Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The One About LCLY with Telemarketer from bank.

A few minutes ago some bank telemarketer called me and
introduce herself as bla bla bla.... and I asked :" How may I
help you ? "

She:" I am from bla bla bank, and may I know do besides the
credit card from bla bla bank, do you have any credit cards ?"

Me:" Hmmm. yeah I do have a few other banks mia actually,
why ? "

She:" Actually the bla bla bank now have special balance transfer
interest rate of don't know how many percent, very low, very
cheap, very dai bla bla bla...."

Me:" Oh ! I see, errm, unfortunately, I don't have out standing
balance with other cards, how ? "

She -_-" :" Oh like that ah ? ... "

Me:" Thanks for calling, you have a nice day! "

She:" errr.. ok thank you bye !"

Have I been unpolite ? Noway !!

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