Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The One About Train Tracks

A few weeks ago we went to Kulim, Kedah to attend some
wedding dinner. From Plus highway we exited at Juru toll
and from there heading towards Bukit Mertajam and then
towards Kulim.

And after a some distance suddenly the traffic became
stand still. I noticed that about 40 meter ahead there were
some guys closing up a wooden gate painted in red and
white color, I mumbled, " Darn evening train ! "

Fat Lady:" What train ? We are on the road nah ! "

Me:" See the gates there? They are stopping the
traffic to let the train to pass. "

Fat Lady:" Uh Where ? Where ? Let me see let me see!"

Me -_-" :" You all KL town people has never seen a train
crossing the road meh ? "

Fat Lady:" In KL, the roads are built high above the tracks
so that none of the cars and train would have to give ways!"

Me:" Oh then you all KL people miss so much of fun !! "

Fat Lady:" Like what kind of fun ?"

Me:" For waiving at the trains, looking at the passenger of
the trains etc ! KL has less human interaction like this !
normally small town and kampung has more interaction."

Fat Lady :" You mean human and train interaction and car
and train interaction, or what .... ?"

I strangled myself with my SE hand-sfree cable.....


hao said...

You should strangle her instead of yourself... hahaha

Jason said...

Bring Fat Lady to Tampin. I bring her go cross railway, see railway track and etc.

Philips at work. said...

Hao, i sayang Fat Lady pretty much one ok ? Although she is blur sotong most of the time *lari !!

Jason, coming coming !!