Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The ONe About LCCT Free Wifi !!

As per the topic,

  • Yes LCCT Sepang does have Wifi !
  • Yes LCCT Sepang's Wifi is free !
  • Yes I am happy with their Wifi !
  • Their Wifi is not streamyx or Telekom Malaysia!

    I went to LCCT with my HP lap top to wait for my customer for
    a meeting last night, upon arriving near the terminal building ( Before
    Mc Donalds restaurant ) I waited there in my car.

    Launched my lap top to do some costing and thought, " Eh why not
    try out if they do have Wifi here or not leh ? "

    And enable the buttons, scan and connect !!

    Bravo ! I was connected and hooked in no time !

    Checked email, read some blogs, continue with the costing etc
    and I think it's a very good thing to have Wifi at air port.

    Time is not wasted, people who are waiting for delayed flight
    wouldn't be that up set and everything seems to be better with
    the ability to surf net ( for free somemore ) while waiting at the
    air port.

    And now, some more can access the Wifi from inside the car
    and with air cond and away from the rain or sun.... hmmm : )

    it's good that way ! it's good !!

    So, folks ! If you haven't install broadband yet at your place and love
    to leech people's free wifi signal, you could now drive 60km and Rm 6.80
    toll to lcct and leech as much as you want !

    Don't always leech at outside of Coffee Bean and Starbucks only you all!
    Go start leeching at LCCT Sepannnnnnnnggggggggg !!!!!

    Today's quote

    " Now Everyone Can Leech Free Wifi Signal (tm)!"

    * run away fast fast !!
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