Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The One About The Bowl ( Mangkuk! )

When you see someone acting lun lun zhun zhun or blur blur sotong
like that, you ask her :" How are you today ? "

She:" Har? I am looking for my handphone ... hmm.. "

You could point at her and shout:" Mangkuk !! ( a bowl ) "

Mangkuk is used to hold dishes, soup, food, rice and things like
that. If you feel that a person is blur blur and a little bit of
acting stupid that particular day, point at him/her and shout
" You mangkuk !! " trust me you would feel very satisfied !!

And if you see that person is acting more stupid level and
even more blur then you could consider as mild blur.

Point at him/her and shout:" Mangkuk besi ! ( Metal bowl )"

And you feel metal bowl is not sufficient or not exactly enough
to describe and rant and show your dissatisfactions ?

Point at him/ her and shout:" You mangkuk besi bertimbun!!
( one whole stack of metal bowl ! ) "

I think you would and should be feeling very much better now
after shouting those Mangkuk, Mangkuk besi and Mangkuk besi
bertimbun !! lolrotf !!

I think Malay language is a very fine and polite language cause
you don't see much of sexual insult or insults that are serious
enough to cause people feeling.

Mangkuk more like teasing then scolding and insulting.

Oh oh !! You want to know the ultimate level of Mangkuk ?

I just thought one !! I just thought one !!

You could point at the guy/ girl and shout :" You mangkuk besi
bertimbun yang sudah karat !! ( stacked metal bowl with rust !)"

That is the mother of all bowls insult that I could think of.

So let's revise a little bit.

  • Mangkuk = bowl ( level one blur )
  • Mangkuk besi = metal bowl ( level five blur )
  • Mangkuk besi bertimbun = stacked metal bowls ( level ten blur )
  • Mangkuk besi bertimbun berkarat = rusted stack of metal bowls
    means that you are totally hopeless.

    So, if you really spent 5 minutes reading and finish this entry until
    this line, I am sorry to tell you but you are really Super Mangkuk
    Besi Bertimbun berkarat!! run away fast fast !!!

    affid said...

    i still perefer saying
    "u mangkuk the hayun"... (swinging bowl)

    Jason said...

    The one writing this must be mangkuk besi bertimbun berkarat dan berlubang.

    hao said...

    How bout mangkuk tandas? Hehehe