Sunday, April 29, 2007

The One About The Broadband in Hotel.

I am now writing these entries from Sunway Hotel Penang and darn
they have very fast broadband service ( via network cable ) in the
rooms leh !!

This is the first time that I am checking in to hotel that has free and
unlimited broadband usage, and the service is stable !! yahoo !!

Unlike some hotel back in Kuala Lumpur which charges people
Rm40 per day for internet connection !!

Wtf ? Rm 40 is 1 month service charges for some Streamyx
package already ok ?

The trend is that Broadband service is becoming a necessity in
each hotel room and I think for those hotel which has this
service, good for you !!

Again, for those who charges RM40 per day for internet, shame
on you and I look you no up !!

The One About Sunway Hotel of Penang.

Was checking in at Sunway hotel this evening when the receptionist
recognized me and told me :" I have met you before, Mr Wong !"

I was like -_-" and recalled recalled :" Oh I was here about 2 years
ago with my boss ! ( my ex boss now ) "

She:" Yeah, welcome back Mr. Wong ! "

Fat Lady:" So you bring other girls here 2 years ago ah ? "

Me:" No lah ! Where got ? I brought my boss last time !"

Fat Lady looked at me with disbelief look ....

Me:" What ? Really mia ! You can check the cctv footage and
see if I brought a girl here or my ex boss ! betul mia !! "

The receptionist laughed until 2 legs in the sky.... and Fat Lady
became a good friend of the said receptionist soon -_-"

Fat Lady:" See ? Your size and face hor, people can easily
recognize you, so don't do bad things and try to be funny behind
me cause people RECOGNIZE you ok ? "

Me -_-" ok lor.... ok lorr....

Darn !! Got to change face already lah !!

The One About 2 Eggs Make Perfect !

Today at Bidor while having lunch, I knew my hair wasn't that
tidy and neat as I was having a nap 2 hours ago.

After the nap I just apply some water and comb comb the hair.

So at Bidor I asked Fat Lady:" Hei, how does my hair look like?"

Fat Lady looked looked and :" Not too bad actually... "

Me:" Seriously ! Tell me how ? " I didn't have mirror then..

Fat Lady:" Would be perfect if you could put 2 eggs there on
your head. "

Me :" Har ? Put 2 eggs ? Why should I put 2 eggs there ? "

Fat Lady:" If you put 2 eggs on your head, your hair would
look EXACTLY like a bird nest liao ! You know ? Like the
National Geographic one ? "

Me -_-"

Put 2 eggs on my head ?

Oh ! Knnbbqbirdnest ! she perli me !! she perli me !! and I
only realized that 5 seconds later !!

Fat Lady laughed until tears came out in her eyes after
seeing me clueless and innocent for the 5 seconds !!

Darn ! This time kena from her pula !! Cisss !!


Friday, April 27, 2007

The One About 1GB and 980MB.

A few days ago I checked checked my Yahoo mail and it stated that
my 1GB email storage is 98% full -_-"

1,000MB of storage would also experiencing running out of space.

Why ? Cause many people sent me a lot of videos files, photos and
things like that.

Darn, how do I delete at least 800MB of video files and photos from
my Yahoo Mail quickly and painlessly ? Help help !!

The One About Breakfast and Lunch.

How come when one has heavy breakfast in the morning like
9:00 am and he/she wouldn't feel sleepy.

But when he/she takes heavy lunch, after that he/she would
feel really sleepy and can't work or drive ??

Perhaps in the morning our stomach is really empty and the
engine ( our body ) is just warming up and able to burn thing
fast enough ?

Or how ah ?? Blur leh !!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The One About John's N80

John sent me this photo this morning and this is taken
from his balcony using his Nokia N80.

Raining the whole night made the sky around KL and
PJ very clear, hence John captured and emailed me this

Darn, it's good to wake up and see a scene like this
everyday, yeah ?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The One About Train Tracks

A few weeks ago we went to Kulim, Kedah to attend some
wedding dinner. From Plus highway we exited at Juru toll
and from there heading towards Bukit Mertajam and then
towards Kulim.

And after a some distance suddenly the traffic became
stand still. I noticed that about 40 meter ahead there were
some guys closing up a wooden gate painted in red and
white color, I mumbled, " Darn evening train ! "

Fat Lady:" What train ? We are on the road nah ! "

Me:" See the gates there? They are stopping the
traffic to let the train to pass. "

Fat Lady:" Uh Where ? Where ? Let me see let me see!"

Me -_-" :" You all KL town people has never seen a train
crossing the road meh ? "

Fat Lady:" In KL, the roads are built high above the tracks
so that none of the cars and train would have to give ways!"

Me:" Oh then you all KL people miss so much of fun !! "

Fat Lady:" Like what kind of fun ?"

Me:" For waiving at the trains, looking at the passenger of
the trains etc ! KL has less human interaction like this !
normally small town and kampung has more interaction."

Fat Lady :" You mean human and train interaction and car
and train interaction, or what .... ?"

I strangled myself with my SE hand-sfree cable.....

The One About Sit Up Exercise.

Sit Up exercise is an exercise where you lies flat on the floor,
knees bent about 90 degrees and sit up from lying and
repeating that process.

During our secondary school time we had this fitness test
and I WAS able to perform like 40 or 45 time of sit up
within 30 seconds and about the same speed of push up

I was fit THEN, you know 1995 ? When Windows 95 first
came out ?

12 years later, this morning I tried to perform sit up again
and I did one shot 15 times, didn't see time record and felt
ok, and push up 20 times.

And right now, when I cough or laugh too hard in the office
the abdomen muscle feels a little bit of pain -_-"

knnbbq ! Tomorrow I will do 20 time, then 25 , then 50
and then, die on the floor next week.

Darn ! I was really fit back then eh ? 12 years ago.

But I look at the stomach this morning, totally diffrent
from 12 years ago.

Ok I am going to constantly performing more of these
sit up, push up and some rope skipping too !!

1995 , here I come !!

Oh Oh !! And you know what ? I have a friend, actually
my best friend LP Tan !! Whenever he performs Sit Up
we all will run away far far fast fast !

You know why ?

Cause his hmm, this muscles around his anal is less
controllable and he would accidentally fart very loud
when he tries to do difficult STUNTS like sit up or push

One time when he cough he lost control and fart at the
same time when walking with me on a quite road, with
his favorite girl with us -_-"

Darn ! It was embarrassing but yet funny !!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The One About Mangkuk, Pinggan and Bangao!

My previous post about Mangkuk ( bowl ) has received some
interesting feedback and comments from my friends and reader.

Hao asked :" What about toilet bowl ? (mangkuk tandas) " -_-"

Affida said she like to mumble Mangkuk hayun ( swinging bowls ) -_-"

Jason said I am the king of bowls ! -_-""

Ok, since you all like the bowl insults so much ! I will write about The
One with Bangao !!

How to use the word Bangao effectively and politely in 10 mins.

Stay tuned...

The One About After Work Rains 1/4

While waiting for Fat Lady the sky turned dark very fast
and started to rain.

I said:" Darn ! This is bad ! "

Stuck in KL traffic jam after work = bad.

Stuck in KL traffic jam after work in rain = badder.

Stuck in KL traffic jam after work in storm = baddest !!!

Stuck in KL traffic jam after work in storm and watching
the road becomes river ?

Answer = Priceless!!

Cause I can't find any word to describe the
level of badness after baddest, like worst ? lolrotf !

Darn my English is good !!

Word of the day : Banjirlinggem !!

The One About After Work Rains 2/4

You may ask:" Wow ! Which river is this ?"

Me:" My friend, this is not a river ! See the cars ?"

You may reply:" Yeah, looks like a road ! "

Me:" Yes, a road turned into river my friend ! "

You may ask:" Where is this area ? "

Me:" Some high class rich people stay mia area ! "

You become stunned with the answer, but that is the

God create earth.
God create human.
Human destroy earth.
Earth became angry.
Road becomes river.
People cars stalled in mud water.
People regret destroying earth.

The One About After Work Rains 3/4

Was going home with Fat Lady and this is the second route that
I had to use.

First one was from PWTC towards inner road to exit at Hocky
Stadium, but can't do cause there were mud water all over
before arriving Hocky Stadium of Jalan Duta -_-". Water
was over 1/2 of my wheels hence I broke back, using the
road in the photo.

Fat Lady:" Wah ! See ? This road is also almost flooded liao ! "

Me:" Let me see, 1 inch, 2 inches, 3 inches, Ok F-117 still could
get over this ! "

Fat Lady:" Wished I had a camera with me, Kuala Lumpur is
such a nice place, morning this place is a nice road, evening this
place is like Sungai Kelantan or Taman Negara lol ! "

Me:" Try the Sony Ericsson K510i mia 1.3 MP phone and see ."

Fat Lady:" Iyer ! Got new phone!! "

Me:" Just take the photo !! fast fast !! "

Fat Lady :" Errr.. don't know how to operate leh ! "

Me -_-" :" Here here, press this button ! "

Fat Lady :" Oh I see ! "

Suddenly lighting strike and Fat Lady pressed the shuttle.

The result ? My friend ? See the photo.

It's called , F-117 & mud & Jam & KL & rain & jam & lightning & SE phone.

Darn, her timing was perfect !!

The One About After Work Rains 4/4

Boy it was like good old day of Kelantan during monsoon season
at the end of the year. This is not a river my friend, this is from
Jalan Tun Ismail trunk road towards Jalan Parlimen.

And I wasn't driving a 4WD vehicle, my F-117 was protesting
when I drove over these mud water.

Where does so many mud water came from ?

Hmmm, development ?

Darn ! It is like monsoon season everyday in KL lately.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The One About The Bowl ( Mangkuk! )

When you see someone acting lun lun zhun zhun or blur blur sotong
like that, you ask her :" How are you today ? "

She:" Har? I am looking for my handphone ... hmm.. "

You could point at her and shout:" Mangkuk !! ( a bowl ) "

Mangkuk is used to hold dishes, soup, food, rice and things like
that. If you feel that a person is blur blur and a little bit of
acting stupid that particular day, point at him/her and shout
" You mangkuk !! " trust me you would feel very satisfied !!

And if you see that person is acting more stupid level and
even more blur then you could consider as mild blur.

Point at him/her and shout:" Mangkuk besi ! ( Metal bowl )"

And you feel metal bowl is not sufficient or not exactly enough
to describe and rant and show your dissatisfactions ?

Point at him/ her and shout:" You mangkuk besi bertimbun!!
( one whole stack of metal bowl ! ) "

I think you would and should be feeling very much better now
after shouting those Mangkuk, Mangkuk besi and Mangkuk besi
bertimbun !! lolrotf !!

I think Malay language is a very fine and polite language cause
you don't see much of sexual insult or insults that are serious
enough to cause people feeling.

Mangkuk more like teasing then scolding and insulting.

Oh oh !! You want to know the ultimate level of Mangkuk ?

I just thought one !! I just thought one !!

You could point at the guy/ girl and shout :" You mangkuk besi
bertimbun yang sudah karat !! ( stacked metal bowl with rust !)"

That is the mother of all bowls insult that I could think of.

So let's revise a little bit.

  • Mangkuk = bowl ( level one blur )
  • Mangkuk besi = metal bowl ( level five blur )
  • Mangkuk besi bertimbun = stacked metal bowls ( level ten blur )
  • Mangkuk besi bertimbun berkarat = rusted stack of metal bowls
    means that you are totally hopeless.

    So, if you really spent 5 minutes reading and finish this entry until
    this line, I am sorry to tell you but you are really Super Mangkuk
    Besi Bertimbun berkarat!! run away fast fast !!!
  • Tuesday, April 17, 2007

    The One About Bye Bye Old Klang Road.

    From yesterday onwards I am no more based in Old Klang Road.

    The new location would be Damansara area where the car park
    is super expensive, the peoples speaks ( or pretend ) to speak
    English and, I will update again from Damansara soon.

    Now, next would be a battle with time and little resources !!

    You all take care, and I see you guys really soon !!.

    Dear Old Klang Road, see you around and you be good ! Don't
    always jam for no reason and don't get flooded for no reason
    too, darn the mixed economy rice here is cheap ! lol !! * run !!

    Monday, April 16, 2007

    The One About PC Fair At KLCC's Fun Facts.

    And I found out that.
  • After 2 days standing ( on and off sitting for quick rest ), the feeling of
    tiredness of legs and other parts of body has gone ! all gone. But the back
    and waist still felt the pressure. My boss said that perhaps this is due to
    lack of exercise, I think so.
  • Female toilet is always full house and users are required to wait longer,
    cause male operation is much more faster, average 20 seconds. From upzip
    to operation and to zip up again. Hence in future all the public places,
    the numbers of female rest room should be
    at ratio of 7:3 or 8:2 to male rest room, I think you all would second that, right?
  • After full 3 days of working at PC Fair, you have a slight high chance
    to dream about the PC Fair too in the dream, happened to me!
  • Normally during the last 30 minutes, most of the exhibitor would
    be at "Hantu Masuk Badan" mode and start to make crazy animal and
    funny noise. This is to release the tension and to push for more sales
    especially last minutes sales.
  • A lot of people were very unhappy with the direction of traveling
    meaning that visitors has to follow the flow of traffic to go up all the
    way to level 3 ( or is it level 4 ) and then come down to hall 1, 2, 3,
    4 and 5. People wished to have their own way of traveling and wished
    to walk as they like, and not like the sheep in the farm that has to be
    guided using fence and security guard. I saw one Mat Salleh walking
    through the No Entry sign and shouted:" I am not going to let you
    make me walk the bloodly route! " lol !! The poor guard can't do
    anything lolol !! Me ? I had exhibitors pass and can travel anyway
    i like lololo !!
  • A lot of other experience that require you to be actually there to
    enjoy or to suffer, really.
  • Sunday, April 15, 2007

    The One About Fun Facts of KLCC PC Fair

    I think there are a few things in the PC Fair worth highlighting for
    those who came, coming and plan to come to PC Fair and hope these
    are useful for you.

  • Cheapest way to come to KLCC would be via LRT or local bus.
  • Car park starts from RM3.00 per day to over RM 25.00 per day.
  • If you park next to Restaurant Pelita, opposite of Chorus Hotel of
    Jalan Ampang, the board there says RM3.00 per day, small lane, limited
    parking space.
  • If you park at the car park next to the Aquaria, RM6.00 per day.
    Huge car park but finishing very fast.
  • If you park at KLCC towers or KLCC ( Convention Centre ) from
    10 am to 10 pm, about 12 hours, you have to prepare a lot of money,
    say around RM25 to RM30, I parked for 4.5 hours and the bill came
    RM10.00 two days ago. -_-"
  • Or ask your boyfriend or girlfriend, papa or mama or Ah Tok or
    Nenek to drop you at KLCC, also one of the cheapest way too -_-".
  • Food are not allowed to be brought into Convention Center, but
    they didn't do full body search and body check, perhaps you could
    hide 10 pcs of Famous Fried Chicken and 20 Mc Burgers on you
    and in the bags, and smuggle in, no death penalty , don't worry.
  • For exibitors or participants of PC Fair, try to reach the hall at
    10:30 am, too early, you have to wait for doors to open at outside
    of the hall, exposed to the sun, wind and smokes ( darn smokers!)
    If you come too late, no more car park for you and your boss would
    not be happy about that.
  • For visitors of fair, try to come after 11:00 am so that people
    has time to settle things first to serve you.
  • To be continued...
  • Friday, April 13, 2007

    The One About Broadband Speed.

    Now, see the speed that I had when I was downloading stuff ?

    Inilah baru broadband speed, bukan sekadar " Best effort !" lol!

    Experienced this download speed at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
    this evening during PC Fair, scared me to death.

    Its like a kampung guy who all the while riding cow car suddenly being
    transported by a Ferrari Enzo and travelled at 350kmph -_-"

    That kind of feeling you know ? "Best effort ? " lolrotf !!

    Thursday, April 12, 2007

    The One About Spirulina

    I think most of us has heard Spirulina before, and in case you haven't
    it is actually a type of Blue-green Algae often fed to both
    saltwater and freshwater fish. Contains pigments that enhance
    blues and greens in fish.

    And guess what? For the past few years human has started to realize
    that Spirulina might be good for health cause it might contains special
    nutritions that we don't usually get.

    The first time I try out Spirulina I found it tasted like, hmm, you know
    fish food ? The little powder or flakes or small particle that we feed
    our Gold Fish or whatsoever aquarium fish when we were a kid.

    When I was testing out the Spirulina:" What ? Is this fish food ? "

    Fat Lady lolrotf !!

    And recently I went to a hypermarket and they have this Spirulina
    instant cereal 3 in 1 or 4 in 1, and I bought a pack.

    Result ? Fish food !! lolrotf !!

    What would the roll out next ? Spirulina Coke and Spirulina Satay?

    omg! fish food fish food !!

    The One About Early Morning Operation.

    My current company starts work at 8:30 am and we normally arrive
    in the office before 8:15 am.

    I would normally settle down, have a cup of drinks, read some online
    news, check email and do some paper works from 8:30 am till 9:30

    However, Mr. C from the office normally calls his customer from office
    from as early as 8:30 am -_-"

    His normal first line:" Good morning, sir/madam, you wake up already ah ?"

    His second line:" Remember me ah ? I am Mr. C from bla bla company!"

    Third line:" No lah, actually I am planning to visit you next week, bla
    bla bla bla... !"

    And whenever he dials the office phone he uses the Speaker phone to
    the max, the dialing tone and everything would be shared by whole
    office lolrotf !!!

    Oh sometimes that is darn annoying !!

    Now I finally understand why when Connie told me that Mr. C would
    not be able to make it to other corporate world !! Noted Connie !!

    I don't call people before 10 am, unless I have to.
    I don't call people after 10 pm, unless I have to.
    I don't use the speaker phone and let whole office enjoy the Tut Tut sound!
    I don't call customer and ask them if they are awake already.
    I don't even talk to my boss before 9:30 am or 10:00 am so that he
    could settle down in his office early in the morning.

    Like that also you don't know ah ? T loh !!

    Wednesday, April 11, 2007

    The One About Issey Miyake & me.

    I am using Issey Miyake L'eau D'Issey Femme today, which
    I sometimes did, on and off.

    You would probably say," omg, you are so gay ! "

    My reply," Never mind, I like the smell ! "

    You would probably ask again," But it's for female ! "

    My reply, " Yes, for female to put it on so that the everyone
    including guys could enjoy the nice smell, right ? So i am
    just using a short cut, here, instead of troubling some
    females to put it on, i terus put it on me, easier for everyone."

    You felt that I am great," But you smell good that's for sure !"

    My reply," Thank you, I also feel so ! Now tell me, do
    you still think that I am gay ?? hmmm ? "

    You would say," No lah, you are special, you are so
    man and muscular and yet you smell so good !"

    My reply," Thank you very much! "

    So there you go, it's not about how people look at
    you or feel about you sometimes, if you like something
    please work it out and please yourself.

    I am pleasing myself at least for 1/2 day cause the
    perfume is long lasting type, and i like it very very
    much !! going to bath in it one day when i am rich!

    The One About Waking Up At 6:30 am.

    Today I had enough of sleep early in the morning, like 5:30 am my
    eyes are already wide opened.

    Wanted to go out and wash the F-117 cause it became very dusty
    and the radar evading capability has since then dropped very
    much, but I looked looked outside, still very dark.

    I takut ada hantu, you know ? dark dark like that.

    So I went back to sleep until 6:30 am, still very dark out there.

    But I can't sleep anymore !! Too much of sleep would kill a
    great man ( *cough ) like me !!

    So by 6:30 am I woke up and cleaned up the room a little bit
    and did the laundry, and proceeded to wash the car
    F-117 Stealth Fighter aka Delinda Deline.

    Process was to mop off the dust and dirt as the whole body
    was wet, and then sprayed with water, and mopped it clean !!

    F-117 shining in early morning , priceless !!

    And I saw some stray dog chasing a poor motorbike nearby, and
    the motorbike driver became panic and fall off his bike -_-"

    As the driver was standing up he became damn angry.
    And now we see people chasing stray dog pula !! -_-"

    Darn, Kayu Ara is an interesting place to stay, dog chase
    people, people afraid, people ran, people fall, people stand up,
    people angry, people chase dog, dog afraid, dog ran, lolrotf !

    -_-" what is going here ?

    anyway, i am feeling fresh now as the result of a bit working
    out in the morning, F-117 clean like new and I smell sweet
    right now because of this Issey Miyake perfume that I
    use. Yeah I am so gay today !

    Tuesday, April 10, 2007

    The One About The Wish.

    Quote of the day, " My Wish Is Your Command !! "

    The One About LCLY with Telemarketer from bank.

    A few minutes ago some bank telemarketer called me and
    introduce herself as bla bla bla.... and I asked :" How may I
    help you ? "

    She:" I am from bla bla bank, and may I know do besides the
    credit card from bla bla bank, do you have any credit cards ?"

    Me:" Hmmm. yeah I do have a few other banks mia actually,
    why ? "

    She:" Actually the bla bla bank now have special balance transfer
    interest rate of don't know how many percent, very low, very
    cheap, very dai bla bla bla...."

    Me:" Oh ! I see, errm, unfortunately, I don't have out standing
    balance with other cards, how ? "

    She -_-" :" Oh like that ah ? ... "

    Me:" Thanks for calling, you have a nice day! "

    She:" errr.. ok thank you bye !"

    Have I been unpolite ? Noway !!

    The One About The Ferrari Lap Top User.

    A few days ago one of my staff brought his new Ferrari Lap Top
    to office and can't help showing off the lap top.

    It was indeed a nice looking Lap Top with Ferrari Red and shell
    logo and Ferrari logo and everything.

    The user of the Lap top, let me call him Mr. C, actually felt really
    proud about it and kept on saying:" Aiyah, I don't have enough
    of money to buy a real Ferrari mah, so I bought this lap top loh!"

    Mr. C:" Ferrari Lap Top, better then no Ferrari at all loh ! "

    The rest of us was like -_-" oh ok.

    This morning Mr. C was mumbling himself, " how to...... ."

    Miss Connie:" I beg your pardon ? "

    Mr. C:" I was asking, how to underline this word document?"

    Miss Connie became speechless for a second there and I
    almost choked on my chewing gum in my mouth.

    Miss Connie:" Mr. C let me help you with this. "

    Mr. C still mumbling mumbling but we can't hear what was him
    talking about, perhaps he was wondering that why such a
    nice and expensive Ferrari Lap Top doesn't come with built
    in ruler hor ?

    How can ? Without ruler, how to underline ?

    lolrotf !!

    So there you go Ferrari Lap Top manufacturer, next time
    remember to include a ruler, be it wood type, metal type,
    plastic type or any ruler will do, else my dear Mr. C would
    have to mumble again in the office lolrotf !!

    Quote of the day:" how to underline this word document?"

    OMG !

    The One About If Yawning Is Contagious.

    There was an episode of Mythbusters about the myths of
    yawning, whether if yawning is contagious.

    I watched that episode for 10 minutes and I was like yawning
    non stop or yawning every minute or two -_-"

    I ended up giving up watching the episode cause I yawned too
    much when watching that episode and I felt like sleeping.

    -_-" That episode proven to me, that not only yawning is
    extremely contagious but it triggers the urge to sleep for
    me lolrotf !!

    Until today as I blog this topic I can't stop yawning thinking
    of how Adam and Jamie and everyone yawning and spreading
    the yawn seed all over lololol ...... yawn !!!

    Yawning indeed is very contagious let me tell you, based on my
    30 years experience !! yawn yawn yawn !! help !!

    Monday, April 09, 2007

    The One About Rain Summoner.

    Yesterday I woke up at 8:30 am and washed my car plus polish
    until 10 am plus. That was like almost 2 hours of hard work and

    I was wearing my singlet when I was washing and polishing the
    car as I knew I would sweat like hell and it's better to let my
    fat meat breath, else they would die suffocating in this kind of
    super hot weather.

    At the end of the day after everything when I took of my singlet
    there was this sun burnt or tan mark on my back.

    Fat Lady pointed at my back and laughed like hell.

    Me:" Oi ! What so funny ? "

    Fat Lady:" Looked like bra tan sign ! "

    Me:" Where where ?? "

    Fat Lady:" Your back !!"

    Me looked looked at the back via mirror ...

    mein Gott im Himmel!!

    via mirror , indeed like Bikini shape alamak !!

    Me:" Cheh ! You don't know one lah ! "

    Fat Lady:" What ? "

    Me:" This is the gun holster mark lah, me ex SWAT and
    ex CIA and ex KNNBBQ you forgot already meh ? "

    Fat Lady: " Chee Sin !!! " and thrown a pillow at me !

    Me lolrotf !!

    Oh by the way, remember about the Curse ? That everytime
    that I wash my car it rains ?

    It's still effective as new !

    I washed the car yesterday morning and till now it has rained
    3 times, and now whole KL thunder storm -_-"

    What have I done to get this curse ?

    But on the positive side, my friend said if Malaysia is ever
    having problems with hot weather or lack of rain or shit
    like that, I could just wash my car and problems solved !

    Yeahloh hor ! Ain't it great to have the capability to summon for
    rain and storm ?

    From today onwards, my name would be Philips_the_Storm_

    Muah ha ha ha ha ha !! Such a cool name !! cool name !!

    Thanks Affida for your suggestion buah ha ha ha ha ha !

    Summoner Wong ? A bit Ah Kua though if in short form.

    The One About Printer Head Cleaning Phobia.

    Printer Head Cleaning Phobia is a type of sickness when one
    suffers a long term continuesly process of repeating cleaning
    the printer head for a very extremely overly long long time.

    I think I am suffering that day, wuekkk ! Mine plus vomiting
    one ! vomit ink !! a lot of ink !!

    The One About Doctor Wee.

    Doctor Wee last night was so cool !!

    We were doing Yum Seng round at the table when Dr. Wee
    approached us.

    Ah Q:" Oh ! Doctor coming already ! Doctor coming already,
    he sure will not allow us to drink one ! "

    Dr Wee kept quiet and fill everyone glass with wine until
    full full and whispered, " yum seng ! " and gulp gulp gulp
    and finish 1 full glass of wine !

    We were totally -_-", 2 seconds later,

    we all gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp !!!!!

    lolrtof ! Now this is what we call Doctor Wee !!!

    Cheers !!! To my Chung Hwa friends !!

    The One With The Staff At EPF Jalan Gasing.

    Had some business related to EPF ( Employee Provident Fund ) and
    went there last week.

    Was there on Friday at about 4:30 pm and the counter said that the
    office would be ending it's operation at 4:45 pm.

    Got a number and by the time it reaches my turn it was over 4:45pm
    and I asked the person who attended me:" Hi, sorry for the time yeah!"

    Him," It's ok ! It's only 4:45pm, still have time, don't worry !"

    He and the rest of the EPF office were really helpful and the deal
    was fully corporate feel and me as a customer felt really welcome
    and has one word in mind, " This is good change ! "

    By the end of the process we found that 1 document was missing
    and him," Don't worry, you come on Monday morning and just
    pass me the document, I will help you to proceed then ! "

    Me," What time you would be in ? "

    Him," Normally 7:30 am, but this monday perhaps 6am onwards!"

    Me," Har ? So early ? "

    Him," Yeah I am going back to Kuantan this weekend, and Monday
    morning I come straight from bus station to work, early one !"

    Me," Ok I see you on Monday at around 7:30 am or so ! Thanks!"

    Him," See you then bye ! "

    So this morning I arrived at the EPF office again at around 8 am.

    The guard told me the office only opens at 8;15 am onwards.

    I told him that I am having an early appointment with the said
    officer and the officer is expecting me.

    So the guard opened the side door and let me in and escorted me

    I submitted the document to the said officer ( nice guy ) and done!

    In and out within 10 minutes, so parking was free yahoo lolrotf !!

    There you go, this is what we all hope to see, some good experience
    with government staff ! I had one !

    Fat Lady had one too !

    Thanks and kudos to EPF ! Keep up the good work there!

    The One About CISS ( Continues Ink Supply System )

    Today is a Monday and I am installing 3 CISS system to 3

    Meaning that I would be :
  • Get my fingers full with inks ( black, cyan, blue & margenta )
  • Perform a lot of print head cleaning.
  • Test print after print head cleaning.
  • Head cleaning again of test print result no good.
  • Test print again after head cleaning.
  • Repeat step 1-5 for about 1 hour for each printers because
    these printers head are so dirty and if you throw these printer
    to rubbish dump, the mouse and roaches would migrate to a
    cleaner place !! Aku sumpah !!

    So I told myself, " Hei ! Have fun, you always want to be
    environmental friendly, the CISS is the answer !! "

    I replied myself," But it is not fingers friendly ! Dude!"

    I then became speechless, folks this is Monday ok?
  • Saturday, April 07, 2007

    The One About Confidence

    I think if one has a positive confidence (not excessive) towards
    him/herself, he/she is already on the way to success.

    Don't under estimate one's capability.

    And confidence always comes when one is equipped with experience,
    knowledge, and a good positive attitude.

    It's ok to praise ourself once in a while like pointing at our noses and
    shout " Damn ! I am good ! " or " Who is your daddy ? Who Who !!"
    but have to run away quickly then lol !

    What the hell is this post about ? I don't know but I am feeling some
    positive Chi in my body now.

    Must be the durian that I ate a few days ago !! * Lari !!!

    The One About Very Dark ( Tinted Glass )

    Why are there so many cars ( normally Ah Beng's ) with dark
    tinted glass, so dark they they looked like Super VIP cars ?

    I know I would not do that cause in night time, if your glass
    is too dark, you would have difficulty parking at places with
    dim lights, try it and you would know ?

    How do I know ? Cause some of my customer came and asked
    if I could help them to install CCTV with infrared capability at
    their cars so that they could park easily at night.
    I asked them, " Why ? You think you are James Bond ah?"

    Answer:" My Myvi Tinted glass too dark, kennot see at night !
    The other day my tayar masuk longkang at SS2 when i park! "

    lolrotf ! Itulah akibatnya !!

    When government say don't put too dark tinted glass you
    listen and follow ok ? It's for your own good !

    The One About Very Very Hot

    knnbbqwtf !!

    This morning I woke up whole shirt wet ! Of course not wet
    dream yeah you sicko ! Cause old man doesn't get wet dream
    no more and I am not a hum sup old man ok ?

    Looked at the sky, eh ? It wasn't look like going to rain, but
    why so blardy warm and hot leh ?

    Went out and look at my parked F-117, completely no moisture
    meaning that the temperature over night was overall very

    If it was cold there would be condensed water on F-117 body
    and this morning it was completely dry -_-"

    I quickly ran to bathroom and enjoyed the shower for long
    long before I die of hyper heat or something like that.

    hot !!

    I am now cursing those who cut down and chopped down
    the trees around the world, including Malaysia !!

    Those who caused, cause and still causing the tress and forest
    to disappear, I hate you and I am going to kill your cats
    and dogs one day, maybe your termites and roaches at
    your home too ! You jaga !!

    Friday, April 06, 2007

    The One About The Chickens.

    Today my uncle forwarded an email to me
    telling me some chicken story....

    A bear, a lion and a chicken meet up.

    Bear says:
    "When I roar in the forests of North
    America, the entire forest shivers
    with fear."

    Lion says:
    "And if I roar on the great plains of
    Africa, the entire Savannah is
    afraid of me."......

    Says the chicken:
    "Big deal. I only have to sneeze, and
    the entire planet panics."

    Bear and Lion -_-"

    The One About I Feel Good Feeling.

    There is this printer in the office which the print heads are clogged
    and ink can't come out. Got some CISS ( Continues Ink Supply
    System ) attached to it and started doing cleaning job.

    This morning I spent about 1.5 hours doing Nozzle Head clean and
    now it is almost back to all ok situation already.

    The feeling of completing a task like this is " Darn ! I feel good now!"
    and the blues and grey and everything are thrown and left behind.

    I was thinking that if I didn't insist and put effort to clean the printer
    most probably the office would have to throw away the printer and
    waste money to purchase a new one then.

    Like what I always told people, if one is persistent and hard working
    and put effort on work, most of the things would be solved sooner
    or later.

    That is so true !!

    And it's always good to prove that it is true, really.

    Adam said:" I reject your reality and substitute my own!! "


    Wednesday, April 04, 2007

    The one about Adam and Jamie

    Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, do you know who are
    these 2 guys ?

    These 2 guys and their colleagues
    Kari Byron, Grant Imahara,
    Tory Belleci, Scottie Chapman the MythBuilder and so had
    provided so much of fun and information to me via Discovery
    Channel mia Mythbusters !!

    If you have not really watch it, may I suggest you to watch
    them and watch them without the advertisement !! lol !!

    So informative and so much of fun and humors !! It's like
    watching some sitcom sometimes but only with education
    and facts and sciences and physics and everything blended

    I really enjoy to see all of them doing crazy yet brave experiments
    and learn from their ideas.

    This one is for you all, Myth busters !!

    The One About Leaving With Style.

    Darn ! How to do that ?

    In a very difficult situation now !

    Left also meat, right also meat -_-"

    Sunday, April 01, 2007

    The One About Weekends.

    A question here and I really need some good answer.

    Why is that weekend come so slow, but when it comes
    it just snapped and gone in 7 seconds?

    Great, now I have to wait for another 6 more days
    then it's only weekend again.

    Why ?

    Why not 5 days weekend and 2 days weekdays?

    That would be great, yeah ?

    The One About The SS2 Durian

    A few days ago I was passing through SS2 near the Ah Wai's
    durian stall.

    And I saw no more Ah Wai nor durian stalls nor durians -_-"

    What happened ? Did he moved to other place ? Or has he
    become the saint or God of durian already ?

    No more sign of him ?

    By the way, my good Uncle Addy today bought 10 over
    durian, sweet and tender type and we were having durian
    fest at his house.

    Burp !! Sorry... my sister ran away like hell.

    Oh ! The burp didn't smell good, really, like cooking gas
    and some , errm, you know, overnight durian lolrotf !