Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The One About The Ferrari Lap Top User.

A few days ago one of my staff brought his new Ferrari Lap Top
to office and can't help showing off the lap top.

It was indeed a nice looking Lap Top with Ferrari Red and shell
logo and Ferrari logo and everything.

The user of the Lap top, let me call him Mr. C, actually felt really
proud about it and kept on saying:" Aiyah, I don't have enough
of money to buy a real Ferrari mah, so I bought this lap top loh!"

Mr. C:" Ferrari Lap Top, better then no Ferrari at all loh ! "

The rest of us was like -_-" oh ok.

This morning Mr. C was mumbling himself, " how to...... ."

Miss Connie:" I beg your pardon ? "

Mr. C:" I was asking, how to underline this word document?"

Miss Connie became speechless for a second there and I
almost choked on my chewing gum in my mouth.

Miss Connie:" Mr. C let me help you with this. "

Mr. C still mumbling mumbling but we can't hear what was him
talking about, perhaps he was wondering that why such a
nice and expensive Ferrari Lap Top doesn't come with built
in ruler hor ?

How can ? Without ruler, how to underline ?

lolrotf !!

So there you go Ferrari Lap Top manufacturer, next time
remember to include a ruler, be it wood type, metal type,
plastic type or any ruler will do, else my dear Mr. C would
have to mumble again in the office lolrotf !!

Quote of the day:" how to underline this word document?"



Melissa said...

lol. So funny! =) Your computer must be really keng lor...can underline in blog somemore!


Philips at work. said...

Melissa, abuthen ??

lolrotf !!

Thanks for visiting this blog !!