Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Chai !!!

Dei !! All of my Most Valued Readers !!

Wishing You All a Happy Chinese New Year !

Gong Xi Fa Chai deh !!

Happy Niu Year also yeah ! Be 2009 a splendid year !!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The One About Transformer Part Duex

Was having appreciation dinner with one of my clients and we
prepared some lucky draw things for the client and the sales staff.

There were a lot of gift like hand bags, watches, mobile phone,
dvd player, some ice box ( picnic cooler box ) etc.

There were more gifts compared to attendees and we decided that
all the sales staff could do multiple draw until the gifts are all distributed

One guy got a pair of watches, another mobile phone and some good

Another girl got 5 packs of Instant Noodle ( Branded curry flavor ) and
some guy got a huge pack of tooth paste -_-" and got a watch after

One lady got the ice box during first draw and also got another ice box
during the second draw....

Lady," Yooorrr !!! I don't want 2 ice box lah !! What am I suppose to do
with 2 of these ?? !! "

Mart, " Why ? You can put 2 ice box together and shout " Transform!"
and they will become a good 2 doors branded refrigerator !! "

Mart, " See, 2 doors, here you can put fish, crabs, shrimps, the other one
you can put vegetables, fruits ... good what ? "

Lady, " knnbbq !! Hoi ! Boleh kah anda tolong jangan letak garam di atas
kecederaan saya ???? sakit lah !!!?"

Mart lolrtof !!!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

The One About Banana

A friend of mine loves to eat bananas, and he buys a lot
of banana and put at home and eat them as he likes.

Me, " Errr... wouldn't banana cause one to get fat ?"

My friend, " No lah ! Don't talk cock !!"

Me, " I heard banana has a lot of carbohydrate woh !"

My friend, " Have you ever seen a Fat Monkey or not ?"

Me -_-"

My friend * win * and munches more banana ....