Sunday, April 29, 2007

The One About The Broadband in Hotel.

I am now writing these entries from Sunway Hotel Penang and darn
they have very fast broadband service ( via network cable ) in the
rooms leh !!

This is the first time that I am checking in to hotel that has free and
unlimited broadband usage, and the service is stable !! yahoo !!

Unlike some hotel back in Kuala Lumpur which charges people
Rm40 per day for internet connection !!

Wtf ? Rm 40 is 1 month service charges for some Streamyx
package already ok ?

The trend is that Broadband service is becoming a necessity in
each hotel room and I think for those hotel which has this
service, good for you !!

Again, for those who charges RM40 per day for internet, shame
on you and I look you no up !!

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