Monday, April 16, 2007

The One About PC Fair At KLCC's Fun Facts.

And I found out that.
  • After 2 days standing ( on and off sitting for quick rest ), the feeling of
    tiredness of legs and other parts of body has gone ! all gone. But the back
    and waist still felt the pressure. My boss said that perhaps this is due to
    lack of exercise, I think so.
  • Female toilet is always full house and users are required to wait longer,
    cause male operation is much more faster, average 20 seconds. From upzip
    to operation and to zip up again. Hence in future all the public places,
    the numbers of female rest room should be
    at ratio of 7:3 or 8:2 to male rest room, I think you all would second that, right?
  • After full 3 days of working at PC Fair, you have a slight high chance
    to dream about the PC Fair too in the dream, happened to me!
  • Normally during the last 30 minutes, most of the exhibitor would
    be at "Hantu Masuk Badan" mode and start to make crazy animal and
    funny noise. This is to release the tension and to push for more sales
    especially last minutes sales.
  • A lot of people were very unhappy with the direction of traveling
    meaning that visitors has to follow the flow of traffic to go up all the
    way to level 3 ( or is it level 4 ) and then come down to hall 1, 2, 3,
    4 and 5. People wished to have their own way of traveling and wished
    to walk as they like, and not like the sheep in the farm that has to be
    guided using fence and security guard. I saw one Mat Salleh walking
    through the No Entry sign and shouted:" I am not going to let you
    make me walk the bloodly route! " lol !! The poor guard can't do
    anything lolol !! Me ? I had exhibitors pass and can travel anyway
    i like lololo !!
  • A lot of other experience that require you to be actually there to
    enjoy or to suffer, really.
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