Sunday, April 15, 2007

The One About Fun Facts of KLCC PC Fair

I think there are a few things in the PC Fair worth highlighting for
those who came, coming and plan to come to PC Fair and hope these
are useful for you.

  • Cheapest way to come to KLCC would be via LRT or local bus.
  • Car park starts from RM3.00 per day to over RM 25.00 per day.
  • If you park next to Restaurant Pelita, opposite of Chorus Hotel of
    Jalan Ampang, the board there says RM3.00 per day, small lane, limited
    parking space.
  • If you park at the car park next to the Aquaria, RM6.00 per day.
    Huge car park but finishing very fast.
  • If you park at KLCC towers or KLCC ( Convention Centre ) from
    10 am to 10 pm, about 12 hours, you have to prepare a lot of money,
    say around RM25 to RM30, I parked for 4.5 hours and the bill came
    RM10.00 two days ago. -_-"
  • Or ask your boyfriend or girlfriend, papa or mama or Ah Tok or
    Nenek to drop you at KLCC, also one of the cheapest way too -_-".
  • Food are not allowed to be brought into Convention Center, but
    they didn't do full body search and body check, perhaps you could
    hide 10 pcs of Famous Fried Chicken and 20 Mc Burgers on you
    and in the bags, and smuggle in, no death penalty , don't worry.
  • For exibitors or participants of PC Fair, try to reach the hall at
    10:30 am, too early, you have to wait for doors to open at outside
    of the hall, exposed to the sun, wind and smokes ( darn smokers!)
    If you come too late, no more car park for you and your boss would
    not be happy about that.
  • For visitors of fair, try to come after 11:00 am so that people
    has time to settle things first to serve you.
  • To be continued...
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