Thursday, April 12, 2007

The One About Early Morning Operation.

My current company starts work at 8:30 am and we normally arrive
in the office before 8:15 am.

I would normally settle down, have a cup of drinks, read some online
news, check email and do some paper works from 8:30 am till 9:30

However, Mr. C from the office normally calls his customer from office
from as early as 8:30 am -_-"

His normal first line:" Good morning, sir/madam, you wake up already ah ?"

His second line:" Remember me ah ? I am Mr. C from bla bla company!"

Third line:" No lah, actually I am planning to visit you next week, bla
bla bla bla... !"

And whenever he dials the office phone he uses the Speaker phone to
the max, the dialing tone and everything would be shared by whole
office lolrotf !!!

Oh sometimes that is darn annoying !!

Now I finally understand why when Connie told me that Mr. C would
not be able to make it to other corporate world !! Noted Connie !!

I don't call people before 10 am, unless I have to.
I don't call people after 10 pm, unless I have to.
I don't use the speaker phone and let whole office enjoy the Tut Tut sound!
I don't call customer and ask them if they are awake already.
I don't even talk to my boss before 9:30 am or 10:00 am so that he
could settle down in his office early in the morning.

Like that also you don't know ah ? T loh !!

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