Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The One About Issey Miyake & me.

I am using Issey Miyake L'eau D'Issey Femme today, which
I sometimes did, on and off.

You would probably say," omg, you are so gay ! "

My reply," Never mind, I like the smell ! "

You would probably ask again," But it's for female ! "

My reply, " Yes, for female to put it on so that the everyone
including guys could enjoy the nice smell, right ? So i am
just using a short cut, here, instead of troubling some
females to put it on, i terus put it on me, easier for everyone."

You felt that I am great," But you smell good that's for sure !"

My reply," Thank you, I also feel so ! Now tell me, do
you still think that I am gay ?? hmmm ? "

You would say," No lah, you are special, you are so
man and muscular and yet you smell so good !"

My reply," Thank you very much! "

So there you go, it's not about how people look at
you or feel about you sometimes, if you like something
please work it out and please yourself.

I am pleasing myself at least for 1/2 day cause the
perfume is long lasting type, and i like it very very
much !! going to bath in it one day when i am rich!

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satélite fugado said...

:D Good for you, I'm sure you smell great!