Sunday, April 29, 2007

The One About Sunway Hotel of Penang.

Was checking in at Sunway hotel this evening when the receptionist
recognized me and told me :" I have met you before, Mr Wong !"

I was like -_-" and recalled recalled :" Oh I was here about 2 years
ago with my boss ! ( my ex boss now ) "

She:" Yeah, welcome back Mr. Wong ! "

Fat Lady:" So you bring other girls here 2 years ago ah ? "

Me:" No lah ! Where got ? I brought my boss last time !"

Fat Lady looked at me with disbelief look ....

Me:" What ? Really mia ! You can check the cctv footage and
see if I brought a girl here or my ex boss ! betul mia !! "

The receptionist laughed until 2 legs in the sky.... and Fat Lady
became a good friend of the said receptionist soon -_-"

Fat Lady:" See ? Your size and face hor, people can easily
recognize you, so don't do bad things and try to be funny behind
me cause people RECOGNIZE you ok ? "

Me -_-" ok lor.... ok lorr....

Darn !! Got to change face already lah !!

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