Saturday, April 07, 2007

The One About Very Dark ( Tinted Glass )

Why are there so many cars ( normally Ah Beng's ) with dark
tinted glass, so dark they they looked like Super VIP cars ?

I know I would not do that cause in night time, if your glass
is too dark, you would have difficulty parking at places with
dim lights, try it and you would know ?

How do I know ? Cause some of my customer came and asked
if I could help them to install CCTV with infrared capability at
their cars so that they could park easily at night.
I asked them, " Why ? You think you are James Bond ah?"

Answer:" My Myvi Tinted glass too dark, kennot see at night !
The other day my tayar masuk longkang at SS2 when i park! "

lolrotf ! Itulah akibatnya !!

When government say don't put too dark tinted glass you
listen and follow ok ? It's for your own good !

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