Monday, June 25, 2007

THe One About Nightmares !!

The work is getting really heavy and too many unforeseen problems
occurred in daily operation and works. Hence felt really tired and was
trying to fix everything everyday, and it has been 3 weeks since I am
under this.

I checked checked checked myself and realized that I am under some
huge pressure of work.

How did I do that ? I mean realize that I am under pressure of work ?

Well two things come out in the dream whenever i am under pressure.

1. Dream of tomorrow is the final examination, and my Maths subject is
still untouched or still another 16 chapter to learn ( not revise, learn !! )
and I felt really really helpless !!

2. Dream of I was in the examination hall, the answer sheet is empty and
30 more minutes I have to submit the answer. And my brain is totally
blank and don't know how to answer the questions !! That is !!

Things like that kept on coming up in the dreams and that sucks !!

The result ? From today onwards I am going to push my sales exec to work
harder and smarter, I am going to get over these nightmares now and
forever !!

Now and forever cause I am so sick of it !!! Arrrggghhh !!!!

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