Thursday, March 29, 2007

Good excuse

Today because it is raining and we were doing some in house work,
hence we were having lunch back in the office. Some fast food delivery

When the bill came I took it and said," It's ok, i've got it !"

Everyone was like wow thanks and why so kind and everything.

I said," Oh because today it rains, and I like to buy people lunch or
dinner when it rains ! "

My office people lolrtof ! And said," Noted, next time when it rains
we know who to look for already ! "

Me -_-" and said " Today only !! Today only !! Oi Oi !! "

They all covered ears and " la la la la la la la la .... "

and " Na na na na na na na !!! .... "

-_-" Only when it rains !!

Oh no!! Broke the market price already !!

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