Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Philips has submitted the "Borang BE" and being cool today !!!


Today is 27th April 2005 and I've finally submitted the BE Form to
the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia and before that I felt
really really cool.

Sent my cousin to KL Sentral to take the 8:00 pm train to Wakaf
Bharu, he is going back to KB after attending an interview in KL.
Arrived at KL Sentral at about 7:15 pm and gave the poor chap some
lecture... kekekekee !!!

And sitting next to us there was an visually impaired person. Some
people call them blind people, but I would rather to use visually

The loud speaker was announcing the "Train to Pelabuhan Klang..
bla bla bla..." and I continued to lecture my cousin. Suddenly
the vi person ( visually impared person ) asked us, " Where is this
Pelabuhan Klang? " and " How far is it away from KL?"

We replied," Er... about 1 hour from KL via commuter."

He asked," Where are you all going?"

We replied," We ( my cousin ) is going back to Kelantan."

He asked," How long to Kelantan?" " 1 hour?"

We replied," About 12 hours. "

He asked," If by bus leh?"

We replied," Approximately 6 to 7 hours."

He continued to mumbled a little bit and I continued my lecture.

2 minutes later a man sitting at my back approached me and asked
if the vi person is going to Pelabuhan Klang, and asked if I did
help the vi person or not?

I replied," Err. Acutally he was not going to Pelabuhan Klang, he
was just asking us our direction and where is Klang and Kelantan."

The man then replied:" I see, I thought he came to the wrong
platform." And walked away.

Suddenly, I felt really ashamed. I felt the pattyness of myself and
I realised I really didn't do anything to help the vi person at all.

So asked the vi person again :" Hi, friend, where are you going?"
He replied happily :" I am going to Seberang Prai."
I asked again," What time is your train, and which platform?"

He replied," This platform lor, ( Platform 1) 8:45pm "

I felt a little bit better. and suddenly an idea came.

I walked down to the ground floor and purchase a Roti Kaya and
Roti Cream + a bottle of mineral water and came back to him.

I asked him," Hello, you want some bread and some water?"
I told him," I've purchased some for my cousin, some for you?"

He replied," Oh ok, don't need plastic, just the roti please?"
And," The mineral water too :) "

I was :) very very much.

I stupidly asked," You want to put these roti in your bag?"
He replied, " Hmmm... no need, got fire ants inside !"

I was -_-" , wah liew !! his bag is just like my car, got ants one!!!

He replied," What roti was that?"
I replied, " This one is kaya one, and that one is cream one !"
He looked happy, and I am also happy.

He said," In the train also got sell a lot of kuih !"
I replied," No need mah huan lor, walked in train sometime susah!"

He gave me a big smile and I felt mellow again.

I asked," So you go back to Prai or Penang?"
He said," Penang Island."
I asked," Via ferry?"
He said," Yes .."
I asked," Ferry works 24 hours ?"
He said," No, from 6 am onwards only ( till 12 am i guess.)"

And I told him, ok since my cousin has gone into the train already
i got to go ( need to submit kaotim blardy BE Form )

He said, " Ok bye!"
I replied, " Ok take care and enjoy the trip !"

Suddenly, I felt so strong and confident already cause I know I am
cool with him !! That is priceless !!! Thanks everyone !!

I was smiling all the way to the car park.

And 20 minutes later I arrived at Amelia Ong's place. She helped
me to filled up my BE Forms , had a nice dinner with her and
we both went to submit the form at Jalan Duta office.

Lesson learnt today :

1. Be nice to anyone, visually impaired or not.
2. It's never too late to do the right thing.
3. Better be sure then be sorry later.

4. When you've done something right,u'll feel cool and confident.
5. Cool and confident are priceless.
6. When you are confident, you'll feel smart and hansome too !!

7. Do not submit Borang BE during last minute.
8. It is priceless to have a female friend who knows taxation.
9. It is priceless for that friend to help you with no condition.
10.It i pricesless that she remains as your best pal forever !!!

So, no matter what happen, remember the 10 points above and
I trust I could always feel better. Especially in a season like this
when I don't have CD-R and DVD-R for sale -_-".

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Police Road Block(s)

Philips was doing "Piu yee" & " Evasive maneuvering " from Kuala Krai to Kuala Lumpur
on a beautiful Sunday morning. Reason = to get back to KL from Kelantan.

Before arriving Gua Musang there was a Police & Army road block near infront
of an Army camp. Well I was from the cadet and I respect all the officers in
the uniform very much since I am a kid, even till today.

50 meters away from the post I slowed down my "F-117 Proton Wira" speed to below 15 knots
and removed my sun glasses ( didn't want to look like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt ) and 10 meters
away from the post I winded down my windows and, I put a big smile on my face like this :)
Speed indicated = 2 knots.

At the post the officer was chatting with others and didn't even look at me and just waved his
hand and asked me to proceed and leave.


I was like :" Huh?" " What the hell has just happened?"

Fat Lady and my sister were LOL in the car. And I was very blur, why didn't the police officer
check my car or perform any strip search on me, uh la la !!! Nope ! Nothing, he just waved
and asked me to leave. Fine !! Ok since I don't looked like a terrorist at all.

I pointed at my nose while putting my sun glasses back and shouted:
" Gei Tai jiao Gei Tai, no check jiao no check lor !! "

I press on the gas and put the twin turbo 24,000 pound thrust into full power. My wira soon
was cruising at almost the speed of sound again.

25 km later wapiang another road block with some officer there. This time I also took off my
Sun Glasses and winded down my window too. There was this officer standing there and
suddenly, The officer said to me : " Anschlag! " & "Achtung!"

"Red Aliert !! Red Aliert !! " the alarm goes off and all the M-16 riffles are locked
and loaded and aimed at my car. The dogs are being released and rushed to my
car .... omg !!!

To be continued....

Dream of Kelantan

Have you ever experianced/ notice that your dream is always concentrating on certain
location and time-frame or part of your life?

Well I do , my dreams ( more then 80% ) were always focusing on below :

1. My form 4 and form 5 life. ( In Kelantan KB and Kuala Krai )
2. My cadet life, I was a commander once in both Cadet and Pengawas.
3. My bunch of form 4 and form 5 best pals.
4. Exam is tomorrow, but till today I still have no idea about what subject was that.
5. SPM is tomorrow, but till today I still have not started study.
6. First day of the school. Everything is not prepared.
7. Enrolled into STPM ( which I never did )
8. Many crazy memories in Kota Bharu town.

I always keep searching for an answer that why is that my dream was always
in these area, of course not 100% but more or less 80%.

My theory =
  • These were the best year of my life so far.
  • I missed these time.
  • These time has deep impact deep in my brain.
  • It has became ROM in my brain ( Read only Memory ).
  • It has also became non-volatile memory till I die I guess.
  • I have too many best friends those time.
  • Those were the carefree time.
  • I was really really fit, physically i mean that time.

    I think I would most probably preserve these memory and make them as
    my target and things to be thought when I am free.
  • Monday, April 25, 2005

    Kota Bharu was a cold place 15 years ago.


    15 years ago about from 1990 to 1993. I was staying at a place
    called Taman Dusun Muda, off Jalan Bayam and it was the best
    place to stay, even till today I guess.

    As the name implies, Dusun Muda was once a fruit farm with a lot
    of fruits like durian and rambutan and stuff like that. I remembered
    a lot of fruit trees back then.

    And there was a decent size field full of grass, not for football but
    there were some cows roaming freely at the field.

    One fine morning ( Friday ) about 6:45 am I was on the way out
    from my house and it was a cold morning. And on my mountain
    bike I passed the field I saw a nice big yellow cow.

    And when the cow saw me it suddenly decided to poo !!! Damn
    lucky I was able to see the feces and poo coming out fresh and
    hot from the cow's Mata Dubur.

    And as I mentioned it was a cold morning, when the cow poo landed on the grass ground it was still looked like smoking and
    fresh baked from the oven.

    How to describe it, have you tried to eat Pizza at the restaurant?
    When the pizza is served to you, you'll see the pizza still hot and
    has smoke coming out.

    Yes, that was the feeling and scene that I saw. the cow poo was
    actually so hot and warm that there are smoke to indicate the
    "freshness" and "kesegaran" yang asli !!!

    And if you don't know ( yes you all big city boys & girls ) cow's
    poo is not as stinky as the dogs and cats poo !! Want to try?

    Kekekeke... this blog is to remember my good old day at Kota Bharu
    where I spend the best years of my life.

    Oh I missed the good old Kota Bharu so much that in night I always
    had the dream of Kota Bharu 1990 to 1995 ....

    My stupiak UKM FUU sister !!!


    My sister, my precious !!! heheheheh !! Precious my head !!

    She is born in 1984 and yes 22 years old, birthday in Feb and studies in UKM Bangi in Law Faculty ( FUU= Fakulti Undang-Undang ).

    How did she manage to do so good in STPM and got herself in the
    FUU in UKM is still an unsolved mystery. Somemore she has

    1. The Blur Sotong Style from my mother.
    2. The Lun Lun Chun Chun from my father.
    3. The Sleeping Style from Malaysian Pig.
    4. The Eating Style from Malaysian Pig.

    Why I say she is blur sotong + lun lun chun chun + babi leh??

    A few days ago we were all back to Kota Bharu and the first
    dinner was : Satay Ayam + Satay Daging + A lot of Satay Kuah !!

    My sister basically doesn't eat the satay kuah, she only DRINKS
    them, yes read my lips !! She Drinks The Satay Kuah !!! kekekeke!

    How to do this?

    1. Open the Satay kuah plastic bag. about 1/2kg each pack/bag.
    2. Open the mouth big big facing sky.
    3. Aim the Satay Kuah pastic bag to the mouth.
    4. Start pouring the Satay Kuah into the mouth.
    5. Open throat and let all of the kuah goes into your body.
    6. make loud gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp sound !!!!!

    How much my sister loves the satay kuah? Imagine this :

    Each time when we buy Kota Bharu Jalan Kebun Sultan Satay she
    will for sure hijack a pack of 1/2kg Satay Kuah and label it with
    her name, with all standard FUU procedure etc.

    Sometimes she label the satay kuah as :

    1. Bahan Bukti Mahkamah Tinggi.
    2. Bahan Bukti Mahkamah Sesyen.
    3. CSI Property. Don't Eat !!
    4. LVPD Evidence.
    5. Contains Human Embrio.
    6. Warning ! Bio Hazard !!
    7. Contents = Liquid C4. Keep away from kids.
    and many more !!!

    Ok fine, she will then store the 1/2kg Satay Kuah in a secret place
    ( our house fridge ) and share the rest of the Satay Kuah with us.
    Luckily we always get to squize the Satay seller at least 3 packs
    of Satay Kuah when we buy his satay.

    If not sure we would have killed each other for the Precious Satay
    Kuah, ke ek ek ek e !! So much of a caring family leh !!!

    Have you tried to eat plain bread ( those traditional bread, RM 0.70
    per pack or RM 0.80 per pack one ) along with Satay Kuah?

    If you haven't try this, don't say you are Malaysian ok??

    Of course we finished all the Satay + Kuah + Nasi Himpit ( called
    Nasi Kapit in Kelantan ) + everything on the table.

    Well, everyone was very happy that night with the Satay Kuah and
    second day, about 10:30 pm and my sister became Hungor !!!!!

    She went to the fridge and cari-cari and key in password + opened
    the lock and walla !! the pack of Reserved 1/2 kg satay kuah !!

    She then pronounced :" Catherin Willow, LVPD CSI Level 3 working
    and all people please stay away !! " -_-'"

    She was so happy and perform an Red Indian Smoke Dance...
    she sang " We Wang Wang !! We Wang Wang !! We Wang Wang!!"
    and " Te Ke Ti ! Te Ke Ta ! Te Ke Ti ! Te Ke ta !!!!

    And out of sudden the pack of 1/2 kg of Satay Kuah slipped from
    her hand and " Plaaaapppppppp !!!!" on the kitchen floor !!!

    And have you seen and heard how the cow shit drops from it's
    anus to the ground? I mean the fresh cow crap or feces which
    is being discharged fresh from the cow's Mata Dubur...

    Well the 1/2kg of satay kuah and the cow crap sounds almost
    the same. Cause they are both in semi liquid form. Only that the
    cow crap is warm and Satay Kuah was cold from the fridge !!

    She shouted out loud helplessly " Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!"
    " My precious !!!!!! "

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha !! 1/2 Kg of the Satay Kuah fall on the kitchen
    floor and only half of the Kuah remaind eadable !!! kekekekek !!!

    She was so up set that night and :" Wu wu wu wu wu :( "

    Now that's what I called University Law Student ....

    I am really worried about my kids in future, do they have hopes?


    Sunday, April 24, 2005

    Driving from Kota Bharu to KL


    This morning as usual the warm weather in Kelantan did not give me
    any good sleep. Too hot !! all sticky + in hakka was "niam kiap kiap!"
    even at 3:30 am or 5:30 am.

    Papa and Mama woke up at around 5:30 and busy preparing for our
    breakfast + stuff to take back to PJ and KL like :

    1. One whole pineapples for my sister( yes 1 biji buah nenas!)-_-"
    2. A few mangos for my sister.
    3. Some Beras Wangi for fat lady.
    4. Some Beras Pulut for KL & PJ relatives.
    5. Some Chocolate Bar purchased for me. -_-"
    6. Some fruits + bread and stuff.

    Warm up my Proton Wira with Full Tank of Caltex Ron 97 unleaded.

    Moved out from Kota Bharu at 07:15 am. Stuck in school traffic.
    Catched up after Kok Lanas cause some sissy driver.
    Arrived at Kuala Krai, Tasik Krai 08:15 am. Hmmm... 1 hour time.
    Had very nice breakfast. Nasi Dagang tasik kuala krai !!! omg !!

    09:15 am left Kuala Krai and cruised all the way passed :=
    1 Gua Musang ( rain started, good !! police road block 1 )
    2. Kuala Lipis ( police road block 2 )
    3. Benta ( was it Benta? can't quite remember )
    4. Raub.
    5. Bentong.
    6. Karak Highway and finally Ampang ( about 1:45 pm )
    7. Kajang at about 2:30 pm.

    The drive today was very fine cause there was basically not much
    of car after Kuala Krai.

    the road from Kota Bharu to Kuala Krai only suitable for driving from
    12:00 am till 5:30 am.

    Besides those time there would be a lot of :
    1. Slow ass taxi drivers ( drive at 40kmph ) on that road.
    2. Slow ass lorry drivers ( drive at 60kmph ) on that road.
    3. Slow ass sissy drivers ( drive at 50kmph ) on that road.
    4. Fast Ass Kelantan assholes ( drive at 120 kmph ) on that road.

    from 12 am till 5:30 am, you could cruise from 90kmph to 120kmph
    without all those frustrating arse and , yes you have to becareful
    with the cows !!! Cows cross road in Kelantan and don't bump
    them, you'll get a lot of sirloin for the rest of your life if you
    happended to bump into one of it !! that is if the owner doesn't
    kill you first.

    Time left Kota Bharu = about 7 am.
    Time arrived KL area = about 2 pm.
    Average speed today = about 95 kmph.

    Total pit stop today = 1 at Raub Petrol Station. Pee !! Pee !!
    Total road block today = 2 ( Gua Musang =1 , Lipis = 1 )
    Total speeding ticket = unkown yet.

    Average fuel consumption = RM 0.10 per km.
    Total red right that I ran through = Zero, always zero !!
    Total burp in the car cause nasi dagang = Countless !!!!

    Well basically, that's all for today's driving. and my proton wira
    was a good boy. No "piu yee" or " lat mei" nor " wat tai " good job!
    Fuel consumption was really good.

    Kelantan was very very hot


    I was back to Kelantan from 21 April till 24 April 2005. And let me
    tell you that it was really hot there.

    I was in Kota Bharu and the whole 4 days 3 night I kept dreaming that I was in Sahara Desert, doing BBQ with Hot and Spicy & Curry fried Chicken.... omg !!

    How hot was that?? Try this :

    1. I woke up at 3:30 am and took bath, still felt warm.
    2. Cause pipe water was warm.
    3. Fan blow at tummy + chest + kkc, but back-side all sweat !!
    4. Ok fan now blows back-side. Tummy + chest + kkc sweat pula!!
    5. Blow tummy + chest + kkc, back-side sweat again.
    6. OK fan now blows back-side. Tummy + chest + kkc sweat pula!!

    Steps 3-6 repeated for 900 over times.
    All these happened from 12:00 am till 6:30 am. and att 7 am I
    gave up sleeping, and proceed to take bath.

    What was greating me was the warm pipe water !!!! omg !!!
    I missed my PJ air-cond so much.

    Now, he he he I am back to PJ room, with air-cond on and temp
    about 20 degree celcius. Hmmmm..... got to buy an air cond and
    bring back to Kota Bharu house later of the days.

    It was a terrible hot 4 days 3 nights. I must have sweat 10 liters
    of liquid out of my body ejekekekekke....

    Air Cond = Man best invention. Number 1 !!! Number 1 !!!!

    Thursday, April 21, 2005

    Philips is hibernating Kelantan

    Yo, hahaha... I am right now in Kelantan Kota Bharu my house,
    dial up networking 1515, quite slow :)

    Was at Cherating this morning, before that at Kuantan and aw
    there are so many story to tell.

    1. KL to Kuantan Highway Ghost Story.
    2. Kuantan to Cherating = not friendly road.
    3. Cherating to Kota Bharu . Aiyo ! 300 over km but took me about
    (five) 5 hours time. How come? mamamia.
    4. Will continue a little bit later. Try to find for broadband connection.

    Will blog a little bit later, if no new posting, means that I am stuck
    here with the slow 1515 ... dut dut dut dut !! hehekekkekek !!

    Tuesday, April 19, 2005

    Dickson : Did you "Lap" your car?

    It was a wonderful Sunday,
    I washed and polished my car, everything became perfect.
    Spent some time checking my engine status cause I am going to perform a long
    distance drive to Kuantan, Cherating and Kelantan in a few days time.

    Dianogstic Status =
    1. Battery water lvl low.
    2. Engine lubricant oil lvl low.
    3. Power steering fluid ok.
    4. Transmission fluid ok.
    5. Brake fuild seems ok too.
    6. Engine outlook was ok too.

    Hell, how come the engine lubricant oil lvl could be so low one?
    Better find someone to check it out,
    if there is any leakage or engine internal problem.

    After a heavy lunch with Fat Lady I was sending her back to Ampany,
    on the way back we stopped at Lembah Maju ( Next to Taman Putra Ampang )
    where there are a lot of mechanic and car service center.

    Those hardworking chaps even opens on Sunday,
    that's why I said PJ people vs KL people vs Ampang / Cheras people,
    you will always get better luck with Ampang/ Cheras people.

    I made a few rounds of circling that area to scout for a decent looking shop ,
    decent and not too occupied.
    Then I came to a shop where there was no car inside. So I drove in
    and a young nice man approached me.

    He asked:" Yes may I help you?"
    I replied:" Yes, could you please service my car, oil+ oil filter change "
    I added :" And I suspect that my engine leaks lubricant oil.
    So please check for me?"

    The person name is Dickson, I found out later on his name card that he gave me.

    Dickson :" ok no problem !"

    So he check check checked, jack up car crowl under it and inspect.

    Dickson :" Sir no leakage or any visible damage at the oil tank."
    Gil Grissom :" Please see if there is any oil resedue, use some
    luminol and the Spectragraph to trace them.
    Dickson :" ???? What????" -_-"

    Me :" Nothing lah kekekekek "

    5 minutes later I asked Dickson the following question,
    Me :" How come the lubricant oil just disappeared in the engine?"
    Dickson:" Hmm. not very sure, but there is no leakage at all from what I see."
    Me :" hmmmm.... how ah?"

    Dickson :" Ah ! Did you Lap your engine lately?"
    Me : " Not really. Wait a minute !!!"

    Me : " That day I drove from Penang to Kepong cruised at 130 / 140 kira ah?"

    Dickson:" Wah !!" -_-"

    Me :" he he he he e !! malu !"

    Dickson :" yeah possible during engine high rpm 4,000 or
    5,000 above will consume some of your engine lubricant oil. "

    Me :" Oh I see I see. "

    Later here is the bill Dickson gave me :

    1. Esso Lubricant Oil = RM 30.00
    2. Oil Filter xxx brand= RM 11.00
    3. Proton Spark Plug = RM 26.00
    4. Battery fuild = RM 2.00
    Total about RM 65.00 plus plus.

    That's good and careful job from Dickson,
    at least I've got a peace of mind to drive back to East Cost now.
    Thanks Dickson who always -_-" cause his work shop is quite hot .

    So , now , did you Lap you car lately?
    Hello ! How are you today?

    Monday, April 18, 2005

    Laksa Soup

    laksa soup, you will find below in the soup:
    1. Har Kou ( Shrimp paste )
    2. Asam soup.
    3. Timun.
    4. Pineapple.
    5. Onion.
    6. Some special vegetables.
    7. A lot of fish chunks !! OMG !! OMG !!!

    And most of the time Kai mar give this Laksa soup + Ban Min OMG !!

    Ban Min

    ban min ( Medium size USD 1.00 = RM 3.80 ) only leh !!
    You will find :
    1. Ban min ( 2 types , slim and teared )
    2. Kon Lou style Soyce Source.
    3. Pork Oil ( I hope so ! )
    4. Ikan Bilis goreng.
    5. Minced chicken.
    6. Mushroom ( tong ku ! )
    7. Chili Source + Chili Padi.



    Vegetable Soup

    vege soup, a default companion with Ban Min Kon Lou , you will find :

    1. Soup
    2. Vegetable ( 2 types = type A and type B )
    3. Egg
    4. Thin Pork ( From pig which excersise a lot ) want to be eaten ? then excersise more lah !
    5. fried spring onion.

    This one is also Killer, love it for the vegetable type A and type B.
    Get all the Vitamins and Fiber from these A and B.

    3 course meal from TTDI

    3 course meal

    Yes in the picture are :
    1. Ban Min Kon Lou.
    2. Vegetable Soup + Egg.
    3. Laksa soup.

    Total cost of the 3 above, only 1 USD could you freaking believe it?

    There is a shop in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur selling Ban Min + Penang Laksa and she is famous of these 2 food, in fact these are the only 2 stuff that this lady sells.

    She is famous of being my Kai Mar ( god mother) despite the size of her is very small & tiny compared to me, like a Kancil 850 parked besides a 18 wheels truck. ke ke ke ke ke !!!

    Whenever I go to kai mar for Ban Min, she knows what I want, I used to order Large Size ban min and I find it everytime after I eat the large size I gained like 2kg holy cow !!! And I tell you the large size ban min she serve me is " Super Duper Jiat Lat Damn Freaking Big Sized !!!" and the way to eat, is to Submerge my head into the bowl ( super big 18" bowl ) and eat.

    For every 30 seconds take out my head and breath, and re-submerge head into the bowl and after approximately 30 minutes, holy cow !!

    I was always wondering why the ban min bowl is still full !! after the 30 minutes hardwork.

    Well, just to describe to you all how to describe "Large" size at this shop, especially for me !!

    Then, one day I have decided to become a little bit thinner, hence from that day onwards I order " medium " whenever I go there to eat. But I tell you, even "medium" is still a lot of stuff for me. Now that's the advantage of being born "cute" !! Eh mate??

    The "ban min kon lou" is served with Vegetable Soup + Thin Slice Pork default. But since her Penang Laksa is also one of the best in TTDI ( even came out in magazine before ) we normally ask for a small bowl of the "Laksa" soup totally F.O.C. from her, since I am so cute and adorable in her eyes, ke k ek ek ke ke !!!

    While I blog this , don't know why my saliva is 3 foot long hanging from my Hsu Chi sytle lips..??

    And we ( fat lady and me, my sister or my friends ) normally visit her on satuday after 1/2 day works. And that time she will have the time to cook with great interest and keep on "taruh"ing everything from mushroom, ikan bilis and everything into the food.

    One fine day I spoken to her , I call her " Si tau por !" ( means lady boss )
    She replied :" Yes oii ??"
    I said :" thank you for your pan min !"
    She :" no no.. I want to thank you ! "
    I said :" why thank me leh?"

    She said :" thank you for waiting & be patience with the food "
    I said :" It's ok, to enjoy good food , we sure have to wait a bit what?"
    She said:" yeah loh " ( kembang !! very very kembang ! )

    She said:" But some customer cannot wait one, chase me to serve them fast and their face black black !" ( Yes PJ people, she is talking about you !! and some TTDI resident you too !!)
    I added :" If they don't want to wait , eat fast food like KFC or Mc D lor ! Then no need to wait!"

    She was very very "kembang"ed that day I heard !!! And smiling all the way home don't know for what reason.....

    and here I want to thank her for spoiling my fitness plan & I have to call my gym trainer already thanks to her too !! To her, both love and hates are there !!

    Here I wish your business be forever "Ong" and always wealthy there !!

    How long could you wait?


    A few months ago I gave my CPU ( AMD Athlon ) to my sister and kept the hard disk because all of my important documents are in the hard disk.

    The Operating System in the hard disk was Windows XP Pro version and it was really not bad. Plug and play and very adaptive. I put the hard disk into this current CPU ( Celeron 2400Mhz ) and it actually worked, wow !!

    However the USB 2.0 port with the new CPU was not recognized by the old OS or the file was corrupted. Hence whenver I want to use the USB for the USB flash drive the system freeze !!! and that caused me to stop using my USB drive for a few months time from my home.

    Same happens that I could'nt use my Infrared adaptor to transfer the image from my T-610 to the internet for backup and blogging purpose. I was really bodoh betui !!!

    Finally, on night at 11 pm something, I pointed at my nose and say :" Enough is enough!" and started removing the old OS and install the fresh copy of Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 2.

    What? Of course original Software used my friend ( sales man talk)

    and anyway, spent about 45 minutes and my computer came alive with the 6 USB 2.0 port working seamlessly and very fast !!
    All the file system has improved because fresh format and my computer speed has increased very much. Yahoo !!!

    That's why, sometimes whenever there is a work or job pending, stop giving yourself excuses for not doing it. Most of time time,
    the faster the job is accomplished the better.

    Like this case, if I have fixed the CPU 3 months earlier or 4 months
    earlier, mean that I could enjoy the USB 2.0 function 4 months ago
    and don't have to suffer.

    So, for a pending job that till the end of the day, you can't say no to doing it, how long could you wait?

    Don't wait nomore my friend, whatever you want to do, just do it
    and do it fast, we don't know what will happen tomorrow !!
    Appreciate today and finish your work fast :) have a nice day !!

    Sweet flavoured Tang Yuen !!

    TY ala sweet

    This is sweet TY made by my 6th uncle's wife.

    TY made and boiled.
    Cook sugar water + pandan leaf + a little bit of ginger ( I hate ginger )

    and put the sugar water into the TY and serve hot or cold.
    Syiok !! hmmm...

    TY with pork + vege + soup

    TY with pork + vege + soup

    Now, how to prepare the TY + Vege ( Wong Ngar Pak ) + Thin Pork?

    First, get the TY boiled first and seperated from the cooking water.
    Second, use some chicken + chicken bones to cook some soup. I mean a lot of soup.
    then put marinated thin pork in to soup.
    then put Wong Ngar Pak vegetable into soup.


    Put soup into the TY and wala , whacking time.. !!!
    Blank TY
    My big table
    my mouse A1pro



    Cowinne Ng, a nice looking lady who stays in Ampang.

    Knew her since my college time back to year 1998 or 1999 can't quite remember. She used to looked very very cool and didn't want to mix with us.

    Everytime after the class when the lecturer announce " Class dismissed !"
    You would heard the classroom door "bboooooommm !!! kabam !!"
    And that was Cowinne leaving the classroom with the speed of 120kmph.

    My god the lecturer had even not packed her bag and Cowinne has already gone.
    Hence, Cowinne was the Farrari Enzo among us.

    After class Cowinne had normally rushed to Ampang point and purchased some Roti there, I mean that kind of roti where we could eat. Not other type ok?

    And 5 minutes later we would see Cowinne waiting at the bus stop with a pack of roti in her hand. And most of the time Cowinne would prefer to wear black coloured cloths !! Wow !!

    In our mind, wah ! This KL girl is very Cool !!

    But later when we get to know her, fulamak ! I tell you my contact lense Jatuh 20 times when I know how funny she is !! Want to know more about Cowinne? She is 25 years old this year and I heard she is still available. Working at a famous local Chinese Daily Newspaper company , she has a lot a lot of funny stuff that those paparazi out there are dying to learn.

    I will tell you one by one when I am free.... ke ek eke ekek !!!
    On 19th April would be her birthday for first .... Happy Birthday Cowinne !! Happy Birthday !!

    The Art of Talking ! Do you have it with you?


    "Hello good morning, could I speak to Mr.Lim please?"

    "Ann, could you please excuse me?"

    "Please hold the line, my boss will be with you shortly, thank you."

    "Kai Hong, could you please pick me up from Air Port?"

    "Can you please give me Dinner Plate 3, drumstick, no wings?"

    "can you please call me tomorrow 7:15 am for wake up call?"

    Yes those were the sentence that I've normally use during the
    normal conversation with anyone, from my boss, my colleague,
    the toll operator guy, Fried Chicken cashier , my parents or so.

    If you've notice, the common thing is that I always do use "please"
    in the sentence when I need a favour or need help.

    Have you ever received a call for help or call for favor like this?

    "Kai hong are you free? need you to send something."
    "Kai hong , your call !"
    "Kai hong, borrow your handphone a while!"
    "Kai hong, call me at 8:00 pm !"
    "Kai hong, borrow me 20 dollar!"

    I mean even my boss and my parents never talked like this to me!
    Hence, please be nice and be polite, it wouldn't kill :)

    Give Me Space .. mein Gott im Himmel

    Give me space... a lot of space !!! mein Gott im Himmel
    That was what I shouted at sometimes ago.

    On 1st of April 2005, I think I saw it from that this nice Gmail has incrased it's storage from 1GB to 2GB, and the capacity keeps on increasing...

    Well, for me it's very good news. Can store more stuff and worry less about my pathetic which used to have 2.5Mb storage only nia !!

    Later I've found a way to tuned the Hotmail to 25MB, with some simple tuning process and right now my has 250MB liao lor .. kekekeke !!!

    My Yahoo mail is now at 1GB cause I signed it into the China Server a few months ago, thanks to Johntim's alert. Sometimes you'll feel very nice and good to have a friend who is always alerts about new IT stuff and high tech gizmos.

    I think with Yahoo Mail + Hotmail + Gmail is more then enough for someone like me. The more accounts that you have, the more messy things could get sometimes. Like my fat lady who always forgotten her user name and password. Sometimes I see her, don't know should 2 legs in the sky or 2 shoes in the sky.

    Some blogger friend will then suggest me :" 2 legs, 2 hands + 2 shoes in sky = completed!!"

    Thanks, Gmail people, we user really do appreciate the 2GB for the time being. It's almost equal to my Quantum 5.25inch Big Foot 2.1GB hard disc ( manufactured 1997 ) still working right now with my Old Pentium 200MMX. Yahoo !!! I mean Gahoo !!!

    Sunday, April 17, 2005

    Beautiful Sunday Morning


    Time = 8:08 am and it is a nice Sunday morning. But the air out
    there seems a little bit hazy or it is going to rain? I am not sure
    but I sure feel very fresh cause I woke up naturally...

    How do I define "woke up naturally"? Well for me, to wake up natural
    is the best way to wake up. There are severals way of waking up
    from sleep like the example below :

    1. Wake up cause feeling too cold.
    2. Wake up cause feeling too hot.
    3. Wake up cause stomachache, want to poo !!!
    4. Wake up cause want to pee !!
    5. Wake up cause your house in on fire.
    6. Wake up cause horny ( hmmm this is not too bad actually !)
    7. Wake up in Military Camp at 4:30 am and Sir ! Yes Sir !!
    8. Wake up cause too hungry.
    9. Wake up cause your saliva on your pillow is cold and wake u up!
    10. Wake up cause your spouse "Want" something ! Wonderful !!

    But the best is still "Natural Wake Up!" which means you wake up
    without any internal or external force. You body feel "Ok" and your
    eyes open automatically.

    Now that's what I called Natural Wake Up !! and the advantages
    of having a Natural wake up in the morning

    1. You'll feel very fresh.
    2. You'll not feel headache or sleep too much.
    3. You'll be ready to work or play or do anything.
    4. You'll not look like a Panda
    5. You'll have all Sunday to do whatever you like.

    Hence, Sunday + Natural Wake Up = Best thing in the world.
    But why could'nt we enjoy Natural Wake Up on weekdays when
    we have to work?

    Simple = Laziness !! and no objective of life.

    If a person who has girlfriend ( new girlfriend ) or a lot of cash
    for him/ her to collect as salary or payment that day. Imagine
    will he/ she jumped up from bed with Natural Wake Up ?

    Imagine if a kids at school if it's a Children Day or Last Day of
    the semester school day, will he wake up earlier then usual without
    the nag from the mother, father or even before the alarm goes off?

    that's Laziness vs Objective of life.

    don't know for what reason, I always do have objective of life on
    Sunday and don't have Laziness on sunday.

    Weekday = diffrent story.

    An objective of life on Sunday could be :

    1. Wash my car ( I just did for the past 60 minutes )
    2. Polish my car ( see number 1 )
    3. Have a good breakfast with Fat Lady ( going out soon :) )
    4. Read Sin Chew Daily + The Star newspaper.
    5. Do some house work.
    6. Blogging
    7. Listen to some nice music.
    8. Practise Piano / prepare for the Concert.

    Wonderful Sunday shouldn't be wasted with sleeping in bed till
    12:00 pm or anything like that. And also don't spend too much of
    time infront of TV too. If you don't have interesting topic to do,
    here I propose you to :

    1. Read some news paper.
    2. Teach someone to use computer or Internet.
    3. Visit old folks or orphan house.
    4. Learn a new language.
    5. Learn a new skill.
    6. Call your parents and tell them you missed them :)
    7. Help your brother or sister in her SPM , STPM or even PMR
    or UPSR.

    Till then, have a productive Sunday and don't waste it.

    Friday, April 15, 2005

    IT Dept

    Actually in our normal people perspective, in each company the value of diffrent departments are diffrent. Depends on from which angle you are looking at it.

    Some people looks from the revenue angle. Then Sales and Marketing department is very important.

    Some people looks from the "save my ass" angle. Then the department with the fierce or "Garang" boss is the most important.

    Some people look at their pocket everyday. Then for them, accounts department is very important for them. When see accounts department like seeing their father & mother. Ekk also cannot ekk!!

    Some people look at their watch everyday from 9:00 am onwards, counting how many hours left before they could go home. Then for them, nothing is important, just need to go home and waste their life. These people, "No Medicine to Cure!"

    Some people look at the "side income" very much. "Side income" from multi level marketing and some direct selling stuff. I have one of them in my office where she talked loudly infront of us, mentioning :
    1. My upline.
    2. My downline.
    3. Positive thinking.
    4. Join already?
    5. Oh there is a meeting in KL today after work.
    6. Oh motivation meeting is important.
    7. Oh positive thinking is important.
    8. Oh you control your life.
    9. Oh you can make it if you want.
    10. Oh I have a dream.

    I think she wouldn't put too much of effort in her work in the company cause sometimes people might just put their priority at the wrong side. There is no more focus & passion with the work that she is suppose to be at, instead having a "vision" of becoming someone.

    Heck, you can't even understand what are the "do" and "don't" in the office and you are telling me that you have a dream. Go ahead and dream on !!

    Ah comes to a very important department. IT or I should call them ICT ( Information & Communication Department ). I give my vote to them for being very important in a company.
    Many people has not realized that it was the ICT department which provides all the backbones and platform for everyone to work on. Imagine one day if any of these went missing:

    1. Computer.
    2. Printer.
    3. Internet.
    4. Telephone.
    5. Electronic gizmo...

    You'll gone amok and bang your head on the wall right? Now buy some flowers and chocolates for your IT department and tell them you love them ok?

    " Yo IT Dept guys, I love you all !" and thanks for everything.

    This blog is specially dedicated to the ICT dept for Megan Groups. May the force be with you!

    Thursday, April 14, 2005

    Fried Chicken with Curry Flavor !! 好

    A few days ago after I picked up fat lady from KLIA, we were
    heading Damansara area from NKVE. Fat Lady told me that she
    has taken her dinner on board MAS Air Bus. Kuching to KLIA.

    The flight was delayed for 1 hour, and no explaination given by the
    MAS crew to the passenger. Nothing at all !! And by the time Fat
    Lady arrived and get into my car it was already near 9:00 pm.

    I was really hungry then, thought wanted to bring Fat Lady to some
    good food, but since she has taken Fish Fillet + Potato in the flight
    well, even better I could save a couple of dollar and cents !!

    Before the Damansara exit if you are coming from Shah Alam or
    Subang area, you would see a Kerang Petrol Station + R&R area +
    an restaurant which sells Fried Chicken attached to it.

    For being lazy to go to PJ again ( I stay 1km away from Damansara Toll)
    I just pulled over at the Kerang Petrol Station and walked in to
    the Fried Chicken Restaurant.

    Not much of customer, a few tow truck driver, a few highway police officer and a couple.
    And a noisy family standing infront
    of me with the mommy asking thousands of questions and requests.

    Soon my turn to order, as usual I told them :" Having here !"
    ( Mistake number 1 done, should have take away & throw them away ! )

    And I ordered a dinner plate 3 pcs = Curry Flavor.
    ( Mistake number 2 done, should have never trust curry !)
    ( Mistake number 3 done, should have order 1/4 pcs will do !)

    And I did not order any drinks. Health conscious guy !!
    ( Mistake number 4 done, how to swollow the dinner now?)

    So I sat down at a corner and began to taste the 2 pcs of breast
    and 1 pc of drumstick. Yucks !!!! Ptui ! Ptui !!!!

    The curry flavoured fried chicken was, basically got their recipe
    from " The Fear Factor " challenge !!
    Year 2003 the 2nd season the winner of the Fear Factor ate 2 pcs of Curry Fried Chicken and won the USD 50,000. But later in the interview, the winner said that he will never take any Curry Chicken anymore !!! And the winner died 2 weeks later.
    Cause of death = ate something terrible. CSI verified it !! from
    Gil Grissom himself.

    So, you know how does it taste like !! A lot of curry + flour powder
    attached to the chicken skin. And basically the taste was like
    eating dead chicken, ran over by a truck or lorry.

    Only the dead chicken ran by the lorry or truck would have less
    oil and flour particles, which hurts your mouth & tounge !!!!!!

    10 minutes, freaking suffer 10 minutes later, I stuff these rubbish
    into my stomach and went home. And I kneed infront of my God
    in my house, and said to HIM in tears =
    :" Dear God yang Maha Esa, saya yang bernama Kai Hong, bersumpah yang saya tidak akan memakan ayam goreng yang
    berperisa kari buat selama-lamanya.
    Jika saya terhempas kapal terbang di sebuah pulau yang hanya
    terdapat ayam goreng berperisa kari. Saya rela mati bin mampus.

    Jika saya terselamat daripada terhempas kapal terbang dan kemudian pula diselamatkan oleh Kapal -kapal dagang atau kapal
    kapal perang. Dan didapati pula kapal-kapal tersebut hanya ada
    makanan ayam goreng perisa kari di dapurnya. Saya lebih rela
    karam bin tenggelam ke dalam laut.

    Jika saya terselamat, dibawa pulang ke rumah saya 3 minggu
    kemudian. Dan didapati emak dan bapa saya telah membeli ayam
    goreng berperisa kari. Saya lebih rela rumah saya dijilat api and
    semua orang terbakar bin hangus !!! is is is !!!

    Jika saya tidak mati dalam kebakaran dan dikejarkan ke hospital
    berdekatan, biarpun hospital kerajaan atau bukan kerajaan.
    Jika didapati makanan yang disaji adalah ayam goreng perisa
    kari lagi, entahlah Tuhan yang Maha Esa, biar saya terjun dari
    KLCC dan mati buat selama-lamanya ."

    Why? Cause the fried chicken with curry flavour IMHO was really
    really 好难吃!!!with tears in my eyes.

    Fat Lady was looking at me from 3 meter away, and asked me:"
    Do you really have to do that? I mean cursing?"

    I don't know, why don't you go and try it ! And let me know how
    did you feel. This time I didn't laugh all the way home.
    I was cursing all the way home.

    Wednesday, April 13, 2005

    Mr. Gorelick .. who are you?


    Did you know who is Mr. Gorelick?

    Hints :
    1. One full head of Maggie Mee. Damn Curly !! Sexy !!
    2. Has always a sexaphone in is mouth, facing right ( like some people's kkc )
    3. Produces music.
    4. etc....

    Hahahaha....yes Kenny G, G not for Gravity or Gigi !! Gorelick remember that.

    Back to 1995 and 1996, it was the time when we were all listening to Kenny's music like no day and no night like that.

    When mopping the floor, Kenny G,
    before sleep, Kenny G,
    cannot sleep, Kenny G,
    pak tor with first love, played her the Kenny G's song using Piano,Kenny G lagi!
    A good friend of mine Tho bought the Dying Young soundtracks, Kenny G lagi adui!

    Friday ( In Kelantan, weekend falls on Friday you know? ) when we all have
    nothing to do, stayed at home listened to Kenny G, Christmas Holiday Album.

    Below was a conversation about Kenny G & I've learned that not everyone
    loves him like I did.

    1996, Taman Bunga Raya, near TAR College Setapak.

    We ( Tan, Chew and Me ) were listening Kenny G's donno which album.

    1st track, Tan + Me enjoyed... hmmm hmmm...
    2nd track, Tan + Me enjoyed again... hmm...
    3rd track, Tan + Me still enjoy, but Chew became -_-" ???
    4th track, Chew really really -_-"" already !!

    She asked :" Eh ! Why this Kenny G never sing anything one?"
    Tan replied:" Ah? Why ?"
    I replied:" Cause the saxaphone is in his mouth, can't blow & sing at same time!!!"
    She replied:" Oh ! He blows ! He doesn't sing one is it?"
    She replied:" Neabei I was waiting for 4 tracks for his first sentence, nothing!!"
    and she left after realized that no one is going to sing, only blows !!!

    Tan and Me ROTFLOAO.....

    Back to year 1994/95, one of the top movie then was Speed, starring
    Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper, Sandra Bullock and Jeff Daniels.
    We have watched it over and over again until the Video Tape has
    become a little bit worn out.

    Mr. Reeves at a scene in the movie, showed his wrist watch a Casio
    G-Shock 6800 old model if I was not mistaken. 200M water resist
    and both of them looked really good. A nice handsome guy, SWAT
    bomb squad member + short hair + a reliable watch !!!

    In year 1996 I was in TAR college and worked my arse out ( part time) as lab assistant and at the end of the day I've finally able to
    save RM200. And got myself this nice Casio G-Shock 6800 model.
    Oh that was my first G-Shock then, with Electro-Illuminator.

    Since then, wherever I go, I wear this watch. I was so proud of it
    and when I was in the bus ( Intrakota, Park May, Mini Bus (no.49)
    and yes, LRT was still not available that time, remember??

    That time = Intrakota Cost = Flat Rate = RM 0.90 wherever u go.
    That time = Mini Bus (Pink) = Flat Rate = RM 0.60 wherever u go.
    That time = I can't remember taking park may bus.
    That time = Len Seng Bus = TAR college to KL = RM 0.70.

    Most of the time when we were traveling from Setapak (TBR ) Taman
    Bunga Raya to KL, people has not much of thing to do. Why? Cause
    there was no mobile phone, and if no mobile phone, then damn
    quiet kekekekeke....

    When sitting in the bus with this G-Shock, I was expecting Dennis
    will call me ( but in 1996 there was hardly any mobile phone ) and inform me that :

    1. There is a bomb in the bus.
    2. The bomb will be activated once the bus reaches 55 mph.
    3. Once the bomb is activated, if the speed of the bus drop below
    55 mph, the bomb goes off.
    4. If any passenger tries to get out of the bus the bomb goes off.
    5. And "Pop quiz, hot shot, what you're goin to do?"

    I was always wearing a white T-Shirt, with a lot of Bomb Squad
    equipment in my cargo pants. Front pockets, back pockets, side
    pockets. etc. Waiting for the worst to happen. Because as a good
    citizen, we must always remember "To Serve and To Protect!"

    But the call never came. No terrorist has ever made any call to
    me and informed me if there was a bomb on the bus, maybe it was
    because :

    1. I didn't carry a handphone back to 1996 ( expensive toy !)
    2. I was not Keanu Reeves.
    3. I was not in the SWAT , not even PDRM !!!
    4. Bus number 49 from Setapak to Lot 10 could never reach the
    speed of 50 mph ( 80kmph ) not then, not now and not forever.

    Hence, upon arriving at Lot 10, we all went down to Lot 10 for
    windows shopping, and perhaps 2 hours later, take the Mini Bus
    Number 49 back to Setapak, Taman Bunga Raya again.

    Cost of G-Shock = RM 136.00 ( Bought from Alpha Angle )
    Cost of Mini Bus = RM 0.60 ( RM1.20 for 2 ways )
    Cost of white T-shirt = RM 19.00

    Satisfaction of imagination of Speed = Priceless !!!

    1996, people have not even heard of Low Yatt plaza hahahaha.

    Perhaps will write about 1995 vs 2005, see the diffrence. shall we?

    Tuesday, April 12, 2005

    Holiday at Cherating for free !!


    A few weeks ago, some lady from a famous local chained Hotel called
    me and asked if I have a free 90 minutes time. ( tele-marketing )
    and the product is.. err... some holiday package that you pay
    about RM30,000.00 and you could have 7 days free holiday to
    their groups of hotels for the rest of your life.

    This was the N-th time that I've received this kind of call, and why?
    cause perhaps I am famous, wah ha ha ha a !! ( famous cause poor )
    and if you go there for the 90 minutes talk and at the end of the
    day you didn't sign up, they'll give you a 2 days 1 night free hotel
    stay at one of their hotels.

    You might find out that I am such an arse for doing this, but I feel
    great then, now and for the next 2 weeks time.

    I went there promptly, sit down there and the guy began to talk :
    " Bla bla bla, bada bing bada bang, bada boom !! "
    " Hotels + 7 days + save money + transferable + value! "
    " Bla bla bla, wi wang wang.... wi wang wang"

    And final question from them, " Mr Wong are you interested?"
    I replied," No I am not, thank you !"

    Their face colour changed from fair to red, red to black , black to
    blue. And one of them collapsed and "BANG" their head on the wall
    and floor and began to cry. One of them even kneed and begged
    me to sign up.

    I of course told them no, cause I only have RM 1,900.00 in my
    bank account. How to sign up? RM 30,000 over woh !!!!

    I replied firmly, with a little bit of smile " No, thank you !"

    Then the one collapsed on the floor wake up automatically, the one
    who banged his head on the floor and wall so hard stopped banging
    and the guy who kneed stand up and," hmmmmmpphhhhhh !!!! "

    and proceed to counter and issued me a 2 days 1 night voucher.
    Cost of this I think should be around RM150 to RM 200. + some
    slimming discount + free course for my Fat Lady.

    Ok, 90 minutes of sitting with these people and I got all these for
    free. Not too bad I told myself.

    10 minutes later, I was on my way to the car park with the vouchers
    in my pocket. Feeling like " Maverick " with full load of cash which I
    have cheated and won from the Casino. Laughing all the way home
    and start planning for the holiday with my fat lady.

    It's like Chinese saying, " One willing to be beaten, one like to beat"
    why not make everyone happy? hahahahhaha.....

    P/S = Sometimes I really look myself no up one !!!

    Monday, April 11, 2005

    This is not right !!!

    A few months ago when I was driving at a Federal Trunk road, aka
    Kampung Road. I was cruising at about 80 to 90 kmph cause it
    was relatively clear & not much car.

    And there was this slow arse driver doing about 40 or 55 clicks in
    front of me. Of course that chap made me annoyed !!!

    After about 1 or 2 km I finally couldn't take it anymore, and pointed
    at my nose, & shouted :" Kei tai jiao Kei tai! Potong jiao potong!! " and I shifted to 3rd gear and vroooooooommmmm !

    Errr, it was a double line ( means cannot overtake car dar !!! )
    but I didn't care cause I had enough of 40 or 55 kmph already.

    I over took the car in about 5 seconds time and, my sister was
    looking at me ( she studies Law in UKM ) and show ????????

    I told her, " See? We are not suppose to overtake at double line!!"
    She replied, " They why you overtake?"
    I replied," I want to show you that this is wrong lor!"

    She 2 legs and 2 shoes in the sky terus. Lawyer Buruk Kalah !!!

    Friday, April 08, 2005

    Blogging from De Palma Shah Alam

    The time now is 3:22 pm on my casio G-shock and I
    am sitting at the main lobby of the Shah Alam's De
    Palma Hotel....

    Hmmm.. they've got broadband connection here and er oh I've just sent my BenQ quest back to their place ( hotel ) hence I sit down here at the HP computer ( GNN with LCD Monitor ) and start not wasting my time.

    I think our government or so called authorities
    should have a law to enable/ state that all the
    public high class places like hotel and cafe and
    stuff like that to have Wifi Spot or some computer
    which is connected to broadband.

    This way, the information will become cheaper and
    with cheap and easily available information, one
    could do more things and waste less time.

    All the hotel with stars ( 1 2 3 or 4 or 5 ) should
    compulsary has internet connection into the room
    and some free PC at the waiting room for the guest
    to fully "utilize" their "precious" time.

    I am very happy right now cause I think I am not
    wasting my time waiting for my customer. Instead
    I could start blogging 20 km away from my office
    with some stranger wondering around me :)

    Perhaps later when I am a little bit richer, should
    try to purchase a Centrino enabled lap top and be
    one of those "cool" guys who blogs from cyber cafe,
    Coffee Bean, Starbucks and so on.

    Yes of course when we wait at the hotel we could
    read the free news paper around, but wouldn't be
    it nicer if besides news paper you have PC with
    broadband for some people to check email, chat,
    blog or even make call?? Tell me!

    Today's date is 8th April 2005, I've so far tested
    1 hotel ( De Palma Shah Alam ) with broadband 4
    customer for free ( free i think ). I heard Nikko
    has broadband a few years back, and Sunway
    Penang has some E-Room with RJ45 connector...

    So, dear leader who are reading this, if you want
    more broadband panetration in Malaysia, look at
    my lips " Make sure broadband is available to us !"

    And don't let some silly stupid company to hold the
    control of the broadband market. Open it to everyone like CD-R !! Tell you, you'll find 90%
    penetration then.

    And, why i am happy today? cause being able to
    blog and save time at the same time. Perhaps
    could check email again ( any mails from H.k.?)
    before leaving to Lowt Yatt plaza later.

    Till then, wherever you are. Don't waste your time
    sitting there doing something.

    Read a good blog, good book, watch a good movie
    or learn something new/ Cheers

    Wednesday, April 06, 2005

    Driving from Penang to KL on Saturday evening.

    Saturday evening after the PC Fair event at about 7 something PM,
    i left Penang International Sport Arena (PISA) headed toward Tanjung Tokong.

    Where is Tanjung Tokong? Hmmm... try to google the Penang Map ok?

    Anyway, arrived at the place promptly and ordered the crab/shrimp
    and wow !! as lovely as first love. Sat there till about 9pm and
    headed for Butterworth, with tummy full of crab + shrimp ....and
    some fried chili lala too. OMG this feeling was damn good !!!

    I repeat what some good Doc says:" Eat first, die later!"

    And 30 minutes later we ( me and fat lady as co driver ) were on
    the Juru toll already. The rain has slowly stopped and not much
    of car on the road. Good sign.

    Car was in perfect condition, and the crab + shrimp + fried lala in
    the tummy is turned into Super Nova and giving me non-stop and
    smooth energy to drive.... yeah !! keep them coming !!!!!

    Hit the gas after Juru toll and the speedo meter climbs to 100, 110
    and 120 and maintained at +/- 130 kmph. Occasionally when I
    need to overtake a bus or something like that I had to hit it to
    140 or 150 kmph to overtake it.

    There was an express bus with something spelled like S.E or some
    thing like that. I hit the gas to 140 kmph and yet I was unable to
    overtake it, and I was wondering if my speedo meter was accurate
    or not. Cause if I am not mistaken the bus should cruise at 90kmph
    only... heheheh... Bor Cheng Hu !!! really Bor Cheng Hu !! Even
    I did 170kmph when I was tailing the C200 ler... kekekekek...

    No !! This is dangerous.

    Crusing at highway should be around 110 to 120 kmph max if one
    is driving a Proton Wira class of car. For Merc or BMW could allow
    till 150 to 180 kmph because they are equipped with better ( 4
    huge disc brakes + ABS + KFC + KGB + FBI system )

    My point is that, please !! drivers don't think that any Tom, Dick
    and Harry could do 150 to 180 kmph on the road. Imagine a kancil
    or Proton Wira was performing 150 kmph on the road, and suddenly
    he/ she has to perform emergency brake. Let me tell you the car
    will float, the tyre will skid and lost control is almost as certain as
    123 !!!!!!

    And somemore, typical Malaysian when driving on the highwas has
    not enough of safety precaution taken, top 10 mistakes made :

    1. Tailing to close to the vehicle infront. ( depends on speed )
    2. Switching lane without insufficient space.
    3. Switching lane without insufficient signal given.
    4. LOVE to use emergency lane. Just plain love !!
    5. Switching lane without realizing a big truck or car at behind.
    6. Driving with high beam on highway. Blinding everyone.
    7. Driving with Hazard Signal lights when it rains! ( Wrongo! )
    8. Driving speed not according to car performance.
    == Kancil loves to perform 150 kmph.
    == Ah Pek's Merc loves to perfrom 80 kmph.
    == Aunty Toyota Camry loves to perform 60 kmph.
    == Kawasaki 850cc performed 160 kmph ( 2 wheels + high beam!!)
    9. Driving when the driver is not feeling fresh & sleepy.

    Those are the top 10 killer of the highway and I am really sick of
    it. Yes I did cruised at 140 sometimes, did even climbed to 160
    or 170 for a few second. But those are only in extreme condition
    only like want to avoid fast incoming missiles car from behind. Or to record one's speed.

    Drive fast only if :

    1. Vision is clear. No fog, no rain, no strong lights from opposite.
    2. Road is clear, meaning less car or no car.
    3. You are on highway.
    4. Your has 2 person in car only.
    5. Driver is very much concious on what he/she is doing.
    6. Car performance is good.
    ( Wira = medium. Merc = ok. Ferrari =good )
    7. Car and car distance = more then 20 or 50 meters.
    8. All common sense factor matched.

    Now everyone including me could drive fast, the question of whether if one could control and stop the car on time is always
    the factor of determining accident or not !!

    If not sure, then don't !! Speed kills !!!

    By the way, I want to apologize to my family and Royal Police
    Malaysia because I've traveled from Penang to Kepong within
    3 hours. My fault, next time I wouldn't do this anymore.

    Somemore this includes 1 pit stop for fat lady to wee + petrol
    refuel. Speed kills ah son !! Becareful. Else I would be blogging
    from hospital or not blog at all already ( hehehehe... )

    Philips, Charlie, Edwards, Remco, Kai Hong, Vincent, Grissom,
    Mulder, Scully, Forrest, whichever it is.... 2:43 am Kayu Ara.
    Cannot sleep !!!! Help !!!

    Tuesday, April 05, 2005

    Don't waste those fossils !! Philips

    Many many years ago ( about 1 zillion-trillion-maralion-megalion years) ago. A lot of trees, human, robots, computers, aliens,
    dinausours, Godzilla, LCD monitor died and got covered in earth.

    With the great heat + pressure + as time goes by. Some of these
    became diamond, some of it was ate by bacteria, and some of them
    ultimately became Petroleum. A few hundred years ago human found
    that Petroleum could be turned into Engergy and some by products
    like, soap, wax, petrol, diesel, gassoline and lubricants. Hence people
    started systematically way of drilling these petroleum for industry
    That is to drill in Big Scale. OPEC is producing about 27.5 million
    barrel per day of petroleum right now and the price of petroleum
    stands at USD 58.00 per barrel. New record.


    Petroleum is a type of energy that we call "non renewable energy".
    Unlike wind, solar, hydrogen, water dam. Once the Petroleum is
    depleted, we have to wait for another few zillion years for them to
    be reproduced. Hence, I hope everyone could save these fossils
    and don't use it like there is no tomorrow like that.

    And one of the way to save petroleum is to drive / cruise your car
    at the highest gear possible everytime when you drive. How to do
    that? I'll elaborate them.

    Errr.. Automatic gear transmission car would have hard time to do
    this. But manual car, is easy as 1 2 and 3....

    See everycar has a cruising speed which helps you to maintain max
    distance, using minimum of petrol, provided you are using the correct
    gear ratio.

    Ok let's talk about Proton Wira 1500 cc. According to it's manual book
    provided when you purchase this car.

    ( And how many of you did read your car manual? I found that general
    Malaysian has the habits of NOT reading the manual, specially a car )

    If you drive and cruise at 5th gear at the speed of +/- 90kmph.
    Your car would be in the condition of maximum distance using smallest
    amount of petrol.
    Like this you could clock 1 km with RM 0.10 or RM 0.11 of petrol.

    If you drive and cruise at 5th gear at the speed of +/- 150kmph.
    Your car would actually burn/ and consume more petrol.
    Like this you could perhaps clock 1km with RM 0.15 or RM 0.18 of
    petrol. yes ! More epensive.

    Hence, from today onward. read your car manual and be a smart &
    cost saving driver.

    Don't be like some Ah Beng and , no care of anything just hit the
    gas and make the RPM as high as possible. A waste of petrol and
    produce alot of fumes + noise only.....

    And a Mercedes E260 automatic transmission 1992 model has a sweet
    spot of 120kmph at 4th gear ( automatic ).

    Remember :

    1. Always ensure that the RRM ( Round per minute ) at your speedo
    meter to be as low as possible when you drive, with correct gear.
    2. Always ensure you are using the highest possible gear to cruise.
    5th gear is always the most economic gear, when you cruise.
    3. Make sure that your engine air filter is clean.
    4. Make sure that your spark plug is working fine ( 4 or 8 of them ).
    5. Tyre pressure should be moderate.
    6. Release parking brake 100% before you move.
    7. Don't put any bagage or stuff at your car roof top, like going to
    open shop at Pasar Malam. The air resistance is so great that you
    are like throwing money out of your car. Especially long distance drive.
    8. Ensure engine has good lubricants and works fine.

    Well, basically as long as you drive carefully you wouldn't miss all these

    Cheers, smart drivers !! Go go go !!!

    The Malaysian Road Bullies That Philips Met

    Last week when I was driving to Seremban after exiting from the
    PLUS highway I turned into a Kampung area.

    As usual the kampung road was not as wide as the PLUS highway
    and the condition is not as good as the highway too. Hence my
    speed dropped from 120Kmph to 60Kmph... cruising.

    There was a stretch of the road where the width of the road is
    only enough for 1 car to pass. And at the opposite there was a
    Proton Perdana heading my direction, hence I want to show my
    Polite Malaysian, Courtesy Driver ( Pemandu Berhemah Tinggi )
    and I let the Perdana pass first.

    I politely winded down the windows and smiled to the Perdana Driver, and he also winded down the windows, travelling at 20kmph
    he shouted at me, " Babi !!!!!!! " and drove off...vrooomm !!!

    I was totally so stunned !!! What happened I asked my self????

    Why I've been so nice & polite and people screwed me back that
    I am a pig? a babi? a khinzir? ''sus scorfa"

    Yeah I know that I am a little bit fat and big, but ?? why need to
    so over reacting ?? What a lousy Malaysian Proton Perdana driver

    The more I think, the more my anger came.... ^%$!$(*&#(*&^@!
    began till filled up in my mind. Istilah orang kata " Hati sudah tidak
    balance !!"

    So, what to do? Hit on the gas as hard as I can to leave this
    annoying place. 0 to 80 kmph in 8 second. Vrrrrrommmmm !!! and
    my tyre screeethed like what 5xMom did when she was young.

    10 second later I hit a bunch of pigs who were crossing the streets
    like a 15 pounds bowling making a STRIKE !!!!

    " Poooooooooonnnnnng !!!!!!!!! " and the pigs flew everywhere.
    Some landed on the Kampung House Atap, some landed in the river,
    some landed on some "coconut' tree, some flew as far as to KLCC !!

    OMG !!! The Nice Proton Perdana was warning me of these PIGS!!

    Wheeewws !! I though I was so fat that people has to call me PIGS
    already, well, no need to call my Gym Trainer already.

    And, hmmmmm, let's go Bak Kut Teh tonight, a lot of dead pigs
    around.... ke ke ke ek ke......

    Monday, April 04, 2005

    Amanda & Raymond


    Amanda is my sales co-ordinator and she helps me really a lot in the
    daily sales and marketing activities. Jessie is her assistant and both
    of them are the "cutest" in the entire office, for year 2004/2005.

    Oh and Raymond, Raymond is Amanda's husband. They get married
    a few years ago and I think till today both of them are still very
    in love with each other...hmmmm.... yeah... babeh !! yeah !!

    When Raymond first fall in love with Amanda a few years ago, they've decided to go Solo Dating. Meaning one on one only without other's people.

    They've ordered some dishes and rice and you know all those stuff
    which the romantic chaps would be ordering.
    Menu :

    1. Ayam Kampung.
    2. Kang Kong Goreng + Sambal Belachan.
    3. Bola bola ikan.
    4. Tom Yam.
    5. Ketam Bakar.
    6. Ikan Bakar.

    And when the food is served they proceed to enjoy the food and
    well the atmosphere was full of "mellow", "love", "tender" and the
    aroma of Tom Yam ...hmmm...

    Amanda, who is deeply in love with Raymond suddenly had an idea
    and said:" Abang ! Abang sayang pada Amanda tak?"

    Raymond a bit blur-blur:" Ya yang, Abang memang sayang engkau!"

    Amanda," Kalau Abang Sayang Amanda, minta suapkan nasi pada
    Amanda, Amanda suka disuap oleh lelaki yang gagah perkasa !
    dan lelaki yang penuh dengan kasih-sayang !"

    Raymond looked around the Restaurant, hmm, not much people, OK!

    So Raymond used a spoon, filled with rice + a bit Kang Kung and
    started feeding Amanda ( who looked like a baby fed by the father)
    And Oh My Good look at the face of Amanda, so damn enjoying !!!!

    So Amanda:" Kunyah-kunyah, kunyah-kunyah !!"

    Amanda:"hmmm, Abang, macam ini sangat seronok lah :)"

    Raymond:" Ya Sayang, Abang pun seronok !" -_-"

    And Raymond filled another spoon of full of rice + kang kung...

    Suddenly the Tom Yam smell stimulated Amanda nose and she felt
    very itchy deep inside her nose, and she is about to sneeeze !!!!

    Oh My God !!! No No No !!

    Wheeew !! Luckily Amanda was able to close her mouth with her
    hand on time....

    But Still a Big O Loud " Ahhhhhhhhhhh Chiiiiii uuuuuuuu !!!! "

    Holy Cow, that Sneeze was so powerful that it is recorded at
    Rector Scale 9.7 ( Stronger then Sumatra Quake 26 Dec 2004 ).

    But luckily Amanda already covered her mouth with her hand because she didn't want to be embarassed infront of Raymond.
    And did I mention this is their first time Solo Date?

    So the Sneeze of Rector Scale 9.7 has no where to go because
    the mouth is shut.

    Well the gasses and particles all came out from the nose instead.

    Rice, Vegetables, Condol ( Green green stuff like worm ), Tom Yam
    and all those stuff was flying at 1200 kmph towards the innocent
    and handsome Raymond face.

    Raymond was stunt !! Can't move, hand in the sky, with a full spoon
    of rice that was suppose to feed Amanda.

    Raymond's eyes, full of horror seeing all the debris from Amanda
    flying to his direction at full velocity like the movie " Twister !" or
    " End of the day " or even " Ultraman Taro !"

    Couldn't do anything, just closed his eyes, Raymond did !!

    1 second later, Raymond opened his eyes and see, his hand was
    still in the sky, spoon still there, rice + kang kung still there.

    The only thing diffrent, Amanda looked embarrased after the big O
    loud Ahhhh Chiuuu !!!

    And wait a minute, OMG there was a rice , a complete rice at
    Raymond left cheek and Amanda was so embarrased. Imagine that
    the debris from your sneeze ended up at your fiance cheek !!
    and this is the first Date only !! Amanda is getting panic !!!

    But, Raymond took the rice gently from his cheek and put in his
    mouth and eat it !! He freakingly ate the rice !!! While chewing
    the rice he said to Amanda,

    " Tak apa sayang, I lap piu ! Never mind !"
    " Nasi saja, tak apa, tengok, Bang makan aja nasi ini. "
    " Hmmmm !! Sedap kerana ada air liur Amanda ! he he he !"

    Amanda who was too touched by Raymond move married Raymond
    2 months later and they all have a lovely & caring family till forever.

    Here I would like to wish Amanda & Raymond always happy and
    love each other till the end of time.

    kai Hong quickily ran to long kang and vommit after writing this
    blog. OMG this is the "geli"est and "wat tat"est story that I've
    ever heard. OMG !! OMG !!! Holy Cow !!

    Automatic Transmission vs Manual Transmission.

    Hello good morning, I am Philips a.k.a Remco a.k.a Kai Hong ( yeh! )
    and I am driving a Proton Wira with 5 speed manual transmission.

    My relatives who are quite rich whostays
    around Taman Tun Dr. Ismail has always something to say about my
    manual transmission.

    I can't stop thinking that, are most of the TTDI and BU people which are relative richer compared to me, have really forgoten
    and can't drive a manual car?

    Or are they simply to used to enjoying the convinience of Auto.
    transmission. Whenever my dear 3rd Aunty ( my mother's sister )
    sits in my car she will mumbles :" Aiyo why buy manual car?"
    " Aiks see, manual car very ma huan (troublesome) one ! "
    " Hoi yo yo, see kelam kabut have to change gear !"
    " Aiks, you purposely buy manual car so I can't borrow your car
    is it? hmm ? hmmm? hmm? Sui Chai !! Sui Chai !!"

    I terus -_-" ?? And asking why? what's wrong !??

    And a lot of my relatives when they see my car which has 3 paddles
    they become -_-" also. First they really can't really remember how
    to drive a manual car already. Secondly they feel very ma huan...

    And the kids are even lagi canggih ( sai lek ) they all asked me like
    this :" Wei Ah Hong Ko Ko , why your car got 3 paddles one?"
    " My papa's car got 2 only !"
    " My mama's car also 2 only !"
    " My sister's car also 2 only !"

    How am I going to explain to all these Rich Kids? Poor me !!

    Well, at the end of the day I've just learned to ignored them.
    And also warned them not to touch the Gear Shift when I drive.

    Well, what's wrong being a manual car drive? Below are the pros:
    1. Car has 3 paddles instead of 2.
    2. Car has more racing style.
    3. Car could perform Piu Yee at Ampang area & Bukit Tunku area.
    4. Car could also perform Piu Yee at Cameroon Highlands.
    5. Car has more power to overtake car.
    6. Can easily beats S320 or BMW525 or so... but hard work :).
    7. Save a lot of fuel for both sub urban and urban drive.
    8. Wira still could hit RM 0.11 per Km performance.
    9. Can perform PGCTPMAG. Means that can touch the lap or legs
    of the leng lui sitting at the front pessenger seat when change
    gear. Specially 1, 2 and 3 and 4th forward gear.

    PGCTPMAG = Purposely Gear Change To Pok Mong At Girls.
    Tried that on Cowinne Ng Chow Chin and it works perfectly &
    flawlessly & seamlessly. But Cowinne later kasi 2 bitch slap.
    Piak Piak on face and head.

    1. When stuck in traffic jam, feel sorry for the clutch and foot :).
    2. When stuck in traffic jam, feel sorry for the left hand.
    3. When traffic jam, or no traffic jam , one has no spare hand.
    4. Hmmm....

    Actually the main reason I go for a manual car is based on below :

    1. Better fuel consumption compared to automatic model.
    2. Better handling & control.

    Because I tend to go outstation a lot like Penang, Kelantan, Johor
    and stuff like that. Hence I've always glad that I've made a correct

    A friend of mine who purchased an automatic Proton Wira 1500 cc
    claim RM50.00 of petrol could clock about 250 to 300 km for her.

    While my Manual Proton Wira 1500 could clock 450 to 500 km.

    So, for long term I think I've definitely have save some $$$$ for
    my wedding or for my new house or for my new car or whatsoever.

    The moral value = if you are not afraid of trouble, victory is yours.
    if you want convinience & easy, there's always a price to pay.

    RM 1.42 per little, and RM 0.11 per km for Proton Wira 1500cc.
    Tell me a reason why I should'nt be laughing all the way back to
    Kelantan when I drive? Tell me !!

    Manual Gear Rules !!!! Yeah !!

    Sunday, April 03, 2005

    It's a beautiful Sunday morning !! Let's talk about makaning !!

    The time now is 9:40 and I am sitting infront of my soho desk and
    pretend to be Special Agent Dana S Scully from the FBI typing her
    report case after case.

    Did you noticed that she was using WordStar or WordPerfect most
    of the time at her LapTop? LOL !!! Try to get some Season 1 X-Files
    DVD and see for yourself. A lot of funny stuff when you see the
    series which had it's debut in 1993, and geeeee !! 12 years ago eh!!

    Alright, right now I trust my instruments and equipments are
    better compared to Dana Scully, mine is a :=
  • Celeron 2400Mhz with 256K Secondary Cache Memory
  • 512 MB DDR RAM
  • Total of 30GB of HDD
  • Reply = ( Nia Ma 30GB only meh? Well I ain't rich!)
  • 32x CD-RW Drive
  • Reply = ( GNN Sales Manager for Megan woh! Use 32x CD-RW
    only meh? I heard Philips sell 3 million pcs of CD-R + DVD-R per
    month woh ! So what?
  • ASUS DVD Drive 16x
  • 128MB ATI Grahphic Card
  • On board Sound Card AC'97
  • On board LAN card.
  • On board USB = 6 or 8 unit donno....
  • Logitech Black Coloured Keyboard
  • BenQ 15" LCD Monitor ( Price drop like hell right now ! )

    Well, certainly right now this babeh is very much better compared
    to the unit that Dana S Scully was using isn't it? Mah ah ah ah...
    But 10 years from now when I read back. this would sounds like
    another 286 or 386 or even 8088 already !!!

    And right now for Light & Easy sake, I am listening to to the
    on line Radio Station called quality is MP3 like and if you have broadband then good
    for you, have a nice day enjoying all sorts of music !!!

    Ah ! Wonderful Sunday Morning !!!

    To be frank I've mentioned so many time that I don't like to sleep
    until Sun Rise and Sun Burn a mark at the butt ( Chinese Sentence)
    meaning that sleep till afternoon or evening !!!

    Why? Cause it's a waste time, I only get 1 Sunday per week and
    I ain't going to waste it babeh !! Hence here I am sitting here
    doing some blog before going to do house chore !!

    Damn when I woke up at 7 am this morning should have gone for
    the swim. Now it's too blardy hot for it and have to wait till
    evening when there's a lot of kids in the pool with a lot of
    amature, and some funny ham sup guy trying to teach his girl
    friend or wannabe girl friend how to swim !!

    Philips says:" Not every guy could swim , but every guy sure
    knows how to teach a girl to swim! " confirmed 900 over times!

    I can swim and if anyone of you would like me to teach, I'll try
    my best cause my Fat Lady said I am not too good at it.
    Sorry Sayang I'll improve my teaching skills for swimming, by maybe
    going down to teach some young girl now eh? ok?? LOL !!

    Oh ! Yeah today I am suppose to blog about Penang food right?
    he he he he he !! One word as usual :" Damn Nice !"

    Reached Penang on late evening of Friday and hmmm... Tanjung
    Tokong was closed, most of the nice spot are not operating any

    Well, tired made me proceed to check in at Sunway Hotel near
    Komtar and walked down to the street infront of it. A lot of
    hawker still open , yahoo !! ( Another Big O Mistake Made )

    Ordered :

    1. Lo Han Guo Drinks ( RM 2.00 ) wow ! manyak mahallinggem !
    2. Chu Cheong Fun ( RM 3.20 ) not too bad. Ok nia.
    3. Loh Bak ( RM 7.50 ) not too bad. Ok nia.
    4. Hokkien Mee ( RM 4.00 ) wah seh ! Taste like plain mee! NG NG!

    And proceed back to hotel for rest, total price = RM16.70 for
    dinner. Experiance & Knowlege learn = Priceless !! No more food
    other then original place of Lorong Selamat, Jalan Penang and
    Tanjong Tokong.

    On second day, Saturday afternoon went to Lorong Selamat for
    it's famouse Little Red Hat Fried Kuey Tiao ( Yeah right LITTLE! )
    Have to queue up for about 20 minutes or so for it. Well, worth
    it !!!

    The secret must be :

    1. Food cooked via Charcoal ( smells good and without fosil feel )
    2. Food cooked individually ( plate by plate, not bulk production )
    3. The source the LRH aunty used.
    4. Some sweat from LRH aunty !! ( -_-")

    And yeah if you are there, look at the LRH ( Little Red Hat ) aunty
    and you'll see her, not only wearing a "LITTLE" red had. she is also
    wearing that kind of safety glass.

    Like those we use in the Shooting Range to protect our eyes. And
    those SWAT officers use in the action. Wah Seh LRH aunty is
    modern + safety conseous + weaponary experiance = good !!

    But one things is very important, the Fried Kuey Tiao prepared
    by her is one of the best in the world. Fully automated procees
    means the preparation process and procedures as below :

    1. She first put plain & innnocent Kouy Tiao into wok. ( for 5 meal )
    2. She put some secret recipe source into the Koey Tiao.
    3. She put KT aside first.
    4. She put in shrimp ( Big O Fat Shrimp that was )
    5. She put garlic. and fried the shrimp + garlic a little bit !!
    6. She then mix 1 person's shrimp+ garlic + KT.
    7. Assistance throw in See Ham + Kao Choi for her.
    8. She fried all those stuff for 5 sec.
    9. She put in some more oil, fried an egg, put in source again.
    10. Mixed everything, and she throw some Tau Geh in.
    11. Mixed everything again and walah !! Done ! Babeh !!

    About 1 minute per plate. That is RM7.00 ( for large ) and RM 4.50
    or RM5.00 for small plate. Income = RM 7.00 per minute is better
    then a lot of people that I know. Cheers !! She drives S500
    latest Merc Benz I guess !!!

    Way to enjoy the LRH Fried KT =

    1. Sit down first.
    2. Open mouth big big first.
    3. Say " Ahhhhhh "
    4. Use chop stick to put some KT into your mouth.
    5. Shout " Aiyo !! Manyak Sedap !! GNN !"
    6. Swallow with the loud "Gulp"
    7. Repeat step 2-6 until the plate is so clean that they don't have
    to wash the plate, mission accomplished in 3 minutes !!!

    WTF ?? Waited for 20 minutes for a food that last 3 minutes only?

    Well it's everywhere, we waited 1 year for bonus and Chinese New
    Year and it's gone in 2 days time. World is fair! Wake up !!

    More coming... burp !! ( Geee ! Tanjung Tokong Crab's smell! )
  • Philips is Fast and Furious

    Time now is 1:51 am, early Sunday morning and I am just back from

    And so you ask me," How is Penang?"

    I will reply," As good as usual, don't want to talk about it now."

    You'll probably ask," Why?"

    My reply is as below :

    Philips is Fast because he made it from Penang bridge to Kepong
    under 3 hour ( + 1 pit stop for petrol refuel ). New record for
    Philips who is famous of driving very slow.

    Philips was cruising at 130kmph to 140kmph because the road was
    clear and visibility was really good. No rain from Juru onwards.
    No heavy vehicles & no obstacles.

    However there was a chap Merc C200 Kompressor was doing 180
    or 190 and overtook me. I tried to "menyukat" or record his speed
    by tailing him, when I reached 160kmph and he was still increasing
    the gap of his car and my car...

    I pointed at my nose and shouted " C200 Kompressor vs Wira,
    are you out of your mind? Don't kit kit kat kat!"

    Hence I went back and cruised at 130 and 140 all the way till
    Kepong / Sungai Buluh Exit and end of Plus Highway story.

    That's why I said Philips is fast....

    Then why is Philips Furious?

    Well actually on the way home from Kepong to Ampang ( Sent
    fat lady back to Ampang first ) and from Ampang to KL. and KL
    to Taman Tun Dr Ismail and then Kayu Ara.

    I can't freaking believe my eyes... there must be hundreds of
    these Mat Gang Bermotosikal/ Pelumba Haram ( MGBPH ) roaming
    from Jalan Duta till Jalan Tun Razak, Bangsar till TTDI till LDP.

    And what is going on with our place?? Will talk about this again
    and I hope reader could contribute some idea to stop all these

    What's in my mind? Spikes !! a lot of Spikes !!!!!
    and Guns !!! a lot of Guns !!!!

    Friday, April 01, 2005

    Kancil vs Proton Wira

    I am driving a Proton Wira 1500cc with 5 speed manual gear transmission.
    My little sister who's studying in UKM drives Produa Kancil 850 ( Auto ).

    She is back to Kelantan for her holiday now and yeh yeh yeh yeh ! I've 2
    car to drive and feel like a damn lousy fat ass rich guy..... hehehehe.
    Since my sister left me this kancil, something has happened to my life.

    Every morning I wake up and feel very uncertain, today drive Proton Wira
    or Produa Kancil leh? Compared to those people who has to decide to take
    LRT or Bus or Taxi, I think I am one hell of a lucky lousy fat ass !!
    Hmmm... Kancil or Wira leh ?? Hmm?? very difficult to choose lah !!

    Well, finally I've let Kancil rest for today. Cause I am going to Penang
    later right?
    Don't want to drive Kancil to Penang cause can't possibly
    ask this little Kancil to cruise at 140kmph all the way right?
    And if need to overtake some fast S320 Merc or BMW 5 series, this Kancil
    automatic ( 7 years old ) might as well spit blood from the arse and
    get herself a good heart attack and die at Slim River, yo yo yo !!

    Hence parked the kancil at visitor bay, locked it and get 2 days annual
    leave application form for her.

    Walked to my Wira, signal blinked twice indicated "system unlocked".
    Warmed up engine 3 minutes.
    Checked mirror.
    Checked tyre pressure / structure.
    Air Cond turned on and..... 101.8 Fm tuned... go go go !!!

    3 minutes later I was doing 120kmph at NKVE and left some Merc & Ford
    behind. Reached office at 8:45 am and clocked in ok.

    Driving this Proton Wira of mine ( aged 2 years 7 month, 120,000km driving
    skills ) always give me a piece of mind. I know this car is stable &
    easier to control compared to my sister's Kancil.

    The pick up of this car is also good, for both high speed and low speed.
    And the most important thing is that the fuel consumption is still
    maintained at about RM 0.11 per km ( RM 1.42 per litter , RON 97 petrol )
    and I seldom has to worry about the performance.

    However the internal of the car might need some tuning as sometimes there
    are noise and stuff like that coming during a certain RPM performed.
    Well, as long as the engine and major components are ok, right mate?

    Driving the Produa Kancil is a diffrent experiance, it is light & small,
    no power steering ( yeah ! difficult to do parallel parking ) , but it
    has automatic transmission.

    The first time I drive this Kancil my foot stepped on Gas and Brake at the
    same time and the engine roared loud cursing at me &@!^%!%%!#*(*)#*$_!&)(!^@

    And I looked at them and appologized, " Whoops sorry !"

    and since them this Kancil works perfectly fine with me, despite some people
    looked at me in the Kancil and asked themself.....

    " How to stuff a Kancil into another Kancil?"

    Thanks Cowinne Ng Chow Chin for asking this question... ^!@%$#^(*&^$(*!&^@(*&

    But driving this Kancil at highway or even from Kayu Ara to KL has gave me
    a little bit less confident. I pressed the gas till 80 or 90 kmph and I feel
    really really fast already. The vibration and noise begins to be amplified
    to a lvl that you've have to release the gas a little bit.

    And over taking other vehicle for this Kancil is not too easy job. Sometimes
    really have to be careful. Whenever someone ( other bigger vehicle ) bullies
    me ( driving in the Kancil ) I will mumble in my heart, " Wait till I've
    got into my Proton Wira and you'll be sorry for your pathetic arse !!"

    But :) What the heck, big has big good, small has small good.
    Don't be too choosy on what you have and what could you drive.

    When you are complaining that your sport shoes looked old already.
    think about those people who could not affort sport shoes.

    When you are complaining that you cannot affort sport shoes.
    think about those people who has no shoe at all.

    When you are complaining that you have no shoe at all.
    think about those people who has no foot or feet to wear shoes.

    Get what I mean? Be satisfied and humble of what've you got.
    Appreciate what you have, work hard to get what you want.

    Insya-Allah... One day, you'll be like me, own an Proton Wira and
    have a back up Produa Kancil ( Automatic Gear ) wah ah aha ha ha...

    Cheers mate! Have a nice day !!

    Philips is going to Penang... again !!!

    Well it's 10:12 am right now and the date is 1st April 2005 Friday.

    PC Fair organized by PIKOM will be happening in about 48 minutes
    from now in Penang & Johor Bharu. Well as a supplier of CD-R and
    DVD-R to a few customer of mine, I think I need to go and attend
    the event again.

    Going to Penang takes about 3.5 hours on normal day, which mean
    no accident, no traffic jam, no heavy rain, with only 1 time Pit
    Stop on the way. For petrol refuel and toilet dump....

    And right now going to Penang is no more long distance drive for
    me, it's like going out of town for a while & come back the next

    I once did told my boss that :" Yo I need no map in Penang !"
    And he replied with disbeliefe :" Are you sure, Kai Hong?"

    After a near 30 hours roaming there, even covered Seberang Prai
    he believed me. And even my Penang customer was amazed by
    my capability of roaming and moving around Penang without no
    map :)

    Actually, I think below are the reason :

    1. The road sign/sign board in Penang is quite informative/complete.
    2. Penang Island is a small place, you could make round and round
    and round and round and at the end you will end up near Komtar.
    3. Komtar is a good land mark ( ha ha ha... thanks! )
    4. Spend a few visit to Penang and you will remember the area like
    the back of your palm. Cause there are so many nice food stalls
    and nice place that you have to keep reminding yourself.....

    a. Lorong selamat ada Topi Merah Fried Kuey Tiao. Sedap.
    b. Gurney Drive ada banyak Mar Chi & SYT. Sedap.
    c. Jalan Penang ada cendol & FKT. Sedap.
    d. Near Komtar ada banyak Dim Sum. Sedap.
    e. Going to Balik Pulau. Durian Mountain/ Durian Farm. Sedap.
    f. Tanjung Tokong. Seafood. Sedap.
    g. Dan banyak lagi !!! Yo !!

    So how could one forget about the location of Penang? Right?

    Well apart from Penang's food and work. I liked Penang cause we
    could see alot of hard working chaps there. And we could also
    see alot of people with better temper compared to KL and PJ.
    Same goes for Ipoh town too.

    And oh another killer of Penang :

    The pirated DVD industry there ( remember I suppy DVD-R/DVD+R )
    they are really special and unlike some KL and PJ chaps...

    In KL and PJ first the pirate DVD and VCD guys would look more like
    Ah Beng with Proton Wira Modified with Neon Lights, with Golden
    Hair and 20 over body piercing at nose, ears, eyes, foreskin, etc...

    Penang, for what I've seen are as below ( Pirate Industry ):

    1. The pirates are more polite. No "shout hit shout kill" !
    2. Price of DVD movie is much more cheaper. No price control.
    3. The pirates are very honost. They will inform you well this
    movie is not clear, that movie is cinema version, and oh this is
    clear. Or even suggest you to come back in 3.5 days later to
    get a clear version or so.
    4. No wonder my boss pointed at them and told me :
    " 盗亦有道,取之有道,抵他成功!好!"

    Yeah I mean, you could succeed in any industry, as long as you
    don't 杀人放火 to achieve it. Use your inteligent & flexibility and
    you may be good in your industry. Aint' that right?

    Well, back to Penang visit, I really recommend this Penang Island
    and Ipoh town to you all. Spend some time there if you are free
    and I bet you'll get more then what you are expecting.

    1. Very good deal on DVD tittles.
    2. Very good food.
    3. Very good hotel.
    4. Very good people.
    5. Very good weather ( hot like hell ).
    6. Very good battery and spitir charged in 24 hours time.

    So why wait? Book your hotel and head up to Penang this weekend
    and see you there. If you grow up in Malaysia or even Singapore
    and tell me you've never visit Penang before.

    I would tell you that you've perhaps have missed some of the best
    moment of your life.

    I would like to put it :" Live in Penang, Love in Penang !"
    or whenever I am there I would sing :" I'm loving it!"

    P/s : I would like to thank my father/ my family who used to take
    me there (Penang) when I was a kid. As I grow up, I even find more
    ways to enjoy myself in Penang. Thanks Papa & Mama !!

    And yo to my lovely customer who stays in Penang. See you tonight
    and keep some nice food for me you all yeah !!