Thursday, June 14, 2007

The One About I Am Getting Good At These!!

Was walking towards bank with RM 2000 in my pocket to deposit
them just now in the evening.

A Chinese lady speaking Mandarin, " Excuse me big brother."

Me politely," Yes may I help you ? " and two steps back.

Lady," You can speak Mandarin yeah ? "

Me, " Yes I could. " and quick scan around ....

Lady, " Don't worry, I come in peace I will not
harm you, you see, I need your help... "

Me:" How may I help you ? " still scan scan surrounding just in
case of ambush or suspicious people around.

Lady," See I am from China, come here to look for a friend, but
my money all used up and could you pls give me some money?
I am very hungry and want to buy some food for eat !"

Me, " I could buy you dinner now, ok? Let's go ! "

She, " I don't want dinner, I need some money !"

Me," Nope, dinner is ok, but I can't give you money ! "

She shrugged and walked of disappointed....

I scan scan again and opposite of the road there was a
Chinese man looking at both of us.

I looked at both of them , and walked away !!

Wah liew !! Nowadays there are still people using this
trick to con people's money ? Some more at PJ Uptown?

People says, you kena con once then it is your innocent.
you kena con twice it is society's fault.
you kena con three time then you have some IQ problems!

Whenever people like this approaches me I always refuse to
give them money, and offer them meal or drink instead.

Chances are 100% they would walk away because they want
only your money, and food and friends and whatever they
use are excuse and lies !!

I was about to tell her that if she is coming to visit Malaysia
as a tourist then please enjoy the hospitality,
and if she is going around trying to con the smart PJ people,
please enjoy the lockuplity later!!

By the way, she dye her hair a little bit gold and uses a Sony
Ericsson K300i ( I know cause I had one before !! )

If you see her or her accomplices around, notify the nearest
police station and let them enjoy the local lockupility for
a few nights and tell them,

" Welcome to Malaysiaaaaaaaaa!!"

*lari !!

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