Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Darn Paku !!

Just now before F-117 a.k.a Delinda Deline takes off I was doing
a routine inspection of aviation, flaps, slats, landing gear, take off
lights etc.

Found out that the left wheel has sign of lack of air.

Sent the F-117 to military hangar at Old Klang Road immediately.

And upon closer inspection there was this big ass nail tightly and
nicely punctured the wheel -_-"

The wheel repair guy, " Wassap ? "

Me," Nail punctured wound, left side, front. b/p 80 50. low pulse!"

The guy, " What ? "

Me," Err I mean my wheel kena paku !"

The guy," Oh i see !"

The guy then took out the rubber stuff, pulled out the nail with
a plier, and insert the rubber stuff in to the hole with a sharp

done ! the guy pumped pumped the air and checked checked
air pressure, and " Rm 5.00 boss ! "

me -_-" so fast ?

The guy," Done sir ! yes all done ! "

Me gave him Rm 5.00 and continued my itinerary.

Darn paku ! You all should not simply throw nails and
sharp object all over the places man ! Cost people
rm 5.00 !! benci betul !

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