Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Happy Scene to see hehehehe....

This morning I was rushing to Ikea to meet some friends for breakfast
and when I was on the way I saw a really big group of young kids doing
some jogging and running near my housing area.

Yeap, the name was " Merentas Desa" or cross country running for the
near by school. Well since there are so many kids running and jogging
and some tired one walking at the shoulder of the road, I drove slowly
and carefully passing them group by group.

There was this particular Chinese boy who look really tired and getting
blurred and he was walking with another few friends in a row, making
him to walk near to the center of the road.

I was driving slowly behind him for a few seconds, and I was really
patient this morning ( Saturday morning, before 9 am, well... ) and
was kind of hope that he would walk back to the side to let me pass.

After 6.7 seconds, he was still very near to the middle of the road.

The Free Coffee At Ikea is from 9 am to 9 30 am only !!

And when I was about to start worry if I might be late, a nice Indian
boy who was running a few meters at his back ( beside my car )
sprinted to him, pat his shoulder and informed him that he is blocking
a handsome driver who is on his way to Ikea for breakfast ... and for
the free coffee ... with unlimited refill .... and with FTZ certification...
somemore ....

The chinese boy had a surprise and moved back to the shoulder.

I looked at the Indian boy's gesture and I smiled from the heart !!

I am so happy today, and maybe it is the FTZ coffee things...

Hic !!!

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