Saturday, April 07, 2007

The One About Very Very Hot

knnbbqwtf !!

This morning I woke up whole shirt wet ! Of course not wet
dream yeah you sicko ! Cause old man doesn't get wet dream
no more and I am not a hum sup old man ok ?

Looked at the sky, eh ? It wasn't look like going to rain, but
why so blardy warm and hot leh ?

Went out and look at my parked F-117, completely no moisture
meaning that the temperature over night was overall very

If it was cold there would be condensed water on F-117 body
and this morning it was completely dry -_-"

I quickly ran to bathroom and enjoyed the shower for long
long before I die of hyper heat or something like that.

hot !!

I am now cursing those who cut down and chopped down
the trees around the world, including Malaysia !!

Those who caused, cause and still causing the tress and forest
to disappear, I hate you and I am going to kill your cats
and dogs one day, maybe your termites and roaches at
your home too ! You jaga !!

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