Thursday, June 14, 2007

The One About Sandwiches !!

There are 2 pieces of mattress in my room. 1 queen size or so ( for
2 person ) and another one is for 1 person.

I normally sleep on the 1 person mattress as it occupies less space
and the queen size one is always put against the wall.

By the way, there is no bed in my room and I sleep on the mattress
on the floor. Poor man's room my friend, poor man !!

So, I always like to sleep on the single mattress as the size is just
nice and would not be too soft.

A few days ago I went home 1/2 or 1/3 drunk and felt the earth
move and spin and twist and shout and everything.

I took of cloths, jeans, socks and everything and went sleeping.

Because of the drunkness that I had I must have slept violently
and turn left turn right and leg kicking and arm punching and
so on.

Finally the queen size mattress can't stand it anymore and
decided to hump fell on me !! -_-"

I was sleeping when suddenly I felt that there was this big piece
of stuff like a heavy blanket on me.

I asked," Mama ? "

No reply.

And oh it was the big queen size mattress totally on me like a
blanket lol !!

Cause I was still semi drunk I let the mattress lay on me for
about 20 minutes.

If you look from far away I must have looked like some very
extremely large sausage bread or sandwich .

How nice of it wasn't the mattress which feel on me, instead
a pretty girl yeah ??

dream dream...


Jasonmumbles said...

Not Sharon climbing on you meh?

Philips at work. said...

Jason, firstly I stay alone.

Maksudnya tinggal berseorangan.

Secondly, oii !!