house dealer as competitor/ enemy ."

" But here in Genting, these greedy Chinese Aunty just don't work
as a team and want everyone else to loose."

" Say, if the dealer give you a small number card, like 2,3,4 or 5,
and the dealer get like 1o,J,Q,K ..... "

" What you all should do?"

" Normally Malaysian will hope hope and hope to get more cards
to top up to more then 18 to 21 .... right?"

Me :" Yeah, that's normally what Malaysian does."

He said:" Nope, you all should keep the small number with you
and hope that the house dealer to get another big figure and
burst !!! That's work in one line !! "

"If dealer is bursted, everyone else win or draw right?"

Me:" Yeah, you've got the point !!"

He said:" that's the diffrences between asian casino and
Las Vagascasino."

He said:" Here, some asian are just too greedy and
set the primary objective as winning money and all
they are is about winning $$$$.

This kind of gambling is meaningless and no fun."

This guest of mine once use this one team method
with a few of his friends and won more then USD 10,000
from the table in Las Vagas and , for them, it's just
about having fun fucking the dealer and just for more fun.

The casino operator was so pissed off that they kept
changing dealer and person in charge and so.
But end of the day these bunch of people
still won around USD10,000 away from the table.

USD 10,000 would not make you a millionare or
buy you a house, but the fun and cooperation and
the feeling of 牌品好,人品就好 understanding
is priceless....

One you understand 牌品好,人品就好
you would really understand what I've learned.

For me? Till now just about 80% understand about
black jack only. So I am a lousy card player LOL !!

By the way, I "contributed" RM30 to the slot machine
at Genting yesterday,
which is my yearly contribution to the GGGFF
"Genting Gambling Gang Foundation Fund " LOL !!!!

Shirt !! RM30 gone !!!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Tanggal 31


Pencipta & Senikata: Ahmad CB

Tanggal 31
Bulan lapan
Lima puluh tujuh
Merdeka ! Merdeka !
Tetaplah Merdeka
Ia pasti menjadi sejarah

Tanggal 31
Bulan lapan
Lima puluh tujuh
Hari yang mulia
Hari bahagia
Sambut dengan jiwa yang merdeka

Mari kita seluruh warga negara
Ramai-ramai menyambut hari merdeka

Tiga satu
Bulan Lapan
Lima puluh tujuh
Hari mulai negara ku merdeka

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Stealth ?? Not my F-117 ok?

A few days ago I was watching the movie ... Stealth.

I thought it has something to do with my F-117 Night Hawk and
so but noooo !! noooo !! nooo !!!

All I saw was :

  • Some US military prototype Stealth Fighter which looks like alien space ship.
  • An over confident pilot.
  • A noisy and over confident pilot.
  • A lady pilot, whos the air craft will self destruct ??? WTF?
  • An AI no pilot fighter which would be screwed if there is an lighting.
  • Talking about stealth? Yeah, the AI fighter informed, my stealth feature
    is damaged, very good !! very good !!

    A friend of mine who went to watch in film in the cinema, and second day
    can't remember anything about the movie. Not the story line, not the star
    nor nothing.

    Now that's what we call Stealth movie, where when you watch it you don't
    know that you are actually watching it.

    And when you watch it, and before you know the movie is already finished.

    Arrrggghhh !! Should have listened to the advise from Jason and go for something better
  • Monday, August 22, 2005

    Sunday updates....

    Finally today I can't tahan already and jumped out and pointed
    at my own nose and shouted:

    " Oi ! Philips you are getting fatter these few weeks!"

    Why is that so? Look down and examine what are there in
    my stomach for the past 2 -3 days.

  • Durians
  • Durians cake
  • Crabs
  • Pork
  • Rice
  • Vegetables
  • A lot of seafoods.
  • More crabs, bread and accesories !!! LOL !!

    Ok it's time to start swimming again cause my skin allergy has
    gone and I am ok already.

    2 weeks later you all will see a new mini me !!! LOL!!
  • Durian and the durian cake ( which looked exactly like dynamite via X-ray at air port.) Do not bring these durian cake to US Air Port or you will get youself into some trouble !!
    Some extra nice durian from Kelantan.
    Black soya sauce pork. Hmmmmm OMG!!
    Nothing left !! Nothing left !!!
    Happy ending for the crabs and us. We got our stomach filled and the crabs got new life cycle. Nam Mo O Mi To Fot !!!!
    Want to see some muscle? Some biceps and triceps? Hmmm? hmmmmm?
    what are you looking at? Haven't seen any crab before? I mean dead crab??
    Salt baked crabs.
    Ginger + homemade rice wine + fish head. Wonderful soup or gravy.
    Yau Mak vegetable.
    Then the famous taufu. Taste ok but the chili was not too good.
    First the serve the Chili with small red unions.
    Hmmmmm....looks tasty.
    Crab crab crab crab.... 2 kg of them!!
    Sweet and sour crab's best friend. Roti bakar or mantau bakar. Yummi !!
    Cut the crab !!
    Fish and friends....
    Second dish, taufu but taste so so only.
    First dish, with mantis-prawn butter cooked, sotong baby, "chuk tan", sea snail, and squid salad.
    A huge restaurant with plenty of space.
    Walking into the restaurant.
    This is the restaurant name and it's at Tanjung Harapan.
    We went to Klang for a late dinner. Sunday night and windy night too.

    Monday, August 15, 2005

    When I am nervous.

    After 28 years, 1 month, and 8 days I was born on this world.

    I have just learned 1 thing new today.

    When I am nervous or kan zhiong, I would have a lot of pee !!!

    Excuse me, I need to pee now !!

    Excuse me !!!!


    Today while in the office I was telling Mr.Chai,
    "SOAB they are going to increase toll rate again!"

    Mr.Chai:" Yeahloh, Mr. Sami Vallu said that yesterday?"

    Me:" Yeap Precisely, KNN, CBB, MCB, KGB !!"

    Me:" I want to 反清复明 liao !!!"

    Ms. Chan :" -_-" Are you nutz???"

    Me:" heheheheheh !!"

    Sunday, August 14, 2005

    Very cold water !!


    When I turn on the faucet of my bathroom just now around
    10:50 pm just.

    Cold water flowed out from there.

    Yahoo !!! Yahoo !! Yahoo !!!

    It has not happened for very-very long time already.

    Normally the water supply at our condo here is either at room
    tempereture or a little bit of warm, or become very warm during
    the dry season, for example for the past few months.

    But today, hui yuh !! Damn syok !!!

    The cold water bath reminds me of when I was a kid at the
    kampung the water there was also really-really cold !!!

    Imagine to wake up at early morning around 5:45 am or 6:00 am
    and take bath ( Sorry, we didn't have water heater then !)

    Sekali the cold water splash on the body, immediately :

  • Face become pale.
  • Lips become purple.
  • Nipples become hard, like rock !
  • KKC shrink ... shrink... and shrink like kacang tanah !!

    But of course after the bath, one would feel really-really fresh
    and smell really good too !!!

    We ain't cow or goats, we take bath before going to school
    and now bath before going to work :).

    Do you take bath before going out in the morning?

    Is the water cold? Hmmm??

    Look at pathetic KKC wah ah ha ha ha h!!!
  • F-117 cockpit at night. It shows here that this pilot has at least 140,037 km of flight experiance in this air-craft. Fuel is half full, engine is warm and RPM was at a steady 700RPM while idle. Not too bad. Parking brake was not released hence there was a ( ! ) signal there. Sophisticated eh ?? babeh ???
    Traffic light of from LDP into Sunway, turn left and you would be going into NPE cost you RM1.60 + RM 1.60.
    Jessie took this photo, my car was moving fast and her hands were most probably shaking too !! Haih !! What a blur lion head.