Sunday, April 01, 2007

The One About The SS2 Durian

A few days ago I was passing through SS2 near the Ah Wai's
durian stall.

And I saw no more Ah Wai nor durian stalls nor durians -_-"

What happened ? Did he moved to other place ? Or has he
become the saint or God of durian already ?

No more sign of him ?

By the way, my good Uncle Addy today bought 10 over
durian, sweet and tender type and we were having durian
fest at his house.

Burp !! Sorry... my sister ran away like hell.

Oh ! The burp didn't smell good, really, like cooking gas
and some , errm, you know, overnight durian lolrotf !


1 comment:

affida said...

HAH... ye ker? Izzit the shop that we went together with john n moon...? Aisehman, then where to go next time?
Sob! Sob! Sob! No more burping durian together-gether la like that....