Monday, April 09, 2007

The One About Rain Summoner.

Yesterday I woke up at 8:30 am and washed my car plus polish
until 10 am plus. That was like almost 2 hours of hard work and

I was wearing my singlet when I was washing and polishing the
car as I knew I would sweat like hell and it's better to let my
fat meat breath, else they would die suffocating in this kind of
super hot weather.

At the end of the day after everything when I took of my singlet
there was this sun burnt or tan mark on my back.

Fat Lady pointed at my back and laughed like hell.

Me:" Oi ! What so funny ? "

Fat Lady:" Looked like bra tan sign ! "

Me:" Where where ?? "

Fat Lady:" Your back !!"

Me looked looked at the back via mirror ...

mein Gott im Himmel!!

via mirror , indeed like Bikini shape alamak !!

Me:" Cheh ! You don't know one lah ! "

Fat Lady:" What ? "

Me:" This is the gun holster mark lah, me ex SWAT and
ex CIA and ex KNNBBQ you forgot already meh ? "

Fat Lady: " Chee Sin !!! " and thrown a pillow at me !

Me lolrotf !!

Oh by the way, remember about the Curse ? That everytime
that I wash my car it rains ?

It's still effective as new !

I washed the car yesterday morning and till now it has rained
3 times, and now whole KL thunder storm -_-"

What have I done to get this curse ?

But on the positive side, my friend said if Malaysia is ever
having problems with hot weather or lack of rain or shit
like that, I could just wash my car and problems solved !

Yeahloh hor ! Ain't it great to have the capability to summon for
rain and storm ?

From today onwards, my name would be Philips_the_Storm_

Muah ha ha ha ha ha !! Such a cool name !! cool name !!

Thanks Affida for your suggestion buah ha ha ha ha ha !

Summoner Wong ? A bit Ah Kua though if in short form.

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