Monday, April 09, 2007

The One With The Staff At EPF Jalan Gasing.

Had some business related to EPF ( Employee Provident Fund ) and
went there last week.

Was there on Friday at about 4:30 pm and the counter said that the
office would be ending it's operation at 4:45 pm.

Got a number and by the time it reaches my turn it was over 4:45pm
and I asked the person who attended me:" Hi, sorry for the time yeah!"

Him," It's ok ! It's only 4:45pm, still have time, don't worry !"

He and the rest of the EPF office were really helpful and the deal
was fully corporate feel and me as a customer felt really welcome
and has one word in mind, " This is good change ! "

By the end of the process we found that 1 document was missing
and him," Don't worry, you come on Monday morning and just
pass me the document, I will help you to proceed then ! "

Me," What time you would be in ? "

Him," Normally 7:30 am, but this monday perhaps 6am onwards!"

Me," Har ? So early ? "

Him," Yeah I am going back to Kuantan this weekend, and Monday
morning I come straight from bus station to work, early one !"

Me," Ok I see you on Monday at around 7:30 am or so ! Thanks!"

Him," See you then bye ! "

So this morning I arrived at the EPF office again at around 8 am.

The guard told me the office only opens at 8;15 am onwards.

I told him that I am having an early appointment with the said
officer and the officer is expecting me.

So the guard opened the side door and let me in and escorted me

I submitted the document to the said officer ( nice guy ) and done!

In and out within 10 minutes, so parking was free yahoo lolrotf !!

There you go, this is what we all hope to see, some good experience
with government staff ! I had one !

Fat Lady had one too !

Thanks and kudos to EPF ! Keep up the good work there!

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