Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The One About If Yawning Is Contagious.

There was an episode of Mythbusters about the myths of
yawning, whether if yawning is contagious.

I watched that episode for 10 minutes and I was like yawning
non stop or yawning every minute or two -_-"

I ended up giving up watching the episode cause I yawned too
much when watching that episode and I felt like sleeping.

-_-" That episode proven to me, that not only yawning is
extremely contagious but it triggers the urge to sleep for
me lolrotf !!

Until today as I blog this topic I can't stop yawning thinking
of how Adam and Jamie and everyone yawning and spreading
the yawn seed all over lololol ...... yawn !!!

Yawning indeed is very contagious let me tell you, based on my
30 years experience !! yawn yawn yawn !! help !!

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