Thursday, June 28, 2007

The One About My Sister

Yesterday after dinner with my sister we were walking away
from the food stalls of Section17, PJ.

Suddenly my sister shouted:" Eh ! Koh your zip open leh !! "

Me -_-" and quickily check checked my zip.

Eh ? 100% zipped up and secured woh !!

My sister:" Not that one lah ! Your lap top bag ah !! "

I coughed crashed fall bom bang and run fast fast !!!

What kind of sister is this ?? Somemore university graduated!

Jeans zip and lap top bag zip also never specify !!

A lot of people were looking at me you know ??

Now everyday when I open my lap top bag I will also check
my jean's or pants zip already.

Chain reaction ??

Haizhhh !!

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