Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The One About Sit Up Exercise.

Sit Up exercise is an exercise where you lies flat on the floor,
knees bent about 90 degrees and sit up from lying and
repeating that process.

During our secondary school time we had this fitness test
and I WAS able to perform like 40 or 45 time of sit up
within 30 seconds and about the same speed of push up

I was fit THEN, you know 1995 ? When Windows 95 first
came out ?

12 years later, this morning I tried to perform sit up again
and I did one shot 15 times, didn't see time record and felt
ok, and push up 20 times.

And right now, when I cough or laugh too hard in the office
the abdomen muscle feels a little bit of pain -_-"

knnbbq ! Tomorrow I will do 20 time, then 25 , then 50
and then, die on the floor next week.

Darn ! I was really fit back then eh ? 12 years ago.

But I look at the stomach this morning, totally diffrent
from 12 years ago.

Ok I am going to constantly performing more of these
sit up, push up and some rope skipping too !!

1995 , here I come !!

Oh Oh !! And you know what ? I have a friend, actually
my best friend LP Tan !! Whenever he performs Sit Up
we all will run away far far fast fast !

You know why ?

Cause his hmm, this muscles around his anal is less
controllable and he would accidentally fart very loud
when he tries to do difficult STUNTS like sit up or push

One time when he cough he lost control and fart at the
same time when walking with me on a quite road, with
his favorite girl with us -_-"

Darn ! It was embarrassing but yet funny !!

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Jason said...

You? Back to the future ah? Dream on lah! Hahahahha!!