Sunday, April 29, 2007

The One About 2 Eggs Make Perfect !

Today at Bidor while having lunch, I knew my hair wasn't that
tidy and neat as I was having a nap 2 hours ago.

After the nap I just apply some water and comb comb the hair.

So at Bidor I asked Fat Lady:" Hei, how does my hair look like?"

Fat Lady looked looked and :" Not too bad actually... "

Me:" Seriously ! Tell me how ? " I didn't have mirror then..

Fat Lady:" Would be perfect if you could put 2 eggs there on
your head. "

Me :" Har ? Put 2 eggs ? Why should I put 2 eggs there ? "

Fat Lady:" If you put 2 eggs on your head, your hair would
look EXACTLY like a bird nest liao ! You know ? Like the
National Geographic one ? "

Me -_-"

Put 2 eggs on my head ?

Oh ! Knnbbqbirdnest ! she perli me !! she perli me !! and I
only realized that 5 seconds later !!

Fat Lady laughed until tears came out in her eyes after
seeing me clueless and innocent for the 5 seconds !!

Darn ! This time kena from her pula !! Cisss !!


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