Friday, April 06, 2007

The One About I Feel Good Feeling.

There is this printer in the office which the print heads are clogged
and ink can't come out. Got some CISS ( Continues Ink Supply
System ) attached to it and started doing cleaning job.

This morning I spent about 1.5 hours doing Nozzle Head clean and
now it is almost back to all ok situation already.

The feeling of completing a task like this is " Darn ! I feel good now!"
and the blues and grey and everything are thrown and left behind.

I was thinking that if I didn't insist and put effort to clean the printer
most probably the office would have to throw away the printer and
waste money to purchase a new one then.

Like what I always told people, if one is persistent and hard working
and put effort on work, most of the things would be solved sooner
or later.

That is so true !!

And it's always good to prove that it is true, really.

Adam said:" I reject your reality and substitute my own!! "


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