Monday, April 09, 2007

The One About CISS ( Continues Ink Supply System )

Today is a Monday and I am installing 3 CISS system to 3

Meaning that I would be :
  • Get my fingers full with inks ( black, cyan, blue & margenta )
  • Perform a lot of print head cleaning.
  • Test print after print head cleaning.
  • Head cleaning again of test print result no good.
  • Test print again after head cleaning.
  • Repeat step 1-5 for about 1 hour for each printers because
    these printers head are so dirty and if you throw these printer
    to rubbish dump, the mouse and roaches would migrate to a
    cleaner place !! Aku sumpah !!

    So I told myself, " Hei ! Have fun, you always want to be
    environmental friendly, the CISS is the answer !! "

    I replied myself," But it is not fingers friendly ! Dude!"

    I then became speechless, folks this is Monday ok?
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