Thursday, March 29, 2007

Good excuse

Today because it is raining and we were doing some in house work,
hence we were having lunch back in the office. Some fast food delivery

When the bill came I took it and said," It's ok, i've got it !"

Everyone was like wow thanks and why so kind and everything.

I said," Oh because today it rains, and I like to buy people lunch or
dinner when it rains ! "

My office people lolrtof ! And said," Noted, next time when it rains
we know who to look for already ! "

Me -_-" and said " Today only !! Today only !! Oi Oi !! "

They all covered ears and " la la la la la la la la .... "

and " Na na na na na na na !!! .... "

-_-" Only when it rains !!

Oh no!! Broke the market price already !!

The One When It Rains.

It's 1:25 pm now and it's raining quite heavily out there. This is
good news.

The bad news is that I am working and I miss my bed and my
air cond room very very much -_-"

Whenever it rains I become really happy and less moody, a rain
always wash away the blues and gray and everything !

It has been really hot recently and a rain like today is priceless!!

Wahoo ! Waho !!!

It rained this morning at around 3 or 4 am and it rains again now!

I pray hard hard mari mari ommmph !! Musim Hujan Mari !!

Musim Hujan Cepat Cepat Mari !!! Oi !

Monday, March 26, 2007

F-117 Flight Record 24th March 2007.

1:00 pm Kuala Lumpur
4:30 pm Nibong Tebal USM

6:00 pm Kulim, Kedah
7:30 pm Kulim, Kedah wedding dinner

11:00 pm Kulim exit
11:30 pm USM Sungai Dua, Penang

01:30 am Penang
02:00 am Exit Juru toll

05:00 am Damansara LDP waho !

16 hours.
900 km.
100 ringgit of fuel.
100 ringgit of toll.
4 states.

Still battery low today -_-"

Warning : Low Battery !

Oh no !

My battery is at super extreme sih peh kaneh low level.

Now how do I recharge and recalibrate back the
whole darn thing back to normal ?

Help !

Friday, March 23, 2007

768MB Ram's Display Card !!

Today I saw these 2 PCI Express card ( Display Card )

MSI Geforce NX8800GTX DDR3 DX10 NEW!!!!

768 MB ram
384 Bit
2250 Ringgit

Asus Geforce 8800GTX DDR3 DX10 NEW!!!!
768 MB ram
384 Bit
2499 Ringgit

I remembered my first PC the Intel 200MMX was
with onboard 4MB display ram only -_-"

And I am currently using the ATI 9200 128MB
AGP 8x display card.

768MB Ram mia display card ? Rm 2,499 ??

Wow !!

These display card has more memory then my
mainboard does, mine has 512MB system ram only
buah ha ha ha ha ha !!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Darn Paku !!

Just now before F-117 a.k.a Delinda Deline takes off I was doing
a routine inspection of aviation, flaps, slats, landing gear, take off
lights etc.

Found out that the left wheel has sign of lack of air.

Sent the F-117 to military hangar at Old Klang Road immediately.

And upon closer inspection there was this big ass nail tightly and
nicely punctured the wheel -_-"

The wheel repair guy, " Wassap ? "

Me," Nail punctured wound, left side, front. b/p 80 50. low pulse!"

The guy, " What ? "

Me," Err I mean my wheel kena paku !"

The guy," Oh i see !"

The guy then took out the rubber stuff, pulled out the nail with
a plier, and insert the rubber stuff in to the hole with a sharp

done ! the guy pumped pumped the air and checked checked
air pressure, and " Rm 5.00 boss ! "

me -_-" so fast ?

The guy," Done sir ! yes all done ! "

Me gave him Rm 5.00 and continued my itinerary.

Darn paku ! You all should not simply throw nails and
sharp object all over the places man ! Cost people
rm 5.00 !! benci betul !

Oh Mega Watch !!!

Last night was having dinner with one friend of mine
and she was wearing an Omega Professional Watch
300m water resistance (1000ft). Sea master or
something like that.

She said," My friend asked me if this is the real stuff
or not, of course it's real one ! "

Me:" I know it's real, i know it's real !! "

She said," I very sad cause my friend doubted this
watch. "

Me:" Your friend lousy lah, no class ! So how much
is this real watch ? " Me flip flip the watch and see
front see back...

She asked:" You guess ? "

Me: " Around Rm 800 ? Rm 1,200 ? "

My friend terus 2 legs in the sky and the dinner plates
were flying everywhere like UFO like that...

Me :" Why ? Not Rm 1,200 ah ? More expensive ah ? "

My friend's face became damn black black already !!

She said," knnbbq this one is almost rm 5,000 ok ? "

This round it was my 2 legs in the sky.... !!

I was like, " sorry ah, sorry ah ! me don't know much
about watch industry , sorry ! sorry ! "

My friend," When you asked Rm 800 the time the
feeling was like when people asked me if this piece
is an original or jalan petaling one ! I damn sad now!"

Rm 5,000 mia watch ! Crazy ah ?

My Casio Forester with Electronic Illuminator only
cost me rm 130.00

I wash my car, i swim, i sleep, i bath, i play sand, i
go jungle trekking with this Casio forester !!

No worry !! 100meter water resistance ! And i don't
do scuba diving ! I do snorkeling only !!

Who needs a Rm 5,000 watch , it's like wearing a
good piano on your wrist !! Or wearing a good and
great dSLR on your wrist , tskkk tskkk tskkk !!

lari !!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Curi Makan

My cousin :
A man, 60 years old, took up advertisements in five major
newspapers to declare his passion and romantic feelings for his
wife to mark their wedding anniversary.
this fella.... rich ma....

Reply :
perhaps he accidentally knock his head a few days ago

My cousin:
all my collegues say hor
he must b did smthg wrong...
de wife force him to do tat....
but report diff story
wa hahhaa

Reply :
curi makan kena tangkap

My cousin :

Reply :
have to come out news paper and declare royalty lolrotf !

Red Alert 2007

It is another season of Red Alert, not the command and conquer
one but the one with " Achtung ! Wedding invitation card !!"

Feb was Chinese New Year hence the people has somehow having
some "perikemanusiaan" or humanity and gave me some break.

But March and April, hui yuh !! March and April 2007 is another
season of Super Achtung Red Alert months.

I have so far 4 wedding invitation on hand and it is till only 8th
April. That is 4 wedding invitation for 5 weeks time -_-"

Macam mana boleh ?? I see my wallet I see no money, only
big holes !! big empty holes !!

somemore one of Fat lady's close friend was having at J W
Marriott Hotel last Sunday -_-"

Run away !!

Sien !!

Was suffering diarrhea from Sunday morning onward and
on Sunday night, coughing and sore throat !!

wtfkknbbq ? why ?

Reason ? I don't know. But now no more Lao Sai, only voice
sounds like Rod Stewart and I like it very much -_-"

I woke up singing," First cut is the deepest ! " lolrotf !!

Oh and it rained since 3 am or so this morning and I love it
so much when it rains at midnight till the next morning.

But traffic was a little bit mad at Old Klang Road.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Take care both of you !!

To both of my dearest best friend,

All the best to both of you, take care and take
it easy ok ?

I am always here and good luck !!


Philips "Big Ed" Wong

Donf Prefff !!

Just now at shopping mall and the lift was filled with
people ( me and fat lady were in the lift too )

As the door of lift almost completely closed the door

No one came in.

And the door were closing again, and it re-opened
as someone out there was too eager to press for
the next lift.

Then the Chinese guy beside me shouted :" Don'ff prefff !!! "
and it was really loud and rude !!!

lolrotf !!!

Me :" Waff ? Waff diff jiu juff saifff ?"

ran away really fast !!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Preparing launch sequence !!

These few chaps were seen busily preparing to launch the Kong Ming lantern
as part of Chap Goh Meh celebration.

Chap Goh Meh ( Cantonese ) Hokkien or Yuan Xiao Jie
( Mandarin ) is the 15th day of the Chinese New Year
and marks the end of Chinese New Year celebration.

Thanks MenZ. Careless mistake lol !!

Chap Goh Meh is also Chinese Valentine day, hence girls, women, aunty,
ah lian's, ah soh, ah mah, pregnant women all busy carrying mandarin
oranges to seaside or lake to look for a better spouse -_-"

There were also people letting off the Kong Ming lantern ( Hot air balloon
concept ) into air, and there were like 10 or 20 of these flying in the air.

Somewhere an airline captain," Holly Cow ! UFO UFO !! "

F-117 were ordered to intercept and nuclear missiles were loaded and
ready to initiate counter strike.

-_-" it was only some Kong Ming lanttern ok ? Mr President ?

These aren't any WMD and please don't invade my country -_-"

-_-" why are you not flying ?

These young chap were wondering what when wrong and why
didn't the hot balloon concept Kong Ming lantern take off like
a rocket.

They obviously didn't watch Mythbuster before, right ?

Up and away !! Yay !!!

Finally the Kong Ming lantern has made it and able to take off, albeit
slowly and steadily !! lolrotf !!

People mountain people sea.

A lot of people rushed to the seashore or river mouth
to throw mandarin orange, and some hoping to get
some orange with phone number -_-"

Hmmm.. it's a long story. Happy Chap Goh Meh anyway!

Sea, moon, wine and old man.

Lonely little jetty.

A lonely little jetty at Hainan Village.

Mission Impossible IV

fuuuuuuuuhhhhh !!!

Die candle die !!!!

The view from our table.