Saturday, April 21, 2007

The One About After Work Rains 3/4

Was going home with Fat Lady and this is the second route that
I had to use.

First one was from PWTC towards inner road to exit at Hocky
Stadium, but can't do cause there were mud water all over
before arriving Hocky Stadium of Jalan Duta -_-". Water
was over 1/2 of my wheels hence I broke back, using the
road in the photo.

Fat Lady:" Wah ! See ? This road is also almost flooded liao ! "

Me:" Let me see, 1 inch, 2 inches, 3 inches, Ok F-117 still could
get over this ! "

Fat Lady:" Wished I had a camera with me, Kuala Lumpur is
such a nice place, morning this place is a nice road, evening this
place is like Sungai Kelantan or Taman Negara lol ! "

Me:" Try the Sony Ericsson K510i mia 1.3 MP phone and see ."

Fat Lady:" Iyer ! Got new phone!! "

Me:" Just take the photo !! fast fast !! "

Fat Lady :" Errr.. don't know how to operate leh ! "

Me -_-" :" Here here, press this button ! "

Fat Lady :" Oh I see ! "

Suddenly lighting strike and Fat Lady pressed the shuttle.

The result ? My friend ? See the photo.

It's called , F-117 & mud & Jam & KL & rain & jam & lightning & SE phone.

Darn, her timing was perfect !!

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